justin waller net worth
justin waller net worth

Justin Waller Net Worth, Early life, Education, Height, Family, Personal life, Wife, Career, Podcasts And More

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Justin Waller Net Worth

The majority of Justin Waller’s wealth, which is thought to be approximately $10 million, comes from his ownership of the successful construction company RedIron Construction. RedIron is a privately held company, therefore its precise revenue is unknown. However, it is said to make millions of dollars a year—a recent estimate puts it at $3 million.

Aside from his construction endeavors, Justin’s online presence adds to his financial portfolio. He actively engages in social media, likely monetizing his influence through endorsements and partnerships. For instance, his promotion of Andrew Tate’s The Real World potentially yields additional income through affiliate links.

Moreover, Justin organizes exclusive meet-ups, dubbed “masterminds,” where attendees pay for the opportunity to interact with him over dinner and discussions. These gatherings likely contribute to his overall revenue stream.

In essence, while construction serves as his primary source of wealth, Justin’s diversified ventures in the online sphere and personal branding activities also play significant roles in bolstering his net worth.

Who is Justin Waller?

Justin Waller’s journey to success wasn’t a walk in the park. He faced hurdles right from his early days in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Dyslexia made his middle school years tough, even causing him to repeat the 6th grade. But Justin wasn’t one to back down. He pushed through, completing his studies despite the challenges.

In high school, football became his passion. And oh, did he do it well! In 2005, the University of Louisiana Monroe offered him a football scholarship as a result of his abilities. But in addition to his passion for football, Justin also followed his interest in construction management. And he excelled in both, scoring victories against tough opponents like the Alabama Crimson Tide.

All those early struggles? They were just stepping stones to the success he enjoys today as a respected entrepreneur.

JWaller’s Early Life

Justin Waller’s story starts in Monroe, Louisiana on November 6, 1986. He did not exactly have an easy childhood growing up in the small, tight-knit village of Denham Springs, close to Baton Rouge.  Justin had to overcome a number of difficulties from the start because he was raised in a small trailer park.

He continued his journey through Denham Springs High School, overcoming the obstacles associated with puberty. However, he really came into his own at the University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM). He gave his all to his studies as a D1 player, earning a degree in construction management in 2009.

It was, however, the worst possible timing. Justin’s future was uncertain because of the 2009 recession, which clouded job prospects. However, he didn’t give up lightly. He made the decision to take control of his own destiny because of his unwavering optimism and resolve.

After leaving his birthplace behind, Justin set out to explore the busy city life and became fully immersed in the construction industry. Though it was a risk, he took it with unshakeable confidence.

Amidst the ups and downs of life, Justin found solace and love in the arms of Alice Waller, whom he married, adding a touch of warmth and companionship to his journey. And let’s not forget the guiding hand of his father, Douglas Waller, whose wisdom and support undoubtedly shaped Justin into the man he is today.

Justin Waller Wiki

Full nameJustin Waller
Date of birthDecember 4, 1985
Age38 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac signSagittarius
Place of birthDenham Springs, Louisiana, USA
Current residenceBaton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Sexual orientationStraight
Relationship statusMarried
SpouseAlice Waller
FatherDouglas Waller
MotherJulie Cawther
ProfessionAmerican entrepreneur and real estate investor
Net worth$10-$12 million

Justin Waller Education

Justin’s academic trajectory is evidence of his perseverance and love for what he does. He set the foundation for his destiny at Denham Springs High School, where it all began. During those early years, he started to see his potential and set higher goals for himself.

Subsequently, Justin entered the field of construction management at the University of Louisiana, where he experienced a crucial phase. He put his all into obtaining his Bachelor of Business and Science between 2005 and 2009. However, it was more than just completing the work; it was about accepting every obstacle and grasping every chance to advance.

More than classes and tests, Justin’s time in college was spent making friends, getting practical experience, and realizing what his actual calling was. With each step, he gained experience navigating the complexities of actual construction projects and putting theory into reality.

