tom green net worth
tom green net worth

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What is Tom Green’s Net Worth and Salary?

A multi-talented Canadian in the entertainment industry, Tom Green has experimented with almost everything. He’s done it everything, from dropping some rhymes to sending us into fits of laughter. Do you recall his outrageous antics from the old “The Tom Green Show”? That was only the start. His “The New Tom Green Show” relaunch continued to make people chuckle long after the show concluded.

However, Tom has achieved success in the big screen as well as on television. His humorous abilities were on display in a number of movies, such as “Charlie’s Angels,” “Road Trip,” and “Freddy Got Fingered.”

Given his achievements, one would assume he would be rolling in wealth at this point. However, Tom has a healthy $5 million in net worth—not bad, but certainly not Scrooge McDuck-level extravagant. Nevertheless, money isn’t the main concern for Tom. It’s all about the happiness that comes from making others laugh, and he’s a real gem in that regard.

Who is Tom Green?

Actor and comedian Tom Green rose to fame as the host of “The Tom Green Show” on MTV from 1994 and 2000. His distinctive dark humor and ridiculous actions helped to establish television shows like “Jackass” in the future.

When actor Drew Barrymore and Tom got married in 2001, the couple’s personal life came to the fore. They regrettably split up in 2002 because their marriage didn’t endure long. Remarkably, their romance took a Hollywood turn when Drew attempted to get Tom to join her in the film “Charlie’s Angels,” in which she costarred with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. But at first, Tom declined the invitation.

Even after their breakup, Tom and Drew remained amicable, demonstrating that affection and respect can still exist in a relationship even when things don’t work out.

Tom is originally from Pembroke, Ontario. In 2019, he took a big step toward his identity by obtaining US citizenship. He currently happily possesses dual citizenship with Canada, enjoying his heritage while pursuing new opportunities.

Tom Green Early Life

Born July 30, 1971, in Pembroke, Canada, Tom Green is a well-known personality in the comedy world. His peculiar roles in movies like “Freddy Got Fingered” and “Road Trip” might have introduced him to you. However, he was making people laugh as a guest presenter on “The Late Show with David Letterman” before he was a movie star. This greatly increased his popularity and finally led to his getting his own program on MTV.

Remember “Road Trip”? Yeah, he was in that, alongside Breckin Meyer. Their antics on screen were hilarious, adding to Tom’s growing reputation as a comedic talent. However, he began his career in humor when he was just a teenager. He began practicing stand-up at Canadian comedy clubs at the tender age of fifteen. And he didn’t stop there; in the end, he brought his act to New York City, where he joined a rap comedy ensemble and established himself.

Now, Tom Green is included in the list of the greatest actors in movies if you look at Popular Bio. He was born on July 30, 1971, and in addition to his talent, he is among the wealthiest Canadian stars of film. It is understandable why he has become such a household figure in the entertainment world with his distinct sense of humor and unquestionable talent. He is still telling jokes and making people laugh at the age of 48, demonstrating that age is nothing more than a number.

Tom Green Wiki

Celebrated NameTom Green
Age50 Years
Nick NameMC Bones, MC Face
Birth NameMichael Thomas Green
Birth Date1971-07-30
EducationDegree in Television Broadcasting
AwardsGolden Raspberry Awards, Stinkers Bad Movie Awards

Tom Green: Height

Tom Green stands tall at 6 feet 3 inches, with a physique that’s pretty average, tipping the scales at 192 pounds. But it’s not just about the numbers—his blue eyes and dark brown hair really add to his unique look, giving him a distinct appearance that’s hard to miss.

Tom Green Personal Life

Actress Drew Barrymore and Tom Green made a significant leap in their romance in July 2000 when they became engaged. When Drew contacted Tom to invite him to be a part of the cast of “Charlie’s Angels,” a film she was producing and starring in, their love story started. Their romantic relationship began as a result of a chance encounter.

When Tom and Drew exchanged vows and started their journey as husband and wife in July 2001, the wedding bells rung. Their married bliss was short-lived, though, as they had to make the agonizing decision to file for divorce in December of that same year. Their marriage failed to last despite their greatest attempts, and in October 2002 they officially divorced.

Sometimes, love doesn’t follow the script we imagine, and despite their initial hopes for a lifelong partnership, Tom and Drew had to navigate the challenges of separation. Yet, they both moved forward with grace, focusing on their individual paths in life.

Career Beginnings

Tom Green dared to do stand-up routines at neighborhood comedy clubs when he was barely 15 years old. Yuk Yuk’s comedy club was one of his favorite venues, where he perfected his act and kept the audience laughing night after night. He persevered for 2.5 years, securing performances and honing his act.

But then, a twist of fate came his way. Instead of sticking to his usual routine, Tom decided to join his rap group, Organized Rhyme, on a trip to New York City. He went by the stage name “MC Bones” and, alongside his crew, experienced a taste of success in the early ’90s. Their single “Check The O.R.” even snagged a Juno Award nomination in 1993 and won the MuchVibe Best Rap Video Award in 1992.

