myron golden net worth
myron golden net worth

Myron Golden Net Worth, Bio, Education, Age, Height, Personal life, Career, Awards, Wife And More

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Myron Golden is the mentor to turn to when you want to grow your business. His writings are like success treasure maps, his counsel is priceless, and his enthusiasm is genuinely contagious. The manner he’s assisted many others in realizing their entrepreneurial aspirations is inspiring. Given everything he’s achieved, people are bound to wonder how much he will be worth in 2024.

Myron Golden Net Worth

The debate surrounding Myron Brilliant’s total assets has stirred up excitement among devoted fans and budding entrepreneurs alike. But in the midst of all the rumors and discussion, here’s what you should know: we’ve done a ton of research and crunching the numbers to find the truth.

While many have tossed around figures, our in-depth investigation reveals a different reality. Forget the commonly cited $1 million estimate—our analysis suggests that Myron Golden’s net worth will soar to an astonishing $25 million by 2024. Now, that’s the kind of success tale bound to capture attention and inspire others to chase after their own dreams.

Who is Myron Golden?

Myron Golden is a true powerhouse in the business realm, renowned for his dynamic presence and game-changing insights. You’ve probably spotted his books lining shelves, each one brimming with wisdom drawn from his own remarkable journey. His books, “B.O.S.S. Moves,” “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting From Anywhere,” and “The Science of Getting Rich,” among others, have inspired a great number of aspirants.

However, Myron is more than just a writer; he also acts. He is the inspiration behind Golden Enterprises International and is on a mission to provide everyone, including you and me, with the resources and knowledge they require to prosper. Myron is committed to assisting people and organizations in realizing their greatest potential in all spheres of life, including the financial one. And he’s achieving this through excellent consulting services, coaching, and training.

Myron Golden Biography

Myron Brilliant came into this world on May 14, 1961, in Tampa, Florida. Nonetheless, his process took an extreme turn when, at only a half year old, he was struck by polio. This savage sickness made some meaningful difference, debilitating and shortening Myron’s left leg. From that point on, he needed to explore existence with the additional test of wearing a metal support, which limited his developments and brought him impressive torment and distress.

Myron Golden Wiki

Full NameMyron Golden, Ph.D.
ProfessionBusiness Growth Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Best-selling Author
Notable Books“From Rubbish to Money: An Aide for Anybody Hoping to Become Rich From Anyplace” 
– “B.O.S.S. Moves”
– Other books
Early LifeMyron Golden used to be impoverished and had years of financial hardship. 
Net Worth$25 million (Estimated)
Monthly Income$2 to $3 million (Estimated)
Main Income Sources– Speaking Engagements
– Consulting Services
– Book Sales
– YouTube
Social Media Followers– Instagram: 152K
– Facebook: 39K
– YouTube: 648K
Estimated Social Media Earning Power$4.5K per sponsored post
Key Achievements– Transformed from poverty to wealth
– Best-selling author
– Highly sought-after speaker and consultant
Key Insights on Financial Success– Embrace the notion of wealth
– Take note of the wealthy’s routines 
– Persistence and skill mastery are paramount

Myron Golden Education

The life of Myron Golden is an example of tenacity and unyielding resolve. His curiosity never wavered, even in the face of physical obstacles like wearing a metal brace and suffering from polio and living in substandard housing. He pushed himself into his studies, graduating with degrees in theology, accounting, and business administration from Howard University and gaining a PhD in the latter field.

However, Myron’s quest was about more than just earning degrees—it was about assembling the resources he would need to realize his aspirations. He learned from mentors like those in Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle and the John Maxwell Group along the way by asking the greatest in the industry for advice. With every lesson gained and credential obtained, Myron wasn’t just forging his own route—rather, he was lighting the way for others, demonstrating to them that everything is achievable for those who possess tenacity, determination, and a voracious appetite for information.

Myron Golden Age & Height 

Permit me to acquaint you with Myron Brilliant, an energetic 62-year-old who fills in as a business mentor, persuasive orator, and a wellspring of motivation for an extraordinary number of individuals. At five feet six inches tall and around 72 pounds in weight, he is a man of certainty and authority wherever he goes. His striking dark hair and dim earthy colored eyes seem to catch the expansiveness of his background’s.

In any case, what genuinely adds a convincing layer to Myron’s story is his excursion with polio. Regardless of his momentous accomplishments, he conveys a steady indication of his past battles — a metal support to his left side leg, a remnant of the polio he battled since earliest stages. However, rather than permitting it to characterize him, Myron considers it to be an image of his strength and assurance to overcome any snag that comes his direction.

Myron Golden Personal Life

Myron Golden cherishes his privacy, especially when it comes to his personal life. Despite his soaring success, he’s a committed family man who holds his loved ones close and shields them from the public eye. While his career may be in the spotlight, Myron remains steadfast in safeguarding the privacy of his family.

As a dedicated husband and father, Myron treasures his roles behind the scenes. While he may occasionally share glimpses of their influence on his journey in presentations and writings, he’s resolute about preserving the sanctity of his family life and keeping it shielded from curious onlookers.

Myron Golden Career

Myron Brilliant is a true example of unrelenting resolve; his story is a monument to tenacity and determination. He was raised in a working-class home and soon discovered the importance of perseverance. Myron put in a lot of labor when he was younger, operating a dump truck for a pitiful $6.25 an hour. Notwithstanding the obstacles he encountered, Myron remained unfazed by his situation.

Driven by a desire for achievement, he engrossed himself in motivational and business audiobooks, resolved to forge a brighter future for himself. Myron made his first sale through a side business he developed, which proved to be a tribute to his everlasting dedication and persistent work.

