Blake Masters Net Worth

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Blake Masters is an American entrepreneur and VC. He co-founded Judgement Fund and Judgement Technologies. Zero to One: Startup Notes, or How to Build the Future is his book. Blake Masters is wealthy and famous after a decade-long career. This article covers Blake Masters’ biography, age, height, salary, and net worth.

Blake Masters Net Worth

Masters’ $18 million net worth comes from a variety of sources. As a famous novelist and venture entrepreneur, he has never focused on one part of his portfolio. His royalties from book sales account for a large portion of his income.

Blake Masters Net Worth Compared. Others

To better comprehend Blake Masters’ financial standing in entrepreneurship and venture capital, let’s compare his net worth to other tech and investing leaders. Please note these approximate figures:

Entrepreneur/InvestorNet Worth
Elon Musk$250 billion
Warren Buffett$109 billion
Blake Masters$200 million
Mark Zuckerberg$102 billion
Bianca Censori$1 million


American entrepreneur and VC Blake Masters. He earned an Economics and Political Science degree from Stanford. After graduating, he became a principal at Founders Fund. He co-founded Judgement Fund, a venture capital organization, and Judgement Technologies, a software developer.

He wrote Zero to One: Startup Notes, or How to Build the Future in 2014. Many entrepreneurs and venture funders use the book. Blake Masters appears on CNBC’s Fast Money and Squawk Alley in addition to his venture capital and entrepreneurship.

Value Attribute
NameBlake Masters
First NameBlake
Last NameMasters
BirthdayFebruary 10
Birth Year1970
Place of BirthDenver
Home TownColorado
Birth CountryUnited States
Birth SignAquarius

Blake Masters Education and Career 

Masters received his degree in 2004 and a political science bachelor’s from Stanford University in 2008. He met Peter Theil at Stanford Law School, where he earned a JD in 2012.

A year later, they emailed, and Thiel pushed Masters to take his spring 2012 class. A popular tech site featured Masters’ detailed notes from Thiel’s presentations.

Masters served as a US Attorney’s Office law clerk for a few months after graduating. 

Masters worked for Peter Theil for a few months, becoming president of the Thiel Foundation and COO of Thiel Capital.

Thiel chose Masters and other workers to help Trump become president in November 2016. Masters alluded to a primary challenge to Republican US Senator Martha McSally in October 2019. Masters said in January 2020 that he would not challenge McSally, despite her dismal performance in the 2018 election, which he called “winnable”.

He departed Thiel’s nonprofit and investment company in March 2022 to run for Arizona Senate. He reemerged in April 2021 as a probable Republican Senate candidate in 2022 against Mark Kelly. Masters entered the election in July 2021.

Masters faced Republican state attorney general Mark Brnovich, ex-Arizona National Guard adjutant Mick McGuire, Arizona corporation commissioner Justin Olson, and businessman Jim Lamon in the Republican primary. 

He won the Republican nomination on August 2, 2022, with over 40% of the vote. Lamon and Brnovich placed second and third.

How Did Masters Fund His Campaign?

Blake Masters has made headlines for his unusual campaign fundraising strategy. He offered non-fungible tokens to donors. Anyone who donated $5,800 or more received these NFTs. Limited edition NFT holders could attend exclusive live events and use a secret chat server.

Masters and Thiel autographed a copy of their book for recipients. Masters raised approximately $600,000 in 48 hours using this novel fundraising strategy.

The Blake Masters Connection Dear Peter Thiel

They met at Stanford Law when Masters was a student. He emailed Thiel while getting his JD from Stanford Law. From there, Peter advised Blake to enroll in his 2012 spring semester class. Their relationship grew from there.

Masters documented his notes from Thiel’s talks on a tech blog, gaining fame. Since Masters has been president and COO of many Thiel-owned companies, they have remained close.

Blake Masters Awards and Achievements

Blake Masters, best known for co-authoring “Zero to One” and investing, has not garnered traditional prizes. However, his work in the tech and startup sector and innovation promotion have garnered him admiration from colleagues and industry professionals.

Blake Masters Future Plans

Blake Masters’ $18 million net worth shows no indication of slowing down. Masters does not aim to leave politics soon either. His tight ties to Peter Thiel and Donald Trump ensure he can influence Krysten Sinema’s Arizona Senate seat.

Some may think it’s too early to guess, yet re-election is beginning. Her seat is up for grabs next year, so candidates like Masters are positioning themselves now. Masters’ 2022 setback to Mark Kelly, where he missed the seat on his first try by five points, is encouraging.

Being next to Donald Trump, who is likely to beat Florida governor Ron DeSantis for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, would boost Masters’ legitimacy. Experts advise Masters to focus on the future rather than the past.

Masters’ plan will determine his 2024 resurgence. He seems unwise to gamble against right now. After all, he has succeeded in several disciplines and appears set for future success.

FAQs about Blake Masters:

Q. How did Blake Masters get rich?

Blake Masters became wealthy by co-founding Judgement Fund, founding Judgement Technologies, and writing “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future.” He raises money for his political efforts by selling NFTs.

Q. How much does Blake Masters make compared to other celebrities?

Blake Masters has a $18 million net worth, but Elon Musk and Warren Buffett have far larger net worths.

Q. Blake Masters’ educational and career background?

Blake Masters earned an Economics and Political Science degree from Stanford. Stanford University Law School awarded him a JD. Masters was a law clerk before joining Peter Thiel’s companies and co-founding Judgement Fund and Judgement Technologies.

Q. How did Blake Masters support his political campaigns?

Blake Masters offered non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to $5,800 donors to raise campaign funds. This novel fundraising strategy raised nearly $600,000 in 48 hours.


Blake Masters, a $18 million entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author, has made an effect. Masters is versatile, co-creating Judgement Fund, starting Judgement Technologies, and publishing a popular startup book. His NFT-selling political fundraising strategy has also been successful.

Blake Masters, linked to Peter Thiel and Donald Trump, stays engaged in politics, hinting at future ambitions. After a narrow loss in 2022, he is building himself for future success, possibly running for Arizona Senate. Masters’ strategic approach and several successes make him a contender to watch in the coming years.

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