sean kaufman ethnicity
sean kaufman ethnicity

Sean Kaufman Ethnicity, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Girlfriend And More

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You know that guy Sean Kaufman? Yeah, he’s been making waves in Hollywood lately, especially with his role as Steven in that hit series on Amazon Prime Video, “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” What’s cool about him is that he brings this realness to his performances, drawing from his own life experiences.

So get this, Sean’s acting journey started back in high school, where he got bitten by the acting bug doing musicals. He really found his groove at Purchase College’s Acting Conservatory, where he fine-tuned his skills and set himself up for success in the industry.

The thing about Sean, though, is that he’s a rather private person despite all the attention. You might see him hitting the volleyball court when he’s not busy filming, completely enjoying himself. Furthermore, he has the hilarious ability to impersonate Donald Duck, which only serves to heighten his appeal and relatability.

Sean Kaufman Ethnicity

He’s American-Asian by ethnicity and holds American citizenship.


Full NameSean Kaufman
ProfessionActor, Model, Social Media Personality
Known forPlaying the role of Steven in the Prime series “The Summer I Turned Pretty
Date of BirthJune 22, 2000
Age22 years old
BirthplaceNew York, United States
HometownNew York, United States
Zodiac SignCancer
SchoolLaGuardia High School
College/ UniversityPurchase College, NY

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Early Education

Sean Kaufman, born on June 22nd, 2000, has this really cool mix of American roots, diverse ethnic background, and strong Christian beliefs. It’s like he’s this perfect blend of different cultures and values.

His journey into acting started back at LaGuardia High School, where he really started to shine and hone his talent. Subsequently, he advanced his skills at Purchase College’s Acting Conservatory, delving deeply into his craft. The fact that he has pursued his goals in the entertainment world while being loyal to himself and his convictions is rather inspirational.

Traditions and Hobbies

You know what’s really neat about Sean Kaufman? His birthday tradition is so unique. It turns out, his big breakout show tends to premiere right around his birthday, so it’s like this awesome early birthday gift every year.

Apart from Hollywood’s flash and glamour, Sean is all about finding serenity in the little things in life. He adores spending the evenings at the beach, simply taking in the peace and quiet as the waves lap against the sand.

Now, here’s a fun fact about Sean: he’s got this talent for doing a Donald Duck impression. But whether it’s a hit or miss at parties really depends on the crowd, you know? It’s all part of the fun!

And when it comes to getting into character for his roles, Sean’s got this cool ritual. He puts together a personal playlist with a mix of Taylor Swift tunes and some of his own favorite tracks. It’s his way of getting into the right mindset and bringing his characters to life on screen.

Rise to Fame

So, Sean Kaufman’s journey into the acting world started with a small gig back in 2015, playing a character called ‘Spy Jogger.’ It was a small part, but it was the beginning of something big.

From then on, he began to establish himself in the realm of television crime by making appearances in series such as “Law & Order: SVU” and “FBI: Most Wanted.” But it was his parts in ‘Manifest’ and ‘Happy Baby’ that really began to make waves.

And then, boom! ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ on Amazon Prime gave him the part of a lifetime. It was the moment of his great breakthrough, and he performed flawlessly.

But get this—Sean’s not the kind of guy who forgets where he came from. He’s always quick to credit his sister Ika for giving him insights that really helped him bring depth to his portrayal of an on-screen older brother. It’s pretty awesome to see him staying grounded and giving credit where it’s due.

Sean Kaufman Career

Sean Kaufman’s always had this burning passion to be an artist. That’s why he chose to go to LaGuardia High School instead of a regular one—it was all about diving deep into the world of art.

And get this, his journey actually started way back when he was just 12. He got this gig narrating a documentary, which, at the time, wasn’t exactly what he had in mind for his big break. But you know what? It planted this seed in him, this unstoppable desire to be part of the glitz and glam of the film and TV industry.

His first real taste of the film world came in 2015 with a short film called ‘Mature Young Adults,’ where he played Spy Jogger. It might not have been a huge role, but it was a start, and it got the ball rolling.

