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How can I improve the environmental sustainability of my trade business through proper equipment maintenance?

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Sustainability is a hot topic in most countries around the world with more people starting to fear the threat that global warming brings. This has led to countries like the UK implementing strict goals to become carbon net-zero by 2050. Plus, individuals are doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint too. 

There’s also an onus on companies to become more environmentally friendly too but less than 15% of businesses in the UK are meeting their goals. This shows that there’s plenty of room for growth for the millions of UK businesses. There are plenty of ways that this can be done but one way you may not have thought of is equipment maintenance. 

While this may seem like it won’t impact the environment, it does! There are countless sustainability benefits to regular, proper equipment maintenance and our guide will explore them all. If you’re looking for some quick sustainability wins, read on to see why equipment maintenance should be your first port of call. 

Importance of Proper Equipment Maintenance

Proper equipment maintenance is vital to ensuring the efficiency and longevity of it. Not only will this ensure your work will be of a higher quality, but it can also help your finances too. This is because you won’t need to fork out on replacement parts or new items when they inevitably break due to poor maintenance. 

What Are The Environmental Benefits of Equipment Maintenance?

Maintaining your equipment will support the environment for a number of reasons. The most common include: 

  • Fewer equipment breakages reduce waste generation from discarded tools and equipment
  • Well-maintained equipment will be more efficient, meaning less power from the mains is needed
  • Poorly maintained equipment can reduce air quality when being used

Eco-Friendly Maintenance Practices

During the maintenance, you can also implement sustainable practices. Some of the things you can do include using environmentally friendly lubricants, cleaning agents and materials while performing maintenance tasks. 

You may discover that some equipment is beyond repair, which is sometimes unavoidable. Your job now is to dispose of it properly. Local recycling centres tend to have dedicated places to bin broken electrical equipment, so take it there and consult one of the waste experts. 

Role of Tradespeople in Sustainability Efforts

There are also plenty of ways that tradespeople can be more sustainable outside of maintenance tasks too. This includes: 

  • Choosing high-quality equipment like a Milwaukee Tools drill set that won’t break easily and is energy-efficient
  • Source parts locally 
  • Reduce plastic and chemical usage 
  • Switch to electric vehicles if possible
  • Car share to the worksite or use public transport
  • Turn off electricity when equipment isn’t in use

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