Super Bowl Advertising: Highlights, Controversies, and the Evolution of Commercials

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Do you always wait for the commercials in the Super Bowl? Because me too! I would always binge-watch the ads and there are so many people who only watch the event because of the high-profile television commercials the reported top advertisement was in millions and they are made with so much precision and perfection that you can’t bat your eye away, and look at all the extraordinary cinematic detailing and top-notch scripts to grab the audience’s attention. 

These ads are so popular possess extremely high viewership and have a reach to a great extent that celebrities get channeled by their appearance in one of these ads if they are wearing a steelers ovo hoodie it will get noticed by the audience in a large number which also makes it more prominent as well as grabbing controversies gets a hike as well. 

So, in this blog, we are going to get all the juicy gossip and details about Super Bowl Advertising its highlights, controversies, and the evolution of commercials. Let’s dive in and find out!

History of Super Bowl Commercials: How its Advertising Has Evolved

The Super Bowl has not always been this massive, everything starts from somewhere and it also has a rich history by following a path that made it what it is today and gave it the importance and grand possession it has. All the eras it has been in did cultural shifts and evolved with the changing trends of each of them. 

Here are some sights into the evolution of the Super Bowl so that you can understand better and get a point of view about this phenomenon:

The Emergence in the Early Years:

In the starting, we are talking about the 1970s and ’80s Super Bowl and that was very straightforward and they were focused on the products they are advertising in the ad. Then the advertisers came to the conclusion that they needed something more than just the products so they started focusing on the creativity area, they knew that characters and script are equally important as the product. They started making jingles which became the staple of Super Bowl ads during this era. 

The New Millennium Dawned:

In the era of the 2000s when technology started to enter the conversation and then emotional storytelling and innovation became a priority. The stories of commercials started getting stronger and wittier, they got more interactive with the audience in order to get their proper attention, and you can take the “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” contest where the creators gave the chance to the consumers to make it to the Bowl’s commercial airing.

Purpose-Driven Marketing and Social Media Combination:

The 2010s came with a bang bringing advertising a significant transformation because in this era social media started to get a boost and marketing was getting to the position it had never been. All the brands started thinking more creatively and engaging with their audience through social media platforms, they started purpose-driven marketing on their social media channels and used the Super Bowl to advertise their causes and advocate social change. The “Like a Girl” campaign can be taken as an example.

The Inclusive and Diverse 2020s:

In recent years, the Super Bowl has seen a dramatic change in its advertising scenario because it started featuring a diverse cast, and famous actors together in a frame that fans would love to see with storylines that are accurate and creative, this also is widely used to address issues in the commercials to have them reach to a broader audience and spread awareness about the brand and its motive.

Top 4 Super Bowl Ads 2024 Top Controversies and its Rundown

From Beyoncé breaking the internet in a Verizon ad which was followed by a viral music drop to Lionel Messi showing off his apparent loyalty to Michelob Ultra there was so much that was captured by the advertisement watchers, it was raining celebrities in the Super Bowl from a reunion of cast members of “Friends” to “Suits”.

It was a blessing for eyes to see all of them together and many others gathered at the same spot when there are so many celebrities controversies will follow and the top ones are as follows:

  1. The Most Controversial Christian Super Bowl Ad:

Since America was in its election year the advertisement for the presidential campaign of Robert F Kennedy Jr was aired which was related to Jesus which took $7 million to air and was one of the top most expensive advertisements that evening. 

  1. Taylor Swift Super Bowl controversy:

What a moment it was when the Kansas City Chiefs sealed the 3rd win in 5 years, but it sparked a huge controversy because Taylor Swift has been affiliated with this scenario because her boyfriend is Travis Kelce who plays for the team and she was there to support him and celebrated their win with celebrities Ashley Avignone, Ice Spice and Blake Lively.

The NFL fans sparked a controversy that the game was rigged and these rumors are being spread all over social media platforms. 

  1. NYX Cosmetics Controversial Ad:

NYX played a move where they put their advertisement with a QR code to access the main ad and they also spread their message of women being shown in a certain light which is not okay and needed to change as they claimed men use their lip gloss as well that sparked a huge controversy. 

  1. Justin Timberlake’s Wardrobe Malfunction:

All eyes were on Justin and Janet Jackson during the performance which was followed by a wardrobe malfunction that made the headlines but it wasn’t that much of a big deal yet it was somewhat a controversial scenario.

Wrapping it up

The Super Bowl has always been celebrated like an occasion and all the celebrities take part in it either through advertisements or their presence being there and enjoy being captured on the camera so their fans know how influential they are. 

If taylor swift red varsity jacket is worn the fans will get the impression and follow her, the Super Bowl makes celebrities the center of attention and they get noticed by all their moves which sparks controversies and strong statements as well. 

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