Then, in 2016, he landed another gig in the film ‘Happy Baby,’ playing a character named Taro. And from there, he just kept hustling, scoring roles like the Grieving Male Student in ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and Kevin in the TV series ‘Manifest’ in 2018.

It’s pretty inspiring, seeing how he’s been following his dreams and making them happen, one role at a time.

Net Worth Growth

Since landing a significant role in “The Summer I Turned Pretty” and several more roles, Sean Kaufman has been putting a lot of effort into his acting career. Reports from the insiders tell me that he’s doing really well financially; his estimated net worth is between $500k and $1 million.

Witnessing someone’s dreams begin to materialize in such a way is kind of surreal. Sean has been putting a lot of effort into his acting career since his high school years. It’s fantastic to watch him now that he’s established a solid reputation and is beginning to reap the benefits of all that effort.

Sean’s Age and Impact

Sean Kaufman was born on June 22, 2000, which makes him 23 years old.

Physical Attributes and Curiosity

Sean Kaufman stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches, and he weighs around 70 kilograms.

Sean’s Personal Life

Sean Kaufman prefers to conceal his love life as of 2022. However, he doesn’t hesitate to speak out against racial microaggressions, demonstrating that he is more than just an actor.

The fact that he and Timothy Chalamet attended LaGuardia High School together is very cool. And hear this: Sean isn’t simply interested in serious matters. He also possesses certain entertaining abilities, such as clowning, miming, and juggling. It only goes to demonstrate that he is more complex than meets the eye.

Sean Kaufman Parents

Sean Kaufman was born on June 22, 2000, in New York, New York, USA. In 2023, at the age of 23, he has already made a name for himself as a notable actor.

His journey into acting began early, and he really honed his skills during his time at LaGuardia High School. Four years there under the drama department really set him up for success. And after graduation, he continued his education at Purchase College’s acting conservatory for another four years. Talk about dedication!

His prominent roles include his regular employment in the new Amazon Prime Video series, “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” and his recurring guest star role on NBC’s “Manifest.” He has been making appearances on both big and small screens.

We don’t currently have a lot of information about Sean’s family background. But don’t you believe that sometimes it’s okay to keep things a little mysterious? But we’re still looking, so maybe we’ll find out more about his family soon.

Sean Kaufman Girlfriend

It looks like Sean Kaufman’s found love both on and off the screen! He’s in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Minnie Mills. And get this—they’re not just a couple in real life, but they also play one on the show!

In the series, Sean’s character, Steven, is head over heels for Minnie’s character, Shyla. He’s constantly trying to impress her, especially when she asks him to be her date to the debutante ball. You can just imagine all the sweet and awkward moments they must share on set. It’s like a real-life fairytale unfolding, both on and off the camera.


  • Sean Kaufman is of mixed ethnicity, specifically American-Asian.
  • He holds American citizenship.
  • Kaufman’s diverse background adds to his unique identity and perspective.
  • June 22, 2000, was his birthdate in New York, USA.
  • Kaufman found his love for performing in high school, which is when his acting career started.
  • At the Acting Conservatory at Purchase College, he honed his craft even more.


Sean Kaufman, a talented actor well recognized for his roles in several TV series and movies, was born in New York, USA, in 2000. He was an exceptional drama student in high school, which launched his performing career. His career continued at Purchase College’s Acting Conservatory. Despite his increasing fame, Kaufman remains humble and private about his personal life. He is delighted to be an American citizen with mixed Asian and American background.


What is Sean Kaufman’s ethnicity?

Sean Kaufman is of mixed ethnicity, specifically American-Asian.

Where was Sean Kaufman born?

United States—New York—saw the birth of Sean Kaufman on June 22, 2000.

What is Sean Kaufman’s nationality?

Sean Kaufman holds American citizenship.

How did Sean Kaufman start his acting career?

After falling in love with drama in high school, Kaufman developed an early interest in acting. He furthered his skill development at Purchase College’s Acting Conservatory.

Is Sean Kaufman open about his personal life?

Despite preferring to keep his personal affairs secret, Kaufman is well-known for his varied background and dedication to his work.

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