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Discover if Boosting or Coaching is Better in TFT 

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Are you a TFT player on the hunt to find which is better for Teamfight Tactics… Coaching or Boosting? If yes, the answer to your question is in this blog post.

Before moving forward, let’s first know what coaching & boosting is. Coaching is a process in which an expert player helps you to improve your game by providing feedback. Boosting, on the other hand, is a process in which an expert player plays in your place to improve your rank. 

Below are the pros and cons of TFT coaching and TFT boosting.

Before we move to the advantages and disadvantages, if you are looking to get better at TFT, you can simply choose TFT coaching & boosting companies to fasten up your rank and practice against decent players! 

Pros of TFT Coaching

1. Gaming Skills Improvement

Coaching will help you improve your TFT gaming skills. With a coach, you will have enhanced strategy development ability. The coach will highlight your shortcomings and help you overcome them. Plus, if you choose live coaching, you will see real-time improvement in your game.

2. Rank Improvement

Coaching also helps in TFT rank improvement. As your gaming skills and strategy improve, your chances to climb up the rank ladder increase. But, this is a gradual process.

3. Personalized Improvement Plan

Players often think they do not need coaching and they can improve their gaming skills by watching pro-players play on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. But, a coach develops a personalised improvement plan that is tailored to your specific needs. So, that your learning remains targeted and you achieve your desired results in the shortest possible time.

4. Increases Your Chances Of Winning Tournaments

Coaching also increases your chances of winning tournaments. Because when you get coaching your skills improve and winning tournaments is all about skills. And, if you win the tournament, you will recoup the money you spent on coaching.

5. Updated Knowledge of Meta

A coach will also keep you updated on the latest Meta Data of TFT. This will help you in the long run. Because once you get a grip on Meta you can make informed choices. Thus, making you more competitive.

6. Networking

Coaches often create platforms for players to interact, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. And, when you become part of that community your avenues of learning increase. For example, if there are 150 players in your coaching community, you will be able to see one thing from 150 different perspectives.

Cons of TFT Coaching

1. Expensive and Time Intensive

High-quality coaching is expensive, and you might not be able to afford it. Secondly, it is also time-intensive. You have to manage time to get regular feedback from your coach. Plus, much more time to practice and incorporate those tips into your gameplay. So, TFT coaching is both expensive and time-intensive.

2. No Guarantees for Rank Improvement

TFT coaching does not guarantee rank improvement. Your rank might improve but it all depends on how better you start performing.

Pros of TFT boosting

1. Guaranteed Rank Improvement

TFT boosting guarantees rank improvement. It will help you achieve your desired account irrespective of your skill level.

2. Saves Time

TFT boosting also saves time. You can achieve higher ranks in a shorter period, that otherwise might consume your precious several hours.

3. Boosts confidence

TFT boosting is also perfect for boosting confidence. New players often feel frustrated when they get stuck in certain ranks, so they give up playing. If you are one of those players, boosting is your savior. It will enhance your confidence and keep you motivated.

4. Gateway To Compete Against Experienced Players

When you get a TFT boosting our rank improves and you get an opportunity to play against experienced players. And you know what a challenging environment pushes you to adapt to the tactics used by your skilled opponents.

5. Broader Canvas To Showcase Your Skills

Higher ranks will bring you into the spotlight. Now, you will have a broader platform to showcase your skills. Achieving higher ranks will attract the attention of viewers, making it more likely for you to gain followers if you choose to stream or create TFT content.

6. Rewards and Recognition

Higher ranks often come with exclusive in-game rewards, such as unique cosmetic items, icons, or other rewards that showcase a player’s achievements. Plus, you will be recognized and respected within the TFT community.

Cons of TFT Boosting

1. No Skill Development

Boosting won’t improve your gaming skills. Unlike coaching, which focuses on skill development, boosting merely provides a temporary boost in rank without enhancing your abilities.

2. Security Risks

There are also security risks. Because in boosting you have to share your account details with the booster. And, this carries risks such as account theft, compromise, or unauthorized access.


If your aim is just to improve your rank quickly, showcase your rewards, and compete against experienced players from the very get-go then you should go for boosting.

But, if you aim to improve your gaming skills, and money and time are not your issues then you should go for coaching.


To conclude, boosting and coaching both serve different sets of purposes. Before you choose one, think what is your end goal. It will help you choose the right one.

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