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This is Why Fashion Jewellery Is A Great Purchase 

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Many women frown upon owning a fashion women’s jewellery collection due to the fact that they think fine jewellery is a better decision. But did you know that many fashion experts, celebrities and socialites enjoy wearing fashion jewellery as they know that there is a lot of innate value in owning it? 

Let’s explore the reasons to invest in fashion jewellery below.

1. Name Brand Options Go Up in Value

Most of the fashion jewellery you see in the fashion world is made by luxury brands. When you purchase from these brands you get a lot more value than just buying run of the mill fashion jewellery. This is because they have the time to design, craft and create unique fashion jewellery that speaks to the brand’s essence. The jewellery then goes up in value as time goes on, as luxury items are made to have appreciating value. 

2. It Looks Similar to Fine Jewellery

Many people when we mention fashion jewellery think of costume jewellery, that looks obviously fake and has a sheen to it that looks almost plastic. But this is not what fashion jewellery is, fashion jewellery is all about ditching the minimalist, clean lines of fine jewellery and giving you more interesting looks. When you buy from a luxury brand you also get the added benefit of a brand logo, which can really be a great style option as well.

3. Better Pricing Overall

The main advantage to fashion jewellery is that it’s cheaper. Even if you buy luxury, you’re paying a fraction of the cost you would be for the real deal. This means you can create a collection for yourself and there is enough variety for you to be able to put together interesting looks for much less. With the right collection of fashion jewellery, you’ll bever have to wonder what jewellery goes with what outfit. 

4. It’s Very Wearable

Fashion jewellery made by luxury brands these days often just looks like regular jewellery. There’s not a lot of distinction between fine jewellery and fashion jewellery with lines becoming even more blurred. This means just one luxury piece of fine jewellery will last you a long time and go with a lot of outfits and people won’t be able to tell the difference. 

5. Easier To Repair

If there’s ever any damage to your fashion jewellery, it’s not as hard to repair as fine jewellery, due to the materials used. This means you don’t have to be as precious with your pieces, you can wear them and enjoy yourself and know if something breaks, it can be easily put back together again. 

Choose The Best Luxury Brand

When you’re looking around for a brand to buy your fine jewellery from, we have to recommend Louis Vuitton. With their strong design ethos and commitment to quality, you get a look that is unique, without breaking the bank. If something does happen to break, you can use their care services.

Check out Louis Vuitton and their care services here:

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