Are you a Solo Traveller? Consider Bangalore as your next destination then!

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Bangalore is basically very well successful in providing people with a very charming city life because it is full of lakes, cafes, trendy restaurants and enticing shopping streets. Planning a visit to the city of Bangalore is definitely a great idea because you can enjoy the endless list of possibilities to be explored and further enjoy a lot. Following are some of the best places that you need to visit in the city of Bangalore as a solo traveller while booking your room in the resorts in Bangalore:

  1. Attending the play: If you are alone and wondering what to do then definitely there is no need to worry because you can easily give yourself a very delightful company with the help of art. Watching the play in the evening is a very good decision because it will be very well combined with musicals and comedies which are conducted on a regular basis in the city of Bangalore. You can easily plan a visit to many areas including the Jagriti Theatre, Ravindra Kalakshetra and other associated places which definitely provide you with a perfect experience of watching the play.
  2. Visiting the exhibitions: The city of Bangalore also provides you with easy accessibility to a good number of handicraft exhibitions across different locations at multiple times of the year. So, you definitely need to make sure to visit all of these places and ultimately get the claims of the rich art and culture of the country so that you can easily enjoy soulful shopping. Visiting the city is definitely a great idea so that you can enjoy the best possible accessibility to the perfect element of art and cultural support.
  3. Catching the live gig: If you are a music lover then also there is no need to worry because you can easily plan a visit to the live gig including the Hard Rock Cafe, humming tree, pebble or any other kind of related area. The city is full of many hotspots which will definitely provide you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the live music and ultimately chill perfectly in your own company.
  4. Spending time with the books: If you are bibliophilic then also there is no need to worry because the city will definitely provide you with a perfect element of vibe surrounded by Books. The iconic bookstores in this particular case will be providing you with the perfect options for enjoying a lot and visiting the place is life Blossom Book House, book worm and the State Central library is a great idea for you. In this particular case, you will be able to enjoy a lot without any problem.
  5. Going for the morning walk at Cubbon Park: If you are interested in taking a stroll into the greenest space in the city then definitely there is no need to worry because you can easily go for a refreshing walk at Cubbon Park. This is one of the best possible places to visit in the city of Bangalore with your partner, with your friends or of course by yourself. This place has more than 6000 trees and plants and ultimately is a soothing treat to the senses.
  6. Enjoying the cycling trip: A cycling trip is one of the best possible ways of getting around the nook and corner of the city and further, you can easily discover the little-known facts about it. The best part of this particular place is the pollution-free environment so that you can easily explore and ultimately getting in touch with the clubs in this particular case for a cycling trip is a great idea. You can consider the option of clubs including the Bangalore cyclists’ group, pedal in tandem, ride a cycle or any other kind of related organisation.
  7. Taking the walking tour of the city: If you are also interested in exploring the city on foot then also there is no need to worry because you can easily learn a lot about the unknown aspects of the city in this case. Some of the working organisers in this particular city include the Bengaluru by Food, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage, Bangalore Walks and other associated experts with whom you can easily plan a meeting and ultimately fix the walking tour accordingly. This will provide you with the best options for exploring the heritage walks, temple walks and the tree walks of this city 
  8. Visiting the art galleries: Another very important activity that you can carry out in this particular city is to plan a visit to the art galleries because this is a point which should never be missed. Considering art galleries like the National Gallery of Modern Art, sublime Galleria, and Gallery G is a very good idea and other associated things can be considered. With the help of this particular aspect, you can easily enjoy the work of the legends along with new age artists so that everything will be very well planned out. Everybody can explore the best possible pieces of artwork in this case and ultimately people can spend the best time with their own company.
  9. Spending the evening at the lake: The beauty of Bangalore is also very well polished and is a fact that this particular metropolitan city has very successfully managed to keep its touch with nature intact. There are many lakes in this particular city to justify this particular fact and ultimately you can present a visit to such areas including the Lalbagh Lake, Ulsoor Lake or any other kind of related areas to enjoy in the lap of nature.

In addition to the points mentioned above, you can also plan a visit to any of the cafes to satisfy your taste buds while planning your night stay at the resorts in Bangalore. The majority of the cases are based upon unique concepts which will allow you to have the best possible opportunity of enjoying a lot and ultimately spending the best time in your own company with proper exploring of this city. In addition to this, you can also indulge in the shopping, Street grub or whatnot on the streets of the city to enjoy the best possible shopping spree and street food tasting.

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