Even during his college days at Algonquin College, Tom couldn’t resist the allure of the spotlight. He and his buddy Glenn Humplik teamed up to host “The Midnight Caller Show” on the University of Ottawa campus station, OHUO. Their underground show became a hit around Ottawa, showcasing Tom’s knack for entertaining and connecting with audiences.

Tom Green Career

Tom Green achieved a major professional milestone in 1994 when he debuted his own program, “The Tom Green Show.” The worst part is that it wasn’t a high-end production. Nope, it aired on public-access television, specifically Rogers Television 22 in the Ottawa region. Despite the humble beginnings, Tom poured his heart and humor into the show, which ran for 50 episodes over two seasons until 1996.

Now, picture this: each episode was a full hour long, commercial-free. Talk about dedication! The format was like a variety show, with Tom hosting guests, inviting bands to play, and throwing in some pre-taped segments for good measure. And let’s not forget the iconic pranks—often involving Tom’s own parents, Richard and Mary Jane.

Then, by a fortunate turn of events, the show’s pilot on CBC in October 1996 became an immediate hit. This resulted in an agreement with The Comedy Network in Canada, where it aired for 26 episodes over two seasons. However, Tom’s major break came when “The Tom Green Show” was picked up by MTV in January 1999. All of a sudden, people in the US and other countries were enjoying Tom’s distinct style of shock humor.

But Tom’s journey wasn’t all laughs. In March 2000, he faced a personal battle with testicular cancer. This led to a hiatus for “The Tom Green Show,” but Tom didn’t let it stop him. Instead, he used the opportunity to raise awareness through projects like “The Tom Green Cancer Special,” which documented his surgery journey and earned widespread acclaim for its raw honesty.

Tom threw himself back into his career after overcoming cancer. Hollywood productions including “Road Trip,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “Freddy Got Fingered,” which he also wrote and directed, all gave him roles. “Freddy Got Fingered” won five Golden Raspberry Awards, while not precisely being a critical favorite.

Sadly, “The New Tom Green Show,” which MTV gave Tom another chance with in 2003, didn’t survive long because of poor ratings. However, Tom didn’t let failures stop him. His love of comedy never stopped, as seen by his stand-up routines, rap music experiments, reality TV appearances, and even the creation of his own podcast, “Tom Green Radio.”

Hollywood Ventures and Personal Struggles

Tom Green acquired huge jobs in films including “Excursion” (2000), “Charlie’s Heavenly messengers” (2000), and “Freddy Got Fingered” (2001), which he additionally coordinated, while his star in Hollywood soar.

However, in 2000, he was dealt a cruel blow when he learned that he had testicular cancer. Although it was a difficult pill to swallow, Tom bravely tackled it head-on. He didn’t allow it get to him; instead, he used it to his advantage by spreading knowledge about cancer.

In a very intimate move, Tom opened up about his experience in an MTV special titled “The Tom Green Cancer Special.” It unfiltered, poignant, and deeply touching, revealing a side of Tom to his admirers they had never seen before. His fortitude and will to beat the illness motivated innumerable individuals throughout it all.

Real Estate

When Tom Green spent $1.475 million on a home in Studio City, California, in 2003, it was a significant acquisition.  He must have had some wonderful recollections there throughout the years. But come March 2021, Tom felt it was time for a change. In an attempt to fetch $2.3 million for his house, he made the decision to list it for sale. Letting leave of a place that has been a part of his life for so long is a difficult step, but sometimes new beginnings call for new adventures.

Who is Tom Green Dating?

Tom Green cherishes his privacy, particularly when it comes to personal affairs. His prior relationships and romantic pursuits are all kept hidden as part of his private life. Therefore, you could be out of luck if you’re expecting for some rumors regarding his past relationships or ex-girlfriends. Who can blame Tom for preferring to keep those details to himself? Relationships are intimate affairs, and everyone has a right to privacy. Even if we might be interested in learning more about Tom’s romantic history, let’s respect his personal space and recognize Tom for the gifted performer that he is.


Canadian comedian and actor Tom Green is a multi-talented person who gained notoriety for his outlandish and unusual comedy on “The Tom Green Show.” With parts in movies like “Charlie’s Angels,” “Road Trip,” and “Freddy Got Fingered,” which he also wrote and directed, his career branched out into Hollywood.

Even with his success, Tom still prioritizes making people laugh over acquiring enormous fortune. His unique humorous style and desire to experiment with boundaries, both on and off screen, have made him well-known.


1. What is Tom Green’s net worth?

Tom Green’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

2. What are some of Tom Green’s notable works?

Tom Green is known for “The Tom Green Show,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Road Trip,” and “Freddy Got Fingered.”

3. Did Tom Green battle cancer?

Yes, Tom Green faced testicular cancer in 2000. He documented his journey in an MTV special titled “The Tom Green Cancer Special.”

4. Is Tom Green married?

Tom Green was previously married to actress Drew Barrymore from 2001 to 2002.

5. Where is Tom Green from?

Tom Green was born in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.

6. What is Tom Green’s height?

Tom Green stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall.

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