Like many of us, Myron encountered setbacks along the way. Despite achieving financial success, he hit rock bottom at one point. But true to his resilient nature, he refused to give up. With unyielding determination, Myron clawed his way back to the top, establishing himself as a respected authority in the sales sector.

Today, Myron’s story serves as inspiration for countless individuals. Through his consulting programs, coaching services, courses, speaking engagements, and acclaimed books like “From Trash Man to Cash Man” and “B.O.S.S. Moves,” he keeps encouraging people to go after their aspirations and get past their own challenges.

Awards & Achievements

The list of accomplishments for Myron Brilliant is really impressive. But it’s not simply his creative skill that makes him unique; it’s also his knack for turning ideas into hits. His books, which include “From Trash Man to Cash Man,” “B.O.S.S. Moves” and “The Science of Getting Rich” have inspired countless individuals to pursue their ambitions no matter where they start.

But Myron’s impact goes beyond the written word. Speaking at esteemed gatherings like Channel Hacking Live, the 10X Growth Conference, and The Millionaire Mind Intensive, he has taken his message to some of the greatest platforms in the world. Audiences dangle on his every word due to his captivating demeanor and deep insights.

The ultimate accolade, the Lifetime Achievement Award, stands as a testament to Myron’s immense contributions to the business community. Let’s not overlook that. His goal is to inspire and empower future generations through his legacy, not only to receive recognition for his achievements.

Myron Golden Wife

Let me introduce you to Chevaunne Ingrid Powell, the woman who has been Myron Golden’s partner for over three decades. Chevaunne, who has walked down the aisle twice before, has two children from her previous marriage. Myron’s first wife, Gwendolyn Inman Bethea, tragically passed away in November 1978, leaving behind their daughter, Malaika Solange.

With Chevaunne by his side, Myron shares a deep and enduring love. They are proud parents to their son, Anthony Golden. Myron isn’t shy about sharing their love story, often giving glimpses into their journey on social media. Through these moments, his profound affection and admiration for his wife and family shine brightly, showcasing the world the depth and beauty of their bond.

Myron Golden Daughter

Meet Malaika Solange, the daughter of Myron Golden from his first marriage to Gwendolyn Inman Bethea. Malaika endured the devastating loss of her mother in November 1978, yet she went on to become a strong businesswoman in her own right.

As the founder and inspiration of Malaika Solange International, she is committed to supporting women business owners and assisting them in increasing their income and growing their companies. Malaika is proudly following in her father’s footsteps, embodying his spirit of success and empowerment with her own determination and resilience.

Social Media

It’s impossible to browse social media without coming across Myron’s motivational updates. He is out of control, moving and inspiring his fans on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other virtual entertainment destinations. His arrive at via web-based entertainment is surprising, with 39K Facebook fans, 152K Instagram fans, and an astonishing 648K YouTube supporters.

However, Myron’s influence is real and goes beyond figures. People swarm his YouTube channel in search of some encouragement, taking in his insight and inspiration from each video. And as the number of views rises, so does the revenue; each dollar he makes from his channel increases his total net worth.

And let’s talk sponsored posts—Myron’s got those too. Charging $4.5K for a single shoutout on his feed, he’s leveraging his influence to build his empire one post at a time. It’s just another testament to his savvy business acumen and ability to turn influence into success.


  • Total assets: Assessed to be $25 million starting around 2024.
  • Profession: Business Development Expert, Business person, Speaker, and Top of the line Creator.
  • Eminent Books: ” From Garbage to Money: An Aide for Anybody Hoping to Become Rich From Anyplace,” “B.O.S.S. Moves,” among others.
  • Early Life: Conquered monetary difficulty and polio during adolescence.
  • Education: Holds degrees in philosophy, bookkeeping, and business organization from Howard College, and a PhD in Business Organization.
  • Month to month Pay: Assessed between $2 to $3 million.
  • Fundamental Pay Sources: Talking commitment, counseling administrations, book deals, and YouTube.
  • Online Entertainment Reach: Over 39K supporters on Facebook, 152K on Instagram, and 648K on YouTube.
  • Assessed Online Entertainment Procuring Power: Around $4.5K per supported post.
  • Key Accomplishments: Changed from destitution to riches, top of the line creator, profoundly sought-after speaker and advisor.


Myron Brilliant, a persuasive figure in the business world, has made striking progress notwithstanding confronting difficulties like neediness and polio in his initial life. Through his books, talking commitment, and counseling administrations, he has motivated incalculable people to seek after their innovative dreams. With an expected total assets of $25 million out of 2024 and a significant web-based entertainment following, Myron keeps on engaging others and offer his experiences on making monetary progress.


What is Myron Brilliant’s total assets?

Myron Brilliant’s total assets is assessed to be $25 million starting around 2024.

What are Myron Brilliant’s eminent books?

Some of Myron Brilliant’s striking books incorporate “From Rubbish to Money: An Aide for Anybody Hoping to Become Rich From Anyplace” and “B.O.S.S. Moves.”

What is Myron Brilliant’s instructive foundation?

Myron Brilliant holds degrees in religious philosophy, bookkeeping, and business organization from Howard College, and he has a PhD in Business Organization.

How does Myron Brilliant procure pay?

Myron Brilliant acquires pay through talking commitment, counseling administrations, book deals, and his YouTube channel.

What is the compass of Myron Brilliant’s online entertainment presence?

Myron Splendid has over 39K allies on Facebook, 152K on Instagram, and 648K on YouTube.

What are some of Myron Splendid’s key achievements?

Myron Splendid has changed from desperation to wealth, become a first in class maker, and set out a strong groundwork for himself as an extraordinarily sought-after speaker and master in the business world.

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