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Trending Exterior Paint Colours for 2024: What’s Hot and What’s Not

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Picking the perfect exterior paint colour for your home in 2024 can dramatically elevate your curb appeal and give you a standout among the neighborhood. 

This year, it’s all about finding the balance between calm neutrals and bold accent colors, so you have plenty of options to update your home’s facade.

As you read on, we’ll provide insights on the colours that will define the look of the upcoming year, along with tips on how to incorporate the hues and examples of each option in 2024.

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Why Exterior Paint Colours Matter

According to professional exterior painters from Sydney, picking the right exterior paint colour is key for maintaining and enhancing the look of your home, as well as for influencing the perceived value and energy efficiency of your property.

The Impact of Paint Colours on Home Valuation

When it comes to selling your home, a well-picked exterior paint job can significantly increase its value. Colour combinations that suit the architecture and natural surroundings make a lasting first impression. 

How Exterior Colours Reflect Personal Style and Trends

Your home’s exterior says a lot about your sense of style and how trendy you are. By using the newest colour trends, you can keep your property appealing to present day and future aesthetic tastes.

2024’s Exterior Colour Trends

This year, paint and colour trends will be a shift to environmentally friendly paints and colours that are heavily influenced by nature. This reflects the ever growing desire for eco-living.

Embracing Neutrals

The return of the neutral colours signifies simplicity and elegance. Here’s what we love about versatile beiges, rich greys, and other soothing shades:

  • Ability to turn any room into a posh, glamorous space
  • Creates a pop of contrast with rich, sumptuous colour
  • Tranquil, peaceful outdoor spaces

The Earthy Touch

Earthy hues are in demand in exteriors for a number of reasons. The colours that can be found in nature are appreciated for their:

  • Compatibility with natural landscapes that allows the home to become part of its environment
  • Ability to evoke peace that makes the home feel calm
  • Natural warmth, which adds depth to the architectural aesthetics

Bold and Beautiful Accents

Accent colours are the way a homeowner like you can stamp a personal sense of style and flair onto the exterior of your home. The vivid shades allow you to:

  • Highlight character to architectural features
  • Provide a contrast for neutral bases
  • Allows flexibility for you to change with the trends

Top Exterior Paint Colours for 2024

Versatility and timeless appeal might be the biggest draws of the leading trio: charcoal grey, soft whites, and earthy greens.

Elegant Charcoal

For those who seek sophistication, charcoal is making waves as a top choice. This deep, rich hue is best to brighten accents and muted tones. Supporting the contemporary edge of traditional homes, it’s refreshing and fun.

Refreshing Neutral Shades

Soft, light neutrals bring a sense of lightness and purity. These colours retain a timeless elegance that will also stand the test of time and be on trend tomorrow.

Vibrant Accent Colours

Bold accent colours remain a top trend, with homeowners like you choosing to make a personal statement with spaces. These accents breathe life into exteriors and enhance key architectural features.

Colour Schemes to Avoid in 2024

Exploring new trends can be fun and inspirational, but it is equally important to stay on top of the trends that are on their way out.

Overly bright, neon colours and some pastels are not on the list due to their lack of ability to play well with other things. 

Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Paint Colour

From its durability to how it warps against mould, here are a few considerations to figure out the perfect exterior paint hue for your house.

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style

Every architectural style will have a colour scheme that works well with the design elements and historical setting.

Use colour to play up details and distinctive styles by using lighter shades to highlight distinct parts and darker shades to cover up imperfections.

Understand the Influence of Lighting

Differences in lighting conditions can dramatically change how paint colours look. Natural sunlight can affect any colour.

Bright lights will make darker hues seem more vibrant, while lighter hues can look washed out. Artificial lighting can affect how colours appear at night. Pay attention to how colours will change in appearance throughout the day.

Assess the Landscape and Surroundings

The colours you choose should work well with the natural landscape of your home. Additionally, consider your neighbourhood’s colour palette so that your home works seamlessly within its environment, while still expressing your personal style.

Experiment with Swatches and Samples

Testing colours directly on your home’s exterior is essential. Paint large swatches in various areas to see how the colour looks throughout the day and in changing weather conditions.

The Role of Professional Exterior Painters

For a task as important as painting your home’s exterior, professional painters can be a real asset. 

Colour Consultation and Design

Individual colour and design advice from professional exterior painters is the key to not wasting time and money. Seek experts that can envision your house in various colours before you make a final selection.

Technical Expertise and Preparation

The preparation is often even more important than the start of painting. Professional exterior painters use advanced application techniques that lead to complete coverage that’s free of drips and without an uneven texture.

Quality and Durability

Quality paints chosen by professionals will be used to make sure that the paints are in accordance with your specific needs and preferences. 

Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect exterior paint colors is about individual taste, architectural style, and the surrounding environment. The trends of 2024 let homeowners like you express your personal style, whether it’s through the neutrals, earthy tones, or vibrant accents.

Choosing just the right one ensures your home seems and feels like an authentic reflection of your style.

The perfect execution of this can be done with the expertise of professional exterior painters. SAK Painting & Plastering is the master in this. Our attention-to-detail, reliability and commitment to unmatched work shows in every home, office, or facility receiving a paint job that truly represents our name.

Your property can enjoy the latest 2024 colour trends along with a quality approach to every single project when you choose SAK Painting & Plastering as your partner. You can trust that our genuine commitment to 100% customer satisfaction will ensure your property looks its very best. 

Find out how SAK Painting & Plastering can move your project from a vision to reality by contacting us now and start the process of transforming your space today.

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