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Taliesin Jaffe Height, Weight, Age, Biography, Bisexuality, And Net Worth

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For his remarkable abilities as a voice actor, voice director, and writer, Taliesin Jaffe is well known. He is an American entertainer with over forty years of experience. Taliesin Jaffe Height is 5 Feet And 7 Inches

Jaffe has contributed significantly to the realm of anime movies and video games by providing his voice for a variety of characters. He has acted in many roles.

Jaffe’s upbringing was interestingly intimately connected to the entertainment industry because so many of his family worked in it. His early interest in pursuing a career in the profession was definitely impacted by this milieu.

Jaffe started acting as a child. He finally realized, though, that voice acting and directing was his actual calling. This epiphany opened the door to a fruitful and long-lasting profession, which he is still thriving in today.

Some Quick Info About Taliesin Jaffe

NameTaliesin Jaffe
NicknameTalis Axelrod, Taliesin
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
BirthdayJanuary 19, 1977
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Parents Nina Axelrod (mother), Robert Jaffe (father)
Age46 years old
Siblings Two brothers and one sister
Education University of Southern California (theater arts)
Occupation Voice actor, voice director, screenwriter, actor
Notable worksR.O.D the TV, Hellsing, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Mass Effect series, Dragon Age series, Fallout series, Critical Role
Awards Two Young Artist Awards, Behind the Voice Actors Award for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game
Taliesin Jaffe Height5 feet and 7 inches
Sexuality Bisexual

Origin Story

On January 19, 1977, in Los Angeles, California, Taliesin Jaffe was born. His family was prominent in the entertainment sector. Taliesin Jaffe Height is 5 By 7

His parents are actress Nina Axelrod and film producer/screenwriter Robert Jaffe. Additionally, Jaffe has two brothers and one sister. His maternal grandpa is screenwriter and director George Axelrod, and his paternal grandfather is independent cinema producer Herb Jaffe.

Being surrounded by family members working in entertainment, Jaffe was exposed to the limelight from a young age. It seemed natural for him to pursue a career in the industry considering his upbringing. As a child actor in 1983, he gained early experience and had the opportunity to meet and spend time with famous individuals like Elizabeth Taylor and Gregory Peck.

Jaffe loved Japanese anime in his teens. He embraced a goth persona while in high school and made friends who shared similar interests. This fascination with anime and his alternative style continued into his adult life, significantly influencing his future career.

While Jaffe has a preference for not acting on screen, he has made appearances as minor characters in various television shows and movies in recent years, such as House MD and House of Demons.

Taliesin Jaffe was born into a family deeply involved in the entertainment industry. He began his journey as a child actor and developed a passion for Japanese anime and a goth aesthetic. He occasionally appears in TV and cinema productions.


Live and voice acting
Taliesin Jaffe started acting as a child. He appeared in movies including “Mr. Mom” and “2010: The Year We Make Contact,” as well as TV shows like “The Facts of Life” and “Amazing Stories.” He played Kenny Granger on “She’s the Sheriff,” starring Suzanne Somers, from 1987 until 1989. In 2018, Jaffe said he was given the role of Brian Tanner on “ALF,” but his parents declined.

However, Jaffe eventually realized that he didn’t enjoy being a child actor. After a disappointing audition, his father gave him the choice to either put more effort into pursuing acting or quit altogether. Jaffe, who hadn’t considered quitting before, immediately decided to quit. He took a break from the industry for a few years and later returned as a voice actor for dubbing anime in 2000. In recent years, he has taken on only two small on-screen roles in “House MD” and “House of Demons.”

Critical Role Productions
One of Jaffe’s notable contributions is his involvement in the web series called Critical Role. In Campaign One of the series, he portrayed the character Percy, and in Campaign Two, he played the roles of Mollymawk Tealeaf, Caduceus Clay, and Kingsley Tealeaf. He also portrayed Ashton Greymoore in Campaign Three.

Critical Role gained significant recognition and won awards such as the Webby Winner and the People’s Voice Winner at the 2019 Webby Awards. Critical Role left Geek & Sundry in 2019 to become Critical Role Productions. They started a Kickstarter effort to develop an animated series based on their first campaign, seeking $750,000. The campaign raised $11 million, exceeding expectations. Amazon Prime Video acquired the streaming rights to the animated series titled “The Legend of Vox Machina,” in which Jaffe reprised his role as Percy.

