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katherine berkery
katherine berkery

Katherine Berkery Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Husband And More 

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Who is Katherine Berkery?

As a model in the United States in the 1980s, Katherine Berkery had a very turbulent journey. It all began when a scandal involving the well-known musician Tom Jones entangled her identity. She enjoyed the limelight for a little while, making magazine covers and drawing everyone’s attention. She failed to get jobs on the runways, though, and soon the limelight faded despite all the hype.

Katherine, nevertheless, didn’t let it deter her. Rolling up her sleeves, she put in a lot of effort and took on odd jobs to make ends meet. She eventually figured out her specialty in real estate, where she made a prosperous living.

Even today, when you mention Katherine Berkery, people are more likely to remember her as Tom Jones’ short-lived flame than as the model she once was. But hey, life’s full of twists and turns, and Katherine’s journey is proof that even when the glamour fades, there’s always a new path waiting to be explored.

Katherine Berkery Bio & Wiki

Katherine Berkery, an American former model, made headlines back in 1980 for her involvement in a controversy with the renowned singer, Tom Jones. His powerful, full-throated baritone voice earned him acclaim, and their brief fling thrust Katherine into the spotlight.

However, fame proved fleeting for Katherine, and she soon encountered challenges in her career. Despite gracing the covers of numerous magazines, she struggled to secure meaningful opportunities in the industry. Her three-day affair with the award-winning musician added to her notoriety but didn’t sustain her career in the long run.

Following her relocation to the United States in 1963, Katherine—who was born in Korea—did a lot of work and stayed committed to her upbringing. As she looks back on her journey in 2023, at 60 years old, she finds satisfaction in her accomplishments and the lessons she’s learned.

Real NameKatherine Berkery
Nick NameKatherine
Date Of Birth1963
Age61 years old
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight60 kg
Hair ColourBrown
Eye colourBrown
Net Worth$500k

Katherine Berkery’s Age

Although Katherine Berkery was born in Korea in 1963, her life’s direction was altered when she was adopted by a prosperous New Jersey couple. She completely embraced her identity as an American citizen as she grew up, experiencing both the pleasures and difficulties of daily life in America with her foster parents and siblings. Her narrative serves as a testimony to the variety of courses life may take, even though her early years are still somewhat mysterious.

Katherine Berkery Height & Weight

One of those naturally beautiful people with an alluring atmosphere is Katherine Berkery. She has a perfect shape and a radiant health glow, standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighing around 60 kg. She has a timeless and alluring appearance with her brown hair framing her face and her brown eyes complementing.

Katherine Berkery Parents & Family

Katherine Berkery has always defended her family’s privacy with great vigour, particularly following her well-publicised court dispute with Tom Jones in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She deliberately chose to withdraw from the spotlight and concentrate on raising her son, Jonathan Berkery, after that turbulent period.

While Katherine keeps her family details close to her chest, her bond with Jonathan is undeniable. He came into the world in 1988, a product of Katherine’s relationship with Tom Jones, and has been her main priority ever since.

Despite facing hurdles, like initially being denied paternity by Tom Jones, Katherine stood strong in her role as a mom, providing Jonathan with love and stability. Eventually, DNA tests confirmed what she already knew: Jonathan was indeed Tom Jones’ son, leading to legal measures for child support.

Katherine’s commitment to her son’s welfare has been constant throughout. Her decision to choose her role as a loving mother before pursuing fame in the entertainment or media demonstrates her beliefs and priorities as a person and a responsible parent.

Mother of Jonathan Berkery

As mentioned earlier, during her brief fling with Tom Jones, Katherine Berkery welcomed a son into the world on June 27, 1988. His name was Jonathan Berkery, but he went by Jon Jones. Initially, Katherine shielded her baby from the limelight, but as Jonathan grew older, he naturally began to wonder about his father.

From a tender age, Jon showed a deep passion for music, serenading the world with his father’s tunes by the time he was four. Despite his young age, he also excelled academically, regularly bringing home top grades and eagerly anticipating the day his father might come to visit.

Jonathan felt lost and devastated when he eventually discovered the truth about his parents as he grew older. He disobeyed by doing narcotics, leaving the house undetected, and associating with the wrong set of people. There were even rumours that he dropped out of college and engaged in shady activities like dealing weapons.

Thank goodness Katherine intervened, putting her son back on the correct track and inspiring him to follow his passion for music. Jonathan’s singing career failed to take off despite her best efforts, and he finally turned to making money by performing on the streets, occasionally hiding out at night in churches or shelters.

Despite the hardships, Jonathan still longed for a connection with his biological father and half-brother, Mark Woodward. Despite reaching out several times, he faced silence from their end, leaving him heartbroken. Through it all, Katherine remained a source of comfort and support for her son, tirelessly working to help him overcome his challenges and build a brighter future.

Despite all of the ups and downs along the way, Katherine and Jonathan are still optimistic about the future.

Katherine Berkery Personal Life

Back in 1987, Katherine Berkery was still chasing her dreams as a model when fate intervened in the form of a chance encounter with the famous musician, Tom Jones.

That meeting changed everything. At the time, Katherine was juggling work at a restaurant, trying to make ends meet. But when she caught the eye of Tom Jones and their whirlwind romance ensued, suddenly she found herself thrust into the spotlight.

For a moment, Katherine enjoyed a taste of fame, all thanks to her relationship with Jones. However, once the dust settled and she emerged victorious in her lawsuit against him, she returned to the grind of working odd jobs to get by.