Justin emerged as a well-rounded professional prepared to make his mark in the construction sector, armed with his degree and a plethora of experience. His educational career was about more than just getting a certificate; it was about taking control of his future and realizing his full potential.

Having completed his schooling, Justin is now prepared to face the world. He is prepared to leave a lasting impression on the construction business and beyond since he possesses the knowledge, abilities, and resolve to take on any task that comes his way.

Justin Waller Height and Weight

At six feet three inches tall, Justin Waller commands attention wherever he walks into a room. Despite weighing only 81 kg, he exudes strength and self-assurance.

His striking features include a head of brown hair that frames his face with warmth, complementing his piercing blonde eyes that seem to light up with determination and passion.

Justin’s physical stature mirrors the resilience and vigor that define his character, reflecting a man who is ready to tackle any challenge that life throws his way.

Justin Waller Family

Justin Waller talked candidly about his marriage to Alice Waller—the daughter of a wealthy Louisianan magnate—in a recent TikTok video. Justin smiled and said, “I’m happily married,” in response to a curious boy who asked him about his marital status. This showed that he was happy in his marriage.

Their home is a happy and humorous place to be with their two adorable children, a lively 4-year-old son and a precious newborn daughter.

Justin’s father shares his home in Louisiana, providing support and companionship in their shared journey. However, the relationship between Justin’s parents is not without its complexities. His mother, who is divorced from his father, expressed her feelings in a heartfelt video uploaded in 2023. She candidly shared her disappointment with the behavior of both Justin and his ex-husband, shedding light on the challenges they’ve faced as a family.

JWaller Personal Life

How Justin Waller maintains the privacy of his personal life is amazing, isn’t it? He’s a pro at keeping personal information about his family, marriage, and even his children out of the spotlight even though he’s well-known. He seems to be defending a hidden treasure trove of private information!

The intriguing element is this, though: despite his silence on his personal life, Justin appears to be suffering from severe wanderlust. You see, if you glance at his social media, you’ll detect a pattern: images of gorgeous scenery, busy cities, and far-off places. He seems to be on a quest to discover every corner of the globe!

Thus, despite keeping his private life under wraps, Justin’s passion for travel comes through, offering us a peek of his daring nature and leaving us to wonder what further surprises he has in store.

Justin Waller Wife

Justin Waller sure knows how to keep us guessing! Despite being in the limelight, he’s like a vault when it comes to his private life. You won’t catch a whisper about his marital status or any romantic entanglements. It’s like he’s the king of secrecy!

And as for his family? That, too, is a mystery. No peeking behind the curtain to check on a spouse or children who might be waiting in the wings. In terms of his private life, Justin is a magician who performs the ultimate disappearing performance.

Yes, we may conjecture that there might be a Mrs. Waller or some Waller juniors running around, but it’s all speculation until Justin makes the decision to reveal the truth. Definitely, he’s keeping us on our toes!

Justin Waller Career

The trajectory of Justin Waller’s career is a textbook example of perseverance and hard effort. It all started when he started working as a construction laborer at Phil Cawthon in August 1999. There, he developed his abilities and set the foundation for future success.

But Justin wasn’t content to stick to just one path. From May 2003 to August 2005, he donned the hat of a cashier and sales representative at Harbor Freight Tools, learning the ropes of customer service and sales along the way.

Then came a stint as a traffic controller at Austin Bridge & Road Company, where for nearly five months, Justin was the master of managing one-lane traffic and ensuring the safety of both workers and drivers alike.

But it was his role as a cost analyst at Cajun Industries from January to June 2011 that truly showcased Justin’s knack for detail and organization. Monitoring activities and handling supply orders kept him on his toes, preparing him for bigger responsibilities ahead.

And then came the big leap – RedIron Construction. Justin worked as a construction manager, managing projects with dexterity and grace, from January 2011 until February 2017. He didn’t stop there, though. He assumed the position of estimator and project manager in March 2010 and made sure that every building project undertaken by RedIron was completed without a hitch.