In May 2023, Jaffe, along with Chris Lockey, announced the upcoming campaign setting called Candela Obscura for the tabletop role-playing game system Illuminated Worlds, under the Darrington Press imprint. A Quickstart Guide for Candela Obscura was released on May 25, and the full Candela Obscura Core Rulebook is scheduled to be released later in 2023. Additionally, Critical Role Productions launched a new horror-themed actual play web series titled “Candela Obscura,” accompanied by the release of the Quickstart Guide. In the series, Jaffe serves as the show’s Lightkeeper, providing the characters with their missions in each episode.

Education DetailsTaliesin Jaffe

Jaffe studied abroad in a boarding school during his freshman year of high school. He finished his schooling at Santa Monica’s Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences.

It was during his time at school that Jaffe discovered his passion for voice dubbing. He perfected his anime voice-acting skills. Jaffe found other voice-dubbing fans and started a group.

Fortunately, Jaffe had the support of some relatives who generously provided production equipment for their dubbing endeavors. With access to the necessary resources, Jaffe and his friends embarked on their journey of dubbing anime. Their devotion and talent helped Jaffe succeed in voice acting.

Taliesin Jaffe Height And Weight

Taliesin Jaffe Height

Taliesin Jaffe has a modest height, standing at 5 feet and 7 inches (1.60 meters). He maintains a weight of approximately 65 kg (143 lbs). In terms of his appearance, Jaffe possesses an appealing look with his black hair and captivating hazel eyes. We will provide the latest information on his body dimensions, shoe size, and dress size as soon as we can.

Taliesin Jaffe Net Worth

Taliesin Jaffe has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million, which encompasses his earnings from various sources. His primary source of income comes from his extensive career as a voice actor spanning over 20 years. Jaffe’s voice is in anime, video games, and cartoons. R.O.D. the TV, Hellsing, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex are his works. He voiced characters in Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Fallout.

Beyond his voice-acting endeavors, Jaffe is a co-founder of Critical Role, a renowned production company. Critical Role is widely known for its live-streamed Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, featuring Jaffe and other talented voice actors as players. The show has gained immense popularity and has significantly contributed to Jaffe’s fame and financial success.

Moreover, Jaffe has ventured into various other business endeavors. He co-founded Critical Role Apparel, a brand-affiliated clothing firm. He is also a Critical Role Brewing partner.

Given Jaffe’s voice acting talent, his profitable enterprises, and Critical Role’s popularity, his net worth is certain to grow.

Taliesin Jaffe’s Personal Life

Taliesin Jaffe values his privacy and prefers to keep his personal life relatively undisclosed. Bisexual, he was in a relationship with a woman. Jaffe considers his Critical Role co-stars to be like a family in terms of friendships.

Jaffe is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness. In an effort to raise awareness and reduce the stigma connected with these disorders, he has publicly recounted his own problems with depression and anxiety. He also actively supports the LGBTQ+ community and speaks out against the prejudice that marginalized people must endure.

Jaffe is a very talented and adaptable voice actor. He is well-known for his industry work and has helped Critical Role succeed. The generosity and compassion he is renowned for make him a vital part of the voice acting community and a benefit to the Critical Role team in addition to his professional successes.

Here are some other things to know about Taliesin Jaffe’s personal life:

  • He is a fan of the band Tool.
  • Dungeons & Dragons is his passion.
  • He is a vegan.
  • He is a practicing Buddhist.

Taliesin Jaffe Family, Brother, and Parents

Taliesin Jaffe comes from a family with a strong connection to the entertainment industry. Robert Jaffe, an actor and producer, and Nina Axelrod, an American actress and casting director, are his parents. Nina Axelrod has appeared in various films, including Critters 3, Roller Boogie, and Motel Hell.

On his mother’s side, Taliesin’s grandfather is George Axelrod, a notable screenwriter and producer. George Axelrod contributed to “The Manchurian Candidate” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” His masterpieces “Blackmailer,” “Beggar’s Choice,” and “Where Am I Now When I Need Me?” come to mind. In addition, George Axelrod wrote, “How to Murder Your Wife.”

People often wonder if Taliesin Jaffe has children of his own. He has no children yet.

Alex Jaffe is the brother of Taliesin Jaffe

Taliesin Jaffe has an older brother named Alex Jaffe. Riot Games employs Alex as a game designer. Prior to his role at Riot Games, he worked at other notable game studios such as Spryfox, Kongregate, and SuperBot.

