toussaint l. jones
toussaint l. jones

Toussaint L. Jones Bio, Wiki, Education, Age, Height, Relationship, Career, Net Worth And More

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Who is Toussaint L. Jones?

Known by some as Toussaint L. Jones, or Toussaint Louverture Jones Jr. His most famous role was that of S. Epatha Merkerson’s erstwhile spouse, a phenomenal actress. Alright, Merkerson? She is a powerful force in the entertainment world thanks to her remarkable performances on stage and television, which have garnered her multiple awards. Golden Globes and Emmys are among the many awards she possesses.

Now, onto Toussaint L. Jones himself. While he might not have the same spotlight as his ex, his life is still worth exploring. We’ll dive into his background, career, family, and of course, his connection to the talented S. Epatha Merkerson. So, stick around as we uncover the story behind Toussaint L. Jones and his journey alongside a Hollywood star.

Toussaint L. Jones Biography

Toussaint L. Jones. The guy’s a bit of an enigma; we don’t have his exact birthdate, but we know he’s a proud American with roots in the African-American community. Think about him as this cool dude with a great smile, rocking those dark locks and intense black eyes.

Regarding his age, well, that remains somewhat of a mystery. Though he’s keeping that information private, you can know he’s looking forward to another year of sunshine every year.

Let’s just say that there are some unclear details regarding his early years. However, it’s safe to suppose that, like the rest of us, he had a very typical upbringing filled with both highs and lows.

Toussaint L. Jones Wiki

Full NameToussaint L Jones
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Current ResidenceUnited States of America
Sexual OrientationStraight
Height5 feet 7 inches
Relationship StatusDivorced, Single
Ex-wifeS. Epatha Merkerson

Toussaint L. Jones Education 

Toussaint L. Jones’ education journey. After crushing it in elementary school and snagging that high school diploma, he took the next big leap. He packed his bags and headed off to a public university in the good ol’ USA to chase that bachelor’s degree dream.

Imagine him, hitting the books, maybe pulling a few all-nighters, but ultimately coming out on top with that shiny degree in hand. It’s the classic American education story, and Toussaint L. Jones is living it.

Toussaint L. Jones Age

Since Toussaint L. Jones’s exact birthdate is undisclosed, his age cannot be determined accurately. However, based on the information provided, we can infer that his age is not publicly available.

Toussaint L. Jones Height, Weight 

The physique of Toussaint L. Jones. Imagine him standing tall at five feet seven inches, weighing sixty-six kilograms the last time he stepped on a scale. He certainly has it going on when it comes to his body now. You can tell he puts a lot of effort into keeping himself fit and healthy; to keep his body in top shape, he probably works out at the gym and eats a balanced diet.

Toussaint L. Jones Marriage, Divorce, Wife, Kids

Toussaint L. Jones and S. Epatha Merkerson’s love story. These two first met when Merkerson was working with a children’s theater company in Albany, New York. You can imagine the magic that sparked between them as they got to know each other.

They had been dating for what seemed like forever when, in March 1994, they made the decision to finally get married in a small, lovely ceremony. Just their closest friends and family were present to witness their love, thus it was one of those private affairs.

After a happy and successful twelve years together, they eventually parted ways, as is often the case in life. When they split formally on Valentine’s Day in 2006, it was a bitter pill to chew. It’s still unclear whether they are parents to any children together.

Toussaint L. Jones Personal life

The main source of information on Toussaint L. Jones’s personal life is his previous marriage to the actress S. Epatha Merkerson. Prior to their 2006 divorce, they were wed for a total of twelve years. Beyond his marital status, though, nothing is known about Toussaint’s personal life, including his interests, pastimes, and activities, from the information that is now accessible. Thus, nothing is known about his personal life outside of his relationship with S. Epatha Merkerson.

Toussaint L. Jones Career

Toussaint L. Jones, his career journey is a bit of a mystery. There aren’t any records of his past jobs or what he’s currently up to. It’s like he’s keeping that part of his life on the down-low.

Presently, how about we shift the spotlight to his previous spouse, S. Epatha Merkerson. She’s a genuine power in the diversion world. In the wake of wrapping up at Cooley Secondary School and procuring her four year certification in expressive arts from Wayne State College, she dove straight into acting. 

You’ve likely gotten her in a lot of motion pictures and Network programs, yet it was her job as Anita Van Buren on NBC’s Regulation and Request that truly shot her into fame. She’s the sort of ability that makes an imprint, and her noteworthy profession says a lot about her expertise and commitment.

Toussaint L. Jones Net Worth

Regarding Toussaint, we don’t know much about his net worth because his professional trajectory is still a mystery. Let’s speak about Epatha, his ex-wife, though. Thanks to her incredible career spanning more than three decades in the entertainment industry, she currently has a cool $11 million. You have to give her credit; her bank account demonstrates how well-known she has become.


Toussaint L. Jones remains a somewhat enigmatic figure, known primarily for his connection to the renowned actress S. Epatha Merkerson, with whom he was once married. Born in the United States with roots in the African-American community, Toussaint’s exact birthdate and early life details are not widely known. He pursued education at a public university, attaining a bachelor’s degree. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing approximately 66 kilograms, he maintains a fit and healthy physique.

His marriage to S. Epatha Merkerson lasted for twelve years before their divorce in 2006, although they have no children together. Toussaint’s career journey remains largely undisclosed, in contrast to the prolific and celebrated career of his ex-wife. S. Epatha Merkerson, known for her standout roles in both film and television, has garnered numerous awards and accumulated a net worth of $11 million.


Who is Toussaint L. Jones?

Toussaint L. Jones is an American individual with connections to the entertainment industry, primarily known for his past marriage to actress S. Epatha Merkerson.

What is Toussaint L. Jones’s background?

Toussaint L. Jones was born in the United States with roots in the African-American community. Particulars regarding his childhood and early years are still unknown.

What is known about Toussaint L. Jones’s personal life?

Toussaint L. Jones was previously married to S. Epatha Merkerson for twelve years before their divorce in 2006. Together, they do not have any children.

What is Toussaint L. Jones’s career?

Details about Toussaint L. Jones’s career are scarce, with little information available about his professional endeavors.

What is Toussaint L. Jones’s estimated net worth? 

Toussaint L. Jones’s net worth is not publicly known, as his professional trajectory remains largely undisclosed. However, his ex-wife, S. Epatha Merkerson, has a net worth of $11 million, attributed to her successful career in entertainment spanning several decades.

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