Since then, Justin has led RedIron Construction to even greater success by serving as both a key member and the company’s proud owner. It is evidence of his diligence, willpower, and steadfast devotion to perfection.

Success of RedIron Construction Company

Justin Waller’s journey with RedIron Construction is like something out of a feel-good movie. Picture this: starting from scratch with just a handful of folks and a trusty old pickup truck, they set out to conquer the construction world.

But it wasn’t just luck that got them there. Justin’s got a vision, a fire in his belly that drives him forward. He’s all about quality and innovation, making sure every project they touch shines with excellence.

RedIron Construction has established itself as the industry leader, creating anything from robust metal structures to taking on seemingly impossible construction tasks. Customers know they’re getting excellent craftsmanship and dependability when they work with Justin and his team—no questions asked.

Not to mention the central theme, which is Justin’s leadership. RedIron has reached new heights under his leadership, extending its reach and securing a position at the top of the industrial ladder. It is a tale of tenacity, resolve, and heartfelt perseverance, demonstrating that anything is achievable with the correct mindset.

Luxury Real Estate Ventures

Justin Waller’s success story extends beyond the construction industry; with astute investments that have proven extremely profitable, he has also dabbled in luxury real estate. Whether his mansions are in the vibrant city of Baton Rouge or the sun-drenched streets of Miami, picture yourself meandering along the sleek, modern passageways.

But it’s more than simply a fancy address; it’s about building a solid investment portfolio and wise financial decisions. Justin is safeguarding his financial future as well as increasing his wealth with each property he adds to his collection.

What makes Justin stand out is his ability to see opportunities where others might see risks. He’s not afraid to take calculated leaps, knowing that the potential rewards are worth it. And guess what? His gut instincts have rarely steered him wrong.

Thus, despite his busy schedule of building waves in the construction industry, Justin’s forays into luxury real estate are evidence of his entrepreneurial energy and ability to make wise financial decisions. This is a journey driven by vision, desire, and a ton of hard work.

Future Goals of Justin Waller

Looking forward, Justin Waller is motivated by a love of innovation and expansion in the building sector. He’s always pushing the boundaries and discovering new things; he doesn’t settle for the status quo.

Envision Justin, all suited up with a gleam in his eye, spearheading the efforts at RedIron Construction. With the goal of propelling his business forward, he is determined to use the newest technologies and innovative approaches.

But here’s the thing about Justin – he’s not just in it for the bottom line. In addition to boosting RedIron’s success, he is dedicated to giving back to the community. Justin is all about giving back, whether it’s by mentoring the upcoming crop of business leaders or imparting his knowledge to other entrepreneurs.

Thus, while he plots his future route, one thing is certain: RedIron Construction will achieve greatness under Justin Waller’s direction.

Justin Waller: The Man Behind the Success

You must delve deeply into Justin Waller’s life narrative to fully understand his ascension from humble beginnings in Louisiana to become a well-respected businessman.

Louisiana’s strong attitude impacted Justin’s youth growing up there. He learned early on the value of perseverance and determination; these traits will act as his guide in the future.

Despite facing various obstacles along the way, Justin never allowed them stop him from achieving his objectives. He conquered every challenge because he was always driven to succeed.

After completing his studies at the University of Louisiana and Denham Springs High School, Justin was driven to change the world when he joined the employment. Driven by aspiration and a desire for greater things, he rose up the ranks from modest beginnings as a construction worker.

However, Justin’s tale didn’t end there. He started his entrepreneurial path with the audacious decision to form RedIron Construction, which he made with guts and vision.

As a result of his perseverance, creativity, and constant dedication to quality, Justin Waller has become a powerful figure in the corporate world. His narrative is a tribute to the strength of tenacity and the conviction that everything is achievable with enough willpower.