Alex Jaffe is married to a wonderful woman named Nodira, who holds the position of CEO at Focused Space, a company whose focus revolves around a specific area or industry.

Taliesin also has another brother and a sister, whose names have not been publicly disclosed.

Facts About Taliesin Jaffe

  • Taliesin Jaffe was born in bustling Los Angeles on January 19, 1977.
  • His parents, Nina Axelrod, an actress, and Robert Jaffe, a filmmaker, gave him a strong entertainment background. Taliesin has two brothers and a sister.
  • Taliesin studied theatre at USC after graduating. He started performing during this time.
  • “Mr. Mom” (1983) and “Explorers” (1985) marked Taliesin’s acting début. Between 1985 and 1989, he appeared frequently in “The Facts of Life,” demonstrating his acting skills.
  • Taliesin began voice acting in the 2000s. “R.O.D. the TV,” “Hellsing,” and “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” earned him international renown.
  • Taliesin voices characters in “Mass Effect,” “Dragon Age,” and “Fallout.” His voice-acting versatility has left a lasting impression on numerous mediums.
  • Taliesin Jaffe founded Critical Role, a film studio. For its innovative work, this studio has garnered enormous fame.
  • Taliesin is a bisexual LGBTQ+ rights activist. He promotes mental health awareness and understanding.
  • Taliesin also makes ethical vegan choices. He finds peace and guidance in Buddhism.
  • Taliesin Jaffe is an actress, voice actor, and activist who lives a compassionate and truthful life.

Taliesin Jaffe Awards And Achievements

Taliesin Jaffe has won several awards for his work, including:

  • Two Young Artist Awards for his roles in Child’s Cry (1980) and The Facts of Life (1985).
  • Behind the Voice Actors Award for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game for his Mass Effect performance.
  • Streamy Award for Best Ensemble Cast for his work on Critical Role.
  • Webby Award for Best Actor – Web Series for his work on Critical Role.

Jaffe has also been nominated for several other awards, including:

  • Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production for his role in Hellsing Ultimate: Abridged.
  • Garrus Vakarian in Mass Effect won the BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Video Game.
  • BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Male Supporting Vocal Performance in a Video Game for his role as Anders in Dragon Age II.
  • Jaffe is a talented and versatile voice actor who has brought many memorable characters to life. He is a valuable asset to the voice acting industry and to the Critical Role team.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here Are Some (FAQs) Taliesin Jaffe:

What is Taliesin Jaffe known for?
Voice actor, director, and writer Taliesin Jaffe is renowned. He voices many characters in anime and video games. He is known for his parts in Critical Role, a web series.

How old is Taliesin Jaffe?
Taliesin Jaffe was born on January 19, 1977, which makes him 46 years old (as of 2023).

What are some notable works of Taliesin Jaffe?
R.O.D the TV, Hellsing, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Fallout are Taliesin Jaffe’s significant works. These roles earned him prizes and nominations.

What is Taliesin Jaffe’s height?
Taliesin Jaffe’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches (1.60 meters).

What is Taliesin Jaffe’s sexual orientation?
Taliesin Jaffe identifies as bisexual.

What is Taliesin Jaffe’s net worth?
Taliesin Jaffe is valued at roughly $1.5 million. His primary source of income comes from his extensive career as a voice actor and his involvement in Critical Role Productions.

Is Taliesin Jaffe married or does he have children?
Taliesin Jaffe’s personal life is relatively undisclosed. His marital status and children are unknown.

What are some other facts about Taliesin Jaffe?
Some additional facts about Taliesin Jaffe include his passion for the band Tool, his love for Dungeons & Dragons, his vegan lifestyle, and his practice of Buddhism. He supports LGBTQ+ and mental health awareness.

Final Words

Taliesin Jaffe is a gifted voice actor, director, and writer. He has created substantial contributions to anime movies, video games, and online series in his forty-year career. Jaffe’s early exposure to the spotlight and upbringing in an entertainment household shaped his profession. Jaffe’s career from kid actor to voice actor and director was profitable and long-lasting. Jaffe is most known for his roles in Critical Role Productions’ web series. His financial success and net worth are due to Critical Role and other initiatives. Jaffe is also an advocate. He uses his position to promote understanding and mental health awareness. Taliesin Jaffe’s talents as a voice actor, voice director, and writer have made him an entertainment business star. His ability, dedication, and passion have brought many characters to life and benefited the community. Taliesin Jaffe’s legacy in voice acting and beyond continues.

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