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15 Items That Have Become Modern Status Symbols

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In the modern world, your status isn’t determined by your professional role or the amount of money in your bank account. It’s all about how you flaunt, especially when it comes to choosing the right luxury brands and designers. 

Certain purses, cars, and watches signify status among the wealthy. By making the right investments, you can also be part of that club too. And it’s not just about flashy cars and diamonds; you’ll also find unlikely items like a Peloton or a Smeg fridge being considered “luxury.” 

Keep reading to see 15 other items that have earned a reputation as status symbols among the elite.

YETI Coolers

YETI coolers are now more than mere ice chests; they’re a bona fide status symbol. Once dominated by hunters and anglers, the YETI customer base now includes outdoorsy types, college students, and those who simply love a good outdoor bash. The YETI fever spread like wildfire on social media.

Then, it even extended to Hollywood, with names like Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth showing off their YETI coolers. Today, the hottest product in their lineup, the 82-gallon Tundra 350, costs a hefty $1,300. It’s safe to say the brand has solidified its position in the luxury world.

Range Rovers

The Range Rover has always been and will always be the automotive symbol of status. These cars aren’t just for getting from A to B; they’re a way to say, “I made it.” Any celebrity you can think of already has a Range Rover.

Unlike most of its competitors, the Range Rover has always been a luxury car. Even when it was created, it was marketed to wealthy estate owners in the British countryside. To the world, it was pretty much the first SUV.

Gym Memberships

In today’s wellness-driven world, whether or not you have a gym membership says a lot about your lifestyle. Unfortunately, they don’t come cheap. 

In Manhattan, the elite willingly shell out up to $900 monthly for exclusive access to Performix House. This elite gym has a stringent application process, a discreet entrance, and a content studio just for social media influencers.

While most of us stick to $30 SoulCycle spin classes, others are more comfortable with a $200-plus Equinox membership. But that’s not all; Equinox even has a $26,000 ultra-exclusive membership.

Rolex Watches

From the early days, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf aimed to create accurate, reliable, and durable timepieces. The brand quickly earned a reputation for excellent, unmatched craftsmanship. With the $5,000 Air King considered a starter Rolex, there’s no doubt about the role of Rolex as a status symbol.

The brand solidified this reputation with non-stop innovations, like creating the first waterproof wristwatch (Rolex Oyster) in 1926 and the first automatic date-changing mechanism in 1945. The more celebrities rocked Rolex watches, the more exclusive they became. Today, having the iconic crown logo on your wrist means you’re part of the elite.

  1. 6 Clogs

If there’s anything wealthy moms in Brooklyn love, it’s a brand-new pair of their favourite No. 6 Clogs. Disclaimer: $300 is only the starting price for these shoes. They’re a revival of the once-dismissed clog, turning into an “ugly-chic shoe obsession” endorsed by Vogue and StyleCaster.

But the No. 6 clog isn’t just a chic wardrobe must-have; it’s a deliberate message. These clogs, once considered uncool, now make a statement that resonates particularly with moms – comfort over looks. Among Brooklyn’s chic elite, these clogs are a declaration of your priorities.

Louis Vuitton Luggage

Louis Vuitton luggage is another quintessential status symbol because it’s not just a suitcase. The journey began in 1837 when a young Louis Vuitton apprenticed under Monsieur Maréchal, designing durable, high-quality luggage. It took until four years after his death for the iconic LV monogram to grace the brand’s canvas.

Celebrities like Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and more have all been fans of Louis Vuitton’s chic cases. Today, icons like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna maintain LV luggage as a symbol of celebrity status and timeless elegance.

Christian Louboutin Shoes

The signature red-bottom Louboutins are synonymous with high fashion. Like Louis Vuitton luggage, their status is defined by the number of celebrities who wear, love, and endorse them. The inspiration for the shoes came from an employee’s red nail polish.