Justin Waller Podcasts

When Justin Waller appears on a podcast, it’s not simply another episode—rather, it’s an instruction in practical guidance and entrepreneurial insight. With insights from industry titans like Patrick Lencioni and Robert Kiyosaki, Justin presents a novel perspective on the nuances of company management.

Justin’s method is unique because of his ability to apply these ideas to his own endeavors. He has a miraculous ability to transform theoretical concepts into actual success stories, which is why he’s a captivating presence that’s well worth following.

Whether he’s guesting on podcasts like The Keep Hammering Collective, Fresh and Fit, or Tate’s Emergency Meeting, Justin isn’t afraid to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship. And the best part? His insights hit home for both seasoned pros and those just dipping their toes into the business world.

But Justin doesn’t stop at just sharing knowledge; he’s all about giving back. That’s why he’s out there creating his own digital content and hosting podcasts, where he generously shares his wisdom on everything from starting a business to managing the daily grind.

With mentors like Robert Kiyosaki and Patrick Lencioni lighting his path, Justin Waller isn’t just talking the talk – he’s walking the walk, and his podcast appearances are proof of that.

Justin Waller Social Media

Justin Waller is a social media star, with a massive following of over 840k on Instagram. His feed is a mix of travel snapshots and glimpses into his time spent with friends like Andrew and Tristan Tate.

In an attempt to become more visible online, Justin decided to launch a YouTube account in 2021. With over 393k followers, his channel has grown to become a hub for discussions regarding success strategies, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

It was Andrew who pushed Justin to start his YouTube journey, and after a heart-to-heart, Justin found the courage to share his thoughts with the world. He’s incredibly grateful to Andrew for the inspiration and values their friendship deeply.

Justin’s main mission with his content is to make a positive impact on people’s lives. He’s all about offering guidance in areas like business, mindset, health, and relationships. He pays particular attention to those in small towns, offering them advice and support they might not find elsewhere.


  1. Primary Source of Wealth: Justin Waller’s net worth, estimated between $10 to $12 million, primarily stems from his ownership of RedIron Construction, a successful construction company.
  2. Revenue of RedIron Construction: While the precise revenue of RedIron Construction remains undisclosed due to its status as a privately held company, estimates suggest it earns millions annually, with recent approximations around $3 million.
  3. Diversified Ventures: In addition to his construction business, Justin boosts his income through various online endeavors, including social media engagement, endorsements, affiliate partnerships, and organizing exclusive meet-ups known as “masterminds.”
  4. Personal Branding: Justin’s strong online presence contributes significantly to his financial portfolio, as he leverages his influence across various platforms.


Justin Waller, an American entrepreneur and real estate investor, rose to prominence through his successful construction company, RedIron Construction. Despite facing challenges like dyslexia in his youth, Justin persevered and excelled both academically and athletically. After earning a degree in construction management, he ventured into the construction industry and eventually established RedIron Construction. Alongside his primary business, Justin engages in various online activities, leveraging his social media presence and organizing exclusive events. His net worth, estimated at $10 to $12 million, reflects his diverse income streams and entrepreneurial acumen.


What is Justin Waller’s net worth?

Justin Waller’s net worth is estimated to be between $10 to $12 million, with the majority of his wealth coming from his ownership of RedIron Construction.

How does Justin Waller earn his income?

Justin earns income primarily through his construction company, RedIron Construction, along with various online ventures such as social media engagement, endorsements, affiliate partnerships, and organizing exclusive meet-ups.

What is RedIron Construction’s revenue?

While the precise revenue of RedIron Construction is undisclosed as it is a privately held company, estimates suggest it earns millions annually, with recent approximations around $3 million.

What are Justin Waller’s other ventures besides construction?

Apart from his construction business, Justin engages in online activities such as social media influence, endorsements, affiliate partnerships, and organizing exclusive meet-ups known as “masterminds.” He also invests in luxury real estate ventures.

What is Justin Waller’s educational background?

Justin studied construction management at the University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM), where he earned his Bachelor of Business and Science degree between 2005 and 2009.

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