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Websites are undoubtedly the critical pillars of businesses today. From creating an awareness of the business to carrying out sales, there is so much a dedicated website can do. But many business owners are in the dark regarding the cost of building a website. Most people are unaware of the cost of making and maintaining a website.

A website cost calculator helps find the cost range of a custom website. Service providers like TeamTown provide accurate website cost calculators that enable you to plan your finances better around your business website.

Business Website Cost Estimate Process

Developing a business website can cost a lot. Having a clear plan is crucial in this process. The business owner should be aware of the website’s requirements and the services they plan to put up on the website. The building cost may vary significantly depending on a website’s functionality and other features.

An essential business website can usually cost several hundred dollars. By basic, it means that the website will be purely informational. An essential website cannot manage an online store or similar complex functions. 

E-commerce websites requiring complex functionalities will cost much more than a basic website. It takes much effort to maintain an e-commerce website, too. So, the total price range of an e-commerce website would be much higher than that of other websites.

In general, it is estimated that a basic website can cost about 200 dollars and up, while an e-commerce website can cost up to 50,000 dollars.

Business Website Building: What are the Different Expenses Included?

Building a business website consists of multiple expenses. Let’s have a look at them.

Planning and Strategy Expenses

The planning phase is very crucial in website development. At this stage, the developer identifies the critical requirements of the website. So, spending enough money and resources at this stage can benefit the business owner in the long run.

Design and Development Expenses

Designing a website’s visual appeal and total look is decided at this phase. Rather than cliché themes and designs, it is advisable to spend money on creating unique designs that grab the viewer’s attention. 

Many other aspects of a website, including security features, mobile compatibility, user experience optimization, third-party services, etc., are all incorporated at this stage. This stage is the highest-cost stage of website development.

Website Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a website means keeping its host services, security measures, content updates, performance optimization, etc. It can all cost a significant amount of money.

Keeping the Costs Within the Budget: TeamTown Website Cost Calculator

TeamTown understands the need to clearly understand the cost of developing a business website. Having a clear understanding can help keep the expenses under control. TeamTown’s website cost calculator gives business owners a clear picture of what ballpark they can expect their website development expenses to be.

TeamTown website cost calculator considers the website type, features, requirements, special features, etc., to generate an estimated cost for a particular website development. The calculator is highly helpful in understanding the price range of website development and helps prevent the business owner from overspending.

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