Why is fashion still so obsessed with the corset?

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Do you want to explore why corsets are still in the fashion trend? If yes, then read this blog and find out why fashion is obsessed with corset Calgary online. In general, many celebrities and models used to wear corsets and post their pictures on social media. Many models have also been seen wearing corsets in live fashion shows and shocked the whole arena. 

Controversies of wearing corset:

Wearing corsets is always a controversial thing in this society. But still, it is a trend. The obsession of fashion with the corset’s body-distorting features has moved to the next level. It has reached new heights in many events, like the spring 2024 couture show. Many celebrities and models believe that this kind of corset Calgary let them expose their beauty much more than other outfits. 

Many established names like Simone Rocha, Mugler, Sergio Hudson & Schiaparelli have leaned into this craft for the winter or autumn 2024 season. Many smaller brands started promoting corsetry with the new narratives around sex & body positivity, and it doesn’t mention gender neutrality. But some questions are heading over everyone: can the corset be suitable to be in every woman’s wardrobe?

Celebrities’ interest towards corsets:

Recently, actress Anya Taylor-Joy posted an image on her Instagram account of wearing a modern corset. She also has shown her interest towards wearing a custom-made MaisonMargiela gown for the New York premiere of Dune: Part Two. 

Even though many people liked her post and applauded the way she exposed how she achieved shape, many of her fans questioned why she was wearing this kind of shapewear. Many call it an ‘unhealthy habit’. Many also questioned what message she was going to convey to this society by wearing a corset. 

Not only Anya Taylor-Joy but after two days, actress Kim Kardashian also posted a picture on social media of wearing a Mugler corset. She also got a mixed response like Anya Taylor-Joy. 

Designer’s efforts in making corset:

Many people argue that the corset of this generation is different even though they are restrictive historically. Top designers are putting their efforts into designing the most comfortable corset by retaining their originality. 

They also concentrate more on the corseting elements like hook & eye detailing, fitted waist, & boning made with quality modern materials like aluminum, line and fiber-reinforced plastic. It can help them to create sculpting effects that highlight the women’s body in a very comfortable manner. 

Experts and designers about corset:

The head of apparel & footwear at Euromonitor International, Marguerite Le Rolland, has shown her support for corsets. She admits that the corset is not a bad shapewear and it is not an unhealthy outfit. She says that corsets boost the confidence of women since it provides greater movability while flattering and improving natural curves. 

Many experts say that the corset’s waist-cinching & contouring properties have increased the popularity of the shapewear. According to straits research, the shapewear industry is having a chance of facing a huge growth rate of from 5.5 per cent to $3.8 billion by 2031. 

Alice Pons, the popular designer, says that every woman likes to play with their body and try something innovative. During that time, the exclusive corsets from top brands can be more helpful. It can make a woman’s body look leaner & taller. It lets them experiment and play with their body. Corsets are the best shapewear to offer great effects to the body.

Fashion’s obsession with the corset:

Everyone likes to have a healthy lifestyle with beautiful looking physical structure. The corsets are made with high-quality materials used in it that gives women the excellent option of having a good shape and size of the body. The corset is also made with amazing high-quality materials, and women would get the best confidence in life for women to get the natural product in an amazing style. 

The corset has an effective formulation that is safe for women to get away from unwanted fats for excellently enhancing the body. The corset is also the best option for women to get a perfectly shaped body concentrated in the area. The corset is also very useful for excellently getting a permanently fit body. 

The corsets bring women the ultimate results, so it is quite useful for getting satisfaction. The effects of a corset could be seen within a few days once women wear it continuously, and this would easily enhance the shape and size of the body in a highly excellent way. This kind of corset utilizes minimal incisions so that it allows women to get an amazingly fast recovery of the product.

Corsets are one of the best in the market that would transfer the fat to a particular region so that it would easily enhance the size and shape of the body. Shapewear uses the best technique that helps to transfer in the best way. More customization options are available so that it is useful for getting a better, increased, and great physical body. 

Avail the best shaper to bring great shape, and it is quite awesome for women to enhance their beauty strongly. Choosing the best corsets can be suitable for women during their workouts and exercise. They bring women the best way of stimulating the new growth of cells in the muscles as well as tissues thus enhancing the beauty of the muscles in the body abundantly. 

The special blend of advanced materials helps increase the beautiful curves in the best volume, and it also decreases the complete fat in women’s bodies. The skin would also retain the fatty acids and moisture that are needed for giving women a healthy body in the duller size. There would not be any wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks in an excellent way. These are the reasons for fashion’s obsession with the corset.


From the scenario mentioned above, now you have explored why corsets are still in the fashion trend and why fashion is obsessed with the corset Calgary. Even though it is controversial shapewear, many experts suggest that it can boost the confidence of women.

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