gabbie marshall parents
gabbie marshall parents

Gabbie Marshall Parents, Bio, Height, Personal life, Career, Net Worth, Relationship And Other

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Since Gabbie Marshall joined the Iowa Hawkeyes in 2019, she has truly changed the game for the team. She has heart; she averages 6.1 points and pulls down 1.0 rebound each game. Her stats don’t tell the whole story. But what’s even more impressive? She’s balancing all that hoop action with a pre-med major, aiming to dive into occupational therapy after graduation.

And let’s talk inspiration—Gabbie’s got it in spades, thanks to her folks, Ernest and Marne Marshall. They both know a thing or two about basketball, having played in their day. Their support and guidance have been Gabbie’s fuel, pushing her to go after her dreams with everything she’s got. So yeah, when she’s out there on the court or hitting the books, she’s doing it for them too.

Gabbie Marshall’s Parents

Gabbie Marshall isn’t just about hoops; she’s also a big deal on social media, a YouTuber, and a singer-songwriter. She’s got this awesome mix of ethnic backgrounds and holds American citizenship. Now, her dad, Ernest Marshall, he’s a big shot as the Executive VP and CHRO at Eaton Corporation. But as for her mom, that’s still a bit of a mystery.

And speaking of family, Gabbie’s got a crew of siblings—Noah, Luke, and Lily. But here’s the kicker: despite what the rumor mill says, Gabbie’s already taken! She found love with Noah Marshall, not just any Noah, but her hubby, whom she met back in their Iowa University days.

Their story’s like something out of a rom-com—Gabbie’s hoop skills caught Noah’s eye, and they hit it off as friends. However, that friendship developed into something more with time. Through thick and thin, they have supported one another’s aspirations and objectives. This love tale demonstrates how sometimes the best things come as a surprise.

Who is Gabbie Marshall?

Marshall has been a robust individual from Iowa’s ball group since she joined back in 2019-20, following a fruitful secondary school vocation at Mount Notre Lady in Cincinnati. 

In her first year, Marshall didn’t begin many games yet got a lot of court time, averaging 5.0 focuses and 1.2 helps per game in around 17 minutes for each game. She acquired a standing for being a relentless protector and a sharpshooter from downtown. 

Her sophomore year saw a critical lift in her job, beginning in every one of the 30 games for the Hawkeyes. She increased her scoring to 9.1 focuses per game, worked on her bouncing back and playmaking, and hardened her place as one of the most outstanding edge protectors in the Enormous Ten. 

In the accompanying seasons, Marshall’s numbers plunged a little, which can part of the way be credited to the development of Clark as a headliner for the group. 

Notwithstanding, Marshall’s effect goes past details. She’s established standards for the program, playing the most games in Iowa’s set of experiences and positioning fifth in takes. 

At the point when a lot was on the line, Marshall frequently moved forward. During Iowa’s rushed to the public title in 2023, while Clark was getting titles, Marshall discreetly displayed her ability by sinking 41.4 percent of her three-point endeavors, making her quite possibly of the most risky shooter in the country.

Gabbie Marshall Biography & Wikipedia

Gabbie Marshall hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, born on August 23, 2001. Basketball runs in her family – her dad, Ernest Marshall, had a four-year stint playing hoops at Bellarmine University, while her mom, Marne Marshall, also had a go at it, playing for a year at Aquinas College.

She has a vivacious family with three kin: Luke, Lily, and her more seasoned sibling Noah. Growing up, Gabbie went to Mount Notre Lady Secondary School in Cincinnati, graduating in 2019.

For her higher education journey, Gabbie chose the University of Iowa. There, she pursued a major in health and human physiology with a focus on medical studies, showing her commitment to both academics and athletics.

Real NameGabbie Marshall
Birth DateAugust 23, 2001
Age (as of 2024)23 Years
HometownCincinnati, Ohio, USA
ProfessionBasketball Player
CollegeIowa University
Physical Statistics
Height5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
FatherErnest Marshall
MotherMarne Marshall
SisterLily Marshall
BrotherNoah & Luke Marshall (Two)
Relationship Status
Marital StatusSingle

How tall is Gabbie Marshall? Height

According to the Iowa women’s basketball roster, Gabbie Marshall stands at 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

Where is Gabbie Marshall from?

Marshall hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she attended Mount Notre Dame High School. In 2019, she earned recognition as the league’s player of the year, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Gabbie Marshall’s Personal life

Gabbie Marshall’s upbringing was undoubtedly influenced by her parents’ basketball backgrounds. It’s safe to assume they’re incredibly proud of all she’s achieved so far.

Her dad, Ernest, spent four years playing college basketball for the Bellarmine University Knights, while her mom, Marne, had a stint on the court at Aquinas College, even though details about her playing days or her current career are a bit elusive.

Although Ernest didn’t pursue a professional basketball career, he’s found success in his current path. He’s filling in as the leader VP and boss HR official for Eaton, a worldwide power the executives organization. His noteworthy instructive excursion incorporates a regulation degree from Indiana College’s Bloomington School of Regulation, a MBA from a similar establishment, and a Four year education in liberal arts in bookkeeping and business organization from Bellarmine. 

Generally, it appears Gabbie comes from a family that values the two games and training, and she’s conveying that inheritance forward with her own accomplishments on and off the b-ball court.

Gabbie Marshall HomeTown

Gabbie Marshall is a glad Cincinnati local, having experienced childhood in the city. She leaving her imprint at Mount Notre Woman Secondary School, where her b-ball abilities assisted the Cougars with getting state titles in 2017 and 2019. 

