Cisco CTI Integration

A Comprehensive Guide To Cisco CTI Integration

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The efficiency of the customer support staff can either make or break the customer experience. Every vertical always encounters such problems, especially when agents can’t deliver a personalized experience to customers. After all, customer service can always have chances for improvement. 

The question arises as to how to keep the issue at bay & improve metrics like FCR, CSAT scores, and reduce AHT. This is where the Cisco CTI connector enters the picture. The synergy of Cisco CTI Integration with CRM/ITSM is a strong solution that streamlines customer support & addresses the pain points of agents.

In this blog, you’ll understand more about how a Cisco unified CRM connector benefits contact centers and the top reasons for acquiring it for businesses. Let’s dive in.

CTI Connector for Cisco – A Real-Life Example

Agents receive numerous calls throughout the day from customers who mention a quick resolution to their queries. For every call received, agents need to switch to their CRM screen, while maintaining the line, to lead to a conversation falling in context to the query. 

Undoubtedly, it is time-consuming & tiresome at the same time. Would customers get the right solution? Now, imagine the same situation with the contact center with Cisco CTI integration.

Agents would be able to greet customers because their general details will pop up on the screen. Initiating a contextual conversation would be a breeze, and switching between screens would be tossed away. This means productivity levels increased, AHT decreased, FCR increased, and incentives assured for the agent.

In other words, the Cisco CTI connector makes an incredible choice for steering a business toward growth. Let’s look at some reasons why Cisco CTI integration is beneficial.

Top Benefits of Cisco CTI Integration 

Improved Customer Experience

The overall customer experience is enhanced when agents efficiently address customer queries by accessing customer information that accelerates personalized interactions.

Increased Productivity

Streamlining communication processes and automating repetitive tasks contribute to increased productivity among employees, allowing them to focus on more value-added activities. 

Cost Savings

The automation and efficiency gains offered by the Cisco CTI Connector translate into cost savings for businesses. Reduced manual handling of calls and streamlined workflows contribute to a more cost-effective communication infrastructure.


The solution is scalable and can adapt to the evolving needs of businesses. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large corporation, the Cisco CTI Connector can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

7 Reasons To Aquire A CTI Connector for Cisco

Caller Identification

Smart CTI Connectors can provide real-time information about incoming calls, including caller ID, allowing the computer system to display relevant customer information before the call is answered.

Call Routing

Cisco CTI connector helps in directing incoming calls to the appropriate agents or departments based on predefined rules or algorithms. This ensures efficient call handling and reduces call transfer times.

Screen Pops

When a call is received, the CTI connector for Cisco can trigger a “screen pop” on the agent’s computer, displaying relevant customer information or a script to guide the conversation. This helps agents provide more personalized and efficient customer service.


CTI connector for Cisco often enables click-to-dial functionality, allowing users to initiate outbound calls directly from their computer applications by clicking on a phone number.

Call Logging and Recording

Integration with telephony systems allows for automatic call logging and recording. This helps in maintaining a record of customer interactions for quality assurance, compliance, and training purposes.

CRM Integration

CTI connectors are often integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This integration ensures that customer information is synchronized between telephony and CRM platforms, providing a unified view of customer interactions.

Workflow Automation

By integrating telephony with business applications, CTI connectors can automate certain workflows. For example, after a call, the system can automatically update customer records or trigger follow-up tasks.

Level Up Customer Experience with Cisco CTI Integration

Integrating a CTI connector for Cisco assures uplifting the CX. It streamlines contact center metrics like reducing average handle time (AHT), increasing first call resolution (FCR), and boosting customer satisfaction score (CSAT). All in all, it leaves a positive impact on the customer experience.

NovelVox is a major CX player in the industry. It is a CMMI Level-3 certified company that offers outstanding solutions to the contact center industry. Its vast product line includes agent desktops, wallboards, smart CTI connectors, NV desk, and chatbots.  

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