Despite her brief stint away from the modelling world, Katherine’s resilience shone through as she quickly found her way back to…

Katherine Berkery Career

According to reports from the Daily Mail in 2018, Katherine Berkery was described as an aspiring model who also worked as a shipping clerk at New York’s Regine’s nightclub. Her life took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with the renowned singer, Tom Jones, in 1987 while managing a restaurant.

Their brief romance resulted in the birth of Jonathan Berkery, known as Jon Jones. Initially, Tom Jones disputed Jonathan’s paternity, but a paternity test revealed the truth, leading to a court order for child support payments and an out-of-court settlement.

Following her modelling pursuits, Katherine transitioned into a career as an estate agent, as reported by the Daily Mail in 2013. Additionally, she appeared in a 2006 short film called Picture Perfect, where she played one of the club ladies, tackling the theme of unrealistic expectations placed on women in American culture.

Katherine Berkery Net Worth

I understand the curiosity about Katherine Berkery’s modelling earnings, especially during her younger years. Her modelling business was her primary source of income back then, however we don’t know the monthly amounts.

Katherine is predicted to have a net worth of between $500K and $1 million as of 2023. Modelling played a big part in building up her wealth over time.

Like many in the industry, Katherine probably saw fluctuations in her income based on the jobs she booked and the brands she worked with. Despite not having specific numbers, her success in modelling undoubtedly helped her financially.

Katherine Berkery Husband & Marriage

When word leaked out about Katherine’s connection with well-known musician Tom Jones, her life took an unexpected turn. Katherine was not aware of Tom’s family circumstances at the time, even though he was already married and had a son called Mark Woodward.

Tom Jones, a Welsh singer, was renowned for his successful career and his reputation as a bit of a playboy. He even boasted publicly about his numerous romantic encounters. So, when he got involved with model Katherine, it didn’t raise many eyebrows initially. However, things got messy when Katherine became pregnant with their son.

Tom initially denied being the father of Katherine’s baby, sparking a legal battle. Eventually, a DNA test proved his paternity, leading to a court order for child support payments and a hefty settlement for Katherine.

Tom made it plain he didn’t want any part in their lives, even though he was willing to provide for his son financially. He even made the unfounded accusation that Katherine was a prostitute, but it was rejected.

Tom’s stance on his relationship with his biological son, Jonathan, remains unchanged. He has chosen to stay out of their lives, sticking to his decision despite the court’s orders.

Katherine Berkery Son Jonathan Berkery

Jonathan had a really tough childhood without his dad’s love. Growing up, his mom Katherine had to explain that his dad, caught up in his music career, couldn’t be there for them. That absence left a big hole in Jonathan’s heart, and it led him down a rough road of drug addiction later on.

Dealing with addiction, Jonathan found himself without a home at times, crashing in his car after losing his place. Despite the struggles, he clung to his love for his dad’s music, eventually following in his footsteps as a musician.

Jonathan has tried to contact his father, but his attempts have been received with disappointment despite his desire to reunite. As her son navigates the difficulties of his past and follows his musical love, Katherine is there for him now.

Katherine Berkery Controversy

Katherine Berkery isn’t one to seek out controversy or gossip, but she found herself in the midst of it when she became pregnant with Tom Jones’s illegitimate child.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Katherine Berkery would rather not be too visible on social media. She is not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media sites. She appears to respect her privacy since she doesn’t post many details about her life on social media.


Katherine Berkery, an American former model, gained notoriety in the 1980s due to her involvement with musician Tom Jones, with whom she had a son named Jonathan Berkery. Despite fleeting fame in the modelling industry, Katherine faced challenges and eventually transitioned into a successful career in real estate. Her story reflects resilience and the ability to navigate life’s twists and turns.


  1. Early Life: Katherine Berkery was born in Korea in 1963 and was later adopted by a family in New Jersey, embracing her identity as an American citizen.
  2. Modelling Career: Katherine pursued modelling in the 1980s but faced difficulties securing significant opportunities despite brief fame from her relationship with Tom Jones.
  3. Relationship with Tom Jones: Katherine’s brief romance with Tom Jones resulted in the birth of their son, Jonathan Berkery, in 1988. Tom initially disputed paternity but later confirmed via DNA test.
  4. Legal Battle: Katherine engaged in a legal battle with Tom Jones for child support, eventually receiving a settlement.
  5. Transition to Real Estate: After her modelling career, Katherine transitioned into a successful career in real estate.
  6. Personal Life: Katherine prioritised her role as a mother to Jonathan and focused on his well-being despite challenges.
  7. Privacy: Katherine values privacy and maintains a low profile on social media platforms.


What is Katherine Berkery known for?

Katherine Berkery gained attention in the 1980s for her involvement with musician Tom Jones and their son, Jonathan Berkery. She also had a brief career as a model before transitioning to real estate.

Did Katherine Berkery pursue a modelling career successfully?

While Katherine briefly enjoyed fame as a model, she faced challenges securing significant opportunities in the industry.

Who is Jonathan Berkery?

Jonathan Berkery is the son of Katherine Berkery and musician Tom Jones. Despite facing difficulties growing up, he pursued a career in music.

What is Katherine Berkery’s current profession?

Katherine Berkery transitioned into a successful career in real estate after her modelling career.

Does Katherine Berkery maintain a presence on social media?

No, Katherine Berkery prefers to maintain privacy and does not have active accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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