Her prosperity on the court has put her among the school’s most achieved competitors. This is truly an honor, taking into account that Mount Notre Woman has additionally been gone to by striking games figures like USWNT star Rose Lavelle, Olympian Rachael Adams, and champion Michigan player Laila Phelia.

Gabbie Marshall Career

Gabbie started off her games process at Mount Notre Woman Secondary School, where Mentor Dr. Scott Rogers helped shape her into a headliner. She truly made some meaningful difference there, packing the titles of “Mount Notre Lady’s Most Significant Player” and Hostile Player of the Year for three straight years, from 2017 to 2019. 

As a rookie in the 2015-16 season, she had a strong effect, scoring as well as flaunting her protective abilities. Beginning in 23 games, she set up noteworthy midpoints of 11.4 places, 3.1 bounce back, 2.4 helps, and 2.7 takes per game. 

Her 2016–17 sophomore year was noticeably better. She showed her consistency at the start of every game, averaging 13.8 focuses, 2.5 bounce backs, 1.9 assists, and 3.2 takes. 

In her lesser year, 2018, she kept up her noteworthy execution, beginning in 21 games and keeping up with her scoring streak with a normal of 15.6 places, alongside 3 takes and 2.7 bounce back. 

By her senior year in 2019, Gabbie had turned into a carefully prepared player, beginning in 29 games and keeping up with her scoring ability with a normal of 13.9 places and 3.3 bounce back per game. All through her secondary school venture, she showed what her can do as a flexible player who could overwhelm both repulsively and protectively.

Iowa Hawkeyes

Gabbie decided to keep her basketball journey rolling by joining the University of Iowa’s team. Before college, she spent a summer as an Assistant Fitness Trainer, helping young folks get fit and healthy.

Since 2022, she’s been an active part of ISAAC, a student-athlete committee at Iowa, balancing her passion for sports with her studies.

In her freshman year, Gabbie played every game, proving herself on the court with solid stats despite limited minutes.

Sophomore year, she really stepped up, putting in impressive performances game after game, showcasing her skills as a scorer and a team player.

Junior year, she continued to shine, balancing her time between basketball and academics, earning accolades for both.

Now, in her senior year, Gabbie’s still going strong, leading her team alongside Caitlin Clark, and showing no signs of slowing down. Her journey at Iowa reflects her dedication to both sports and education, making her a true role model for student-athletes everywhere.

Gabbie Marshall Net Worth

It is believed that Gabbie is worth $200,000. She doesn’t get paid directly for playing for her university team, but there are benefits associated with her athletic ability. Gabbie has not received any business endorsements, in contrast to other athletes who have secured sponsorships. However, she does make some money by selling clothing on the RayGun website; she receives a percentage of the sales that she contributes to.

Gabbie Marshall’s Ethnicity And Nationality

Gabbie Marshall’s roots reflect the beautiful diversity of America. She was born in Iowa, between 1999 and 2000, and proudly holds American citizenship. Her parents, Ernest and Marne Marshall, have played crucial roles in shaping her journey.

Her dad, Ernest, has a basketball background himself, having played for Bellarmine University. Meanwhile, her mom, Marne, has been the backbone of the family, creating a loving and nurturing home environment.

Gabbie grew up with three siblings – Noah, Luke, and Lily – with her being the youngest daughter. Their family dynamic was full of support and encouragement, laying the foundation for Gabbie’s budding passion for basketball from an early age.

Gabbie Marshall Relationship

Gabbie Marshall isn’t married at the moment. Right now, she’s pouring all her energy into her basketball career, hoping her dedication will open up new opportunities for her.

Her greatest aspiration? to establish a reputable reputation for herself in the sports industry. Her tenacity and resolve leave no doubt that she is headed toward realizing that dream.

Social Media

Gabbie Marshall stays connected with her fans through social media. As of March 28, 2023, she has 3,424 followers on her @GabbieMarshall Twitter account. Over on Instagram, her verified account, @gabbie.marshall, boasts a following of 18.5k fans. It’s clear she’s got quite a fan base rooting for her both on and off the court.


  1. Father: Ernest Marshall, a former basketball player at Bellarmine University, currently serves as the Executive VP and CHRO at Eaton Corporation. He holds a law degree from Indiana University’s Bloomington School of Law, an MBA from the same institution, and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Business Administration from Bellarmine.
  2. Mother: Marne Marshall, also a basketball player, played for a year at Aquinas College. Details about her current career are not widely available.
  3. Family: Gabbie Marshall has three siblings: Noah, Luke, and Lily. She is married to Noah Marshall, whom she met during their time at Iowa University.


Gabbie Marshall’s parents, Ernest and Marne Marshall, have basketball backgrounds and have played crucial roles in shaping her journey. Ernest is a successful executive, while Marne’s career details are less known. Gabbie has three siblings and is married to Noah Marshall.


What is Gabbie Marshall’s father’s profession?
Gabbie’s father, Ernest Marshall, is the Executive VP and CHRO at Eaton Corporation.

Did Gabbie Marshall’s mother play basketball?
Yes, Gabbie’s mother, Marne Marshall, played basketball for a year at Aquinas College.

How many siblings does Gabbie Marshall have?
Gabbie has three siblings: Noah, Luke, and Lily.

Who is Gabbie Marshall married to?
Gabbie is married to Noah Marshall, whom she met during their time at Iowa University.

What is Gabbie Marshall’s family background?
Gabbie comes from a family that values both sports and education, with her parents playing basketball and supporting her athletic and academic pursuits.

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