To Louboutins, the red soles represent love, passion, and life. For the rest of us, it says something along the lines of “a stuffed bank account.” Even a simple pair of Louboutin flip flops start from $350, while red bottom boots go up to $4,000. In simple words, they’re not for the faint of heart!


Nothing says “I made it” like a Birkin. With starter options costing a hefty $10,000, Birkins are undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and elite accessories out there. Even if you have $10,000 in savings, getting your dream Birkin isn’t as easy as walking into the store and paying the cashier.

The process is complex and long, especially if you don’t have strings to pull. If you’re rocking a Birkin on your arm, it means you have the connections and status to acquire one. Some are even willing to pay over $2 million for a Birkin.

Mulberry Handbag

While we’re still on the topic of handbags, it’s also worth acknowledging that Mulberry handbags solidify your position in the world of elites. Unlike other options on our list, these handbags are quite accessible and affordable but still considered status symbols. 

That’s especially true for the Mulberry Bayswater, a true it-bag. Adored by the likes of Kate Moss and making an appearance in Gossip Girl, this bag was a hit in the 2000s. With the resurgence of Y2K fashion, it has made a comeback on Depop and Poshmark in pre-loved conditions. It’s the one status symbol anyone can add to their wardrobe.

The Latest iPhone

The latest iPhone 15 Pro Max costs $1,600, and the iPhone 16 is already on the way! Need we say more? If you can keep up with a yearly iPhone switch, your status is definitely signified. 


Once an unthinkable concept, home exercise equipment is now a bona fide luxury, and Peloton is leading the industry. The brand has thrived in the pandemic era, offering products beyond the iconic bike, including a treadmill, an app, and athletic wear. 

Once stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Usain Bolt began using one, its rise to fame wasn’t far behind. Today, owning a Peloton is a declaration that one can afford to pay $2,245 for a home workout. With a skyrocketing market value surpassing industry giants, Peloton’s popularity is undeniable. 

Smeg Fridge

In the past, flashing a Tiffany diamond on your finger may have been the quintessential status symbol. But in today’s economy, our expectations have lowered. Even simple pleasures like a Smeg fridge tell the world that you’re well off. Sure, the vintage aesthetics of this luxury fridge are pretty impressive, but the $2,500 price tag will still make you do a double take.

Here’s the thing with Smeg: you’re not paying for a fridge; you’re paying for art. The brand’s award-winning designs are artworks of renowned designers like Mario Bellini, Marc Newson, and Renzo Piano.

Range Cooker

Sure, range cookers don’t make your food taste any better than the standard stove, but they’re still status symbols. The industry is dominated by Wolf, Aga, Everhot, and Lacanche, all of which have a special vintage look to their range cookers. If you live in the country, your home is essentially incomplete without one.

The main appeal of range cookers is their deviation from traditional kitchen aesthetics. This has made consumers bold enough to venture into different colour palettes, as range cookers come in pastel creams, blues, and greens. In simple words, range cookers are forever changing the way we decorate our kitchens.

PlayStation 5

Let’s face it: $500 is a lot to spend on a gaming console. Anyone who can afford to spend that amount on a Playstation 5 is already part of the wealthy. Plus, owning a PS5 and all its accessories indicates you’re more than just a gamer; you’re someone at the forefront of tech trends with the means to secure this in-demand console.

Garmin Fitness Watch

You’ll never see an A-lister working out without their trusted fitness watch, whether it’s a Fitbit or a Garmin. They generally cost around $1,000 (yes, we did a double-take, too), but their buyers truly believe in the watch’s purpose. 

It’s packed with features like solar charging, PacePro coaching, workout suggestions, and satellite imagery. Plus, Garmin watch lenses are made from sapphire glass, which doesn’t come cheap. What more could one ask for?


In a world where showing off is the new norm, these 15 items are essentially the secret handshakes of the elite. It’s not just about things; it’s about the lifestyle they represent. Whether it’s an exclusive gym membership or a Birkin, they all say one thing: you’ve made it.

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