How to Manage a Large House Move

How to Manage a Large House Move

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Moving house should be one of the most exciting and happiest times in your life. Unfortunately, many people find it to be a stressful period.

But if you’re about to embark on a large house move, how can you make it a hassle-free experience? There are so many different aspects to deal with that your transition to a new property can be challenging.

You’ll be delighted to hear there are seven simple steps you can take to ensure your home move is straightforward.

Let’s find out what you need to do when relocating.

Plan Ahead

When making such a huge move, it’s essential to make a plan. This will be your roadmap, and the key is to be as detailed as possible. Start by listing everything you’ll need during the moving process, and confirming how many people are required to get all your belongings from A to B.

Next, make a timeframe for your move, and estimate how long each step in the process will take. At this point, it’s a good idea to leave leeway for delays, as this can reduce the impact of any unexpected interruptions.

While drafting your plan, you may find issues you hadn’t foreseen. By resolving these problems now, you can save yourself a lot of inconvenience during your move.


One of the most crucial packing tips is to start by decluttering. It can be surprising to find how many possessions you’ve collected over the years, and you may not have used many of them in months or even longer.

This is the time to be decisive. Unless you need to keep items, or they have sentimental value, you should get rid of them. This will give you more space in your new house, and you may even feel better now that there isn’t so much clutter.

The best solution for disposing of your trash is a dumpster rental. Not only is this option convenient, but it will save you time as the dumpster will be onsite.

If you’re getting ready to move home, be sure to check out this dumpster rental in Columbus Ohio.

Have Plenty of Snacks

You may not realize how exhausting the moving process is until you start to get tired when there is still plenty to do. If your energy levels get low, this can lead to your work rate slowing down and your move taking longer than expected.

This is why it’s a good idea to have bottles of water and a collection of snacks nearby. Staying hydrated will help keep your mind and body operating at peak levels, and food will provide much-needed sustenance.

Try and avoid caffeinated beverages or sugary snacks, as while they’ll give you an energy boost, this will quickly wear off. Foods such as quinoa and pasta are excellent alternatives.

Decide If You’ll Hire Professional Movers

When planning your big move, you’ll need to decide if you’ll hire professional movers, or take a DIY approach. Both methods have their pros and cons.

DIY Moving

The main advantage of DIY moving is that it’s cheaper. You might only have to pay to hire a moving truck, and you can pack and unload your belongings on your own. You might even have friends willing to give up an afternoon to help.

However, moving house can be hard work, especially if you have large furniture items. As well as being physically draining, maneuvering long or wide sofas, beds, and wardrobes can be challenging. You might even damage doorframes or walls as you move into your new home.

Professional Moving

When you hire professional movers, you can relax while they do all the work. Many companies offer a packing service, meaning they’ll safely secure your possessions in boxes before they take them to your new property.

This is a convenient way to move house, but the downside is it can be expensive. If you decide to hire a moving firm, you can often find better deals by shopping around and asking for quotes.

Make Sure Your New House Is Ready

Few things are more disheartening than arriving at your new residence to learn that it’s dirty and uninhabitable. After you’ve put so much effort into your move and gone to so much expense, it can be devastating to find you need to do more work.

Before your big move, get in touch with your real estate agent and ask about the condition of your new home. They can tell you if you need to hire a cleaning company to make it spotless before you move in. Knowing that your house will be pristine will make your transition more pleasant.

Tell Utility Companies About Your New Address

You’ll need to tell utility companies about your household move. You can settle any outstanding bills at your current property, and ensure there will be power and hot water when you move to your new address.

Many people now struggle without the internet, so it’s best to get in touch with your provider and ask when your connection will be up and running.

Take Time Out

Moving to a big house can be hectic, and you should take small breaks and look after yourself. Otherwise, you could feel physically and mentally exhausted when you get there.

When taking a rest, you might prefer to go to a nearby coffee shop or go for a walk in the fresh air. This will prevent you from carrying on working in your house when you should be relaxing.

By returning in a better mood and feeling refreshed, you’ll be much more productive.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Large House Move

Embarking on a large house move can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Having a detailed plan and decluttering can make the transition much easier, and you should also stay hydrated and eat well. It’s also best to ensure your next property is clean, tidy, and to take a rest anytime your move becomes overwhelming.

Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying living in your new home!

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