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Technology and the Internet have transformed the way we communicate in this day and age. In fact, the entire existence of the Internet could be owed to the fact that people needed better forms of communication across large distances. 

The transfer of information and data has made it possible to do wonders within a matter of seconds. There are nowadays apps with special functions that have made communication among corporate, and casual ways very easy. 

This is something that has not always been available since the advent of the internet. These apps are not only used by your average everyday family members but also by teams in offices to interlink, communicate, collaborate, and share different things related to the project at hand. 

In this blog, we have handpicked some of the best apps for you, whether you are in a working environment or just looking to connect with family and friends. 


Here are some of the best apps you can use to improve communication in your personal as well as work life: 


In terms of privacy and security, Telegram is a more secure way of messaging and receiving messages. We recommend telegram if you are a social media influencer and require to connect with your audience on a large scale. 

You can make groups and communities of more than two hundred thousand people. You can even create private chats on Telegram. Telegram has no access to the private chats. It also utilizes end-to-end encryption which is handy when discussing topics that are on delicate matters. Another safety feature of Telegram is the lock chat feature. This is exclusive to the owner of a specific chat and is helpful in case of a malware attack on your smartphone or computer.


Messenger is a sister application of the world-renowned social media app, Facebook. If you have an account on Facebook, you must have been prompted by Facebook to install Messenger. 

Messenger is essentially to communicate with your Facebook friends. It offers all the basic functionalities of a communication app. You can chat, call, share data, and receive images as well. Messenger is a common choice for casual communication. It is not preferred among organizational people. This is because it involves everyone’s social profile and there is a risk of privacy. 

Among the other applications on this list, Messenger offers the most options for customization. For instance, you can use various themes and colors to customize the chat room according to your ease. 


Microsoft Teams is an app focused more on collaborative work among a company’s personnel. 

The basic format of this application is call-based. To elaborate on this further, you are required to sign in to this app with your Google account. 

After this, you can join in a call and connect with other people to discuss important affairs. There is also a chat box where people can leave important notes and documents like files containing a signature block, annual reports, statistics sheets, etc. 

Microsoft Teams also provides perks like a whiteboard, which can be utilized by educational institutions. There are options for screen sharing, and you can also record your meetings for future use as well. 


WhatsApp business is a business-oriented version of the original application. 

It offers many additional features that are exclusive only to it. 

You can engage with your customer or employee by using the feature of quick replies. This is an automatically generated response. 

The context of this message can be modified by the user. You can also have an option to tag your customers or employees based on their status. 

You can create these labels for different matters. For instance, you can set up a different colored label for a new employee or customer. There is also an option to view the statistics of your messages. This is important to find out the engagement rate of the chats delivered to your clients or workers. 


Zoom is an app designed for calls as well. The main feature of this app is that you can simultaneously switch between voice and video calls. 

The application provides users with the option of a basic chat box that can be used to communicate within the session. There is a time limit on calls in Zoom. However, you can buy the premium version for unlimited Zoom sessions. 

There are options for virtual backgrounds, whiteboards for educational purposes, etc. The admin of the meeting has all the controls. They can request everyone to mute their mics or turn on their cameras for different engagement activities. This is one of the reasons why Zoom became very popular during the pandemic for academic institutions that wanted to conduct online classes for students. 


Discord is a great application for someone associated with the media industry. To elaborate further, if you have a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers or you are a social media influencer. You can create discord servers and allow your followers to interact, share, and discuss various topics related to your content. 

There is an option to categorize your channel into either a voice-based or a text-based channel.  The text-based channel is a great choice for the consumption of regular content. You can share different types of media like photos, videos, and gifs here as well.

You can create a Discord server among your family members as well. For instance, you can share different updates happening every day in your home here. 


i-messages is an application software that is exclusive to iPhone users only. You cannot access this app on the Android eco-system. 

A cool way to identify if someone uses i-messages is to see the color of their chat heads. If it is blue then they are available to i-message. A green chat head represents that the user is not available on i-message. You can create an ID on iMessage from your mail account or your cell phone number. 


Communication is the pillar on which the internet stands today, and these applications help to fortify and enhance communication between you, your friends, family, and employers. Integrate these applications into your daily life and you will see the improvement in the way you communicate and get your message across.

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