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Meet Nelly’s Daughter Chanelle Haynes: Wiki, Early life, Career, Parents, Age, Networth

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Chanelle Haynes is a social media star and daughter of iconic American rapper Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. The US sold 8.4 million copies of Nelly’s best-selling album. Nana, aka Chanelle Haynes, is a Nellyville reality TV star and aspiring singer, composer, and BG vocalist. Chanelle’s background goes beyond her dad’s wealth. Cornell Haynes III (Trizzle) is her brother. The Haynes family is tight and supportive, and she is close to her father and brother. 

Who is Chanelle Haynes? Is the Daughter of Nelly?

African-American Chanelle Haynes, known as Nana, was born in Austin, Texas, on February 27, 1994. Growing up in a multicultural area, she was exposed to many artistic styles and cultures. Chanelle’s love of music grew throughout her teens, according to Citimuzik. School choruses and talent events helped her improve her voice.

The multidimensional artist succeeded in on-screen and off-screen roles. She is the most combustible talent in Hollywood, equally at home onstage and in hit TV shows. Most famous for Motown Live (1998) and She’s Still Not Our Sister (2011), Chanelle Haynes. She was born in Los Angeles. Chanelle Haynes’ age is unknown in 2023. Further information on Chanelle Haynes is below.

Wiki data of Chanelle Haynes

Full name Chanelle Haynes Nick nameNana Birth date 27 February 1994 NicknameAustin, Texas, United States of America NationalityAmericanAge29 years oldGenderFemaleEthnicity African-American ReligionChristianity FatherCornell Iral Haynes Jr MotherChannetta ValentineSiblingsCornell Haynes IIIMarital statusSingleFamous ForBeing the daughter of rapper, NellyEye colorBlackBirthplaceDark BrownHeight5’2″, 157cmWeight62Kg, 137lbsBody Measurements32-24-33 inch81-61-84 cmProfessionVocalist, SongwriterNetworth $3 to $5 millionChanelle Haynes Instagram@iamchanelhaynes
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Early Life 

Cornell Haynes and she were both delivered at the same time by their father, Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., better known as Nelly. Cornell Haynes is the older sibling. She has a brother named Cornell Haynes. 

She is one of Rhonda Mack Cornell Haynes’ grandchildren, and her grandmother is Rhonda Mack Cornell Haynes. In a related line, Rhonda Mack Cornell Haynes is her mother. 

Although it is common knowledge that Chanelle’s birth mother, Nelly, also served as Chanelle’s primary caregiver throughout her formative years, Chanelle’s original mother has not been positively identified as of yet.

Chanelle Haynes’ nickname?

She likes her father’s personality. ‘Nana’ is his sweet nickname for her. She acquired respect and modesty from him as a single parent. Nelly and his daughter bond well. She is the firstborn child in her family.

He posted a photo of his daughter Chanelle Haynes on Instagram with a touching reminiscence. Despite being an adult, he only saw her five-year-old snaggletooth. He stated that remembering this event makes him laugh.

Height & Appearance

She is five feet two inches tall and a US citizen as of 2023. Despite being Pisces, she is a devout Christian. The renowned American child was born in the US. She is African and African American, despite her dark eyes. 


Charlotte, known as “Nana,” earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Columbia College in Chicago.  These details relate to her education and accomplishments. Before that, Haynes attended a nearby high school she can’t remember.


According to The Sun, the 29-year-old is pursuing a music career. Despite preparing to study commerce at Columbia College in Chicago, she chose this career. Even Nelle’s daughter, Chanelle Valentine Haynes, who goes by the stage names Nellelove and Chanelle Valentine Haynes, has already released her debut single. The song came out in July of 2020.

Cornell, Chanelle’s brother, played football in high school and was featured on a reality show, where he demonstrated his talent. However, after post-graduation, Cornell, Chanelle’s brother, stopped playing the sport and decided to seek other opportunities instead. In June of 2021, Cornell publicized the start of an online sea moss merchant that would later be known as UrbalSecrets.

Chanelle also admits that her father is her primary source of advice and inspiration, and she expresses her hope and eagerness to make other albums in the not-too-distant future.

Net worth

Due to her hard work, Chanelle Haynes has made much money from her music videos and other events. 

The estimated net worth of Chanelle Haynes is $3–5 million. Meanwhile, her father is worth $60 million.

Chanelle Haynes’s father: Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.

The famous American rapper and singer Nelly is Chanelle Haynes’ father. Ms. Chanelle plays music. Nelly, whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., is a hip-hop superstar. Because she is the daughter of a famous artist, Chanelle Haynes works in music and entertainment.

Hip-hop and rap pioneer Nelly, the father of Chanelle, is known for his innovation. Nelly’s hip-hop legend has shaped the genre and the culture. Chanelle’s legacy endures and inspires generations of musicians and fans. Her father was a musician hence she is his daughter.

Chanelle Haynes’s mother: Channetta Valentine

Chanelle’s dad dated various beautiful celebrities throughout the years. Karrine Steffans, Eve Jihan Jeffers Cooper, Claudia Angela Jordan, Nicole Narain, Shantel Jackson, Kat Stacks, and Channetta Valentine were his lovers.

Nelly’s ex-girlfriend Channetta Valentine is Chanelle’s mother, according to BuzzSouthAfrica and The Sun. Their similar first names may explain the assumption. Their relationship lasted nearly a decade. They began dating in September 1990 and kept it quiet. The pair split in 1999 without revealing why, although Nelly’s rise may have strained their relationship. Cornell’s parents are also reported.

Nelly has never identified his children’s mother. There are reports that he dated them via the mail but concealed their pregnancies and births. Chanelle may have been born from Nelly’s ex-partner. Channetta Valentine lasted for a decade; their initial names may be identical.  The musician raised his kids as single parents, so it’s unclear if their mothers are still involved.

Nelly Has Not Revealed Chanelle Haynes’ Identity Mother

Chanelle’s father, Nelly, hasn’t identified her biological mother. Nelly, an American hip-hop icon, has kept his partner’s pregnancies and childbirths private. According to some stories, Chanelle’s mother is singer Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, known as Ashanti.

Nelly and Ashanti have not addressed the issue. Ashanti and Nelly met at the 2003 Grammy Awards press conference. Both were at their career peaks. When he contacted her, the singer stated she played hard to get.

Nelly and Ashanti, Chanelle’s mother, broke up in 2013. Ashanti said Nelly’s insecurities caused the separation. According to US Magazine, she said, “I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character.”

Beautiful father-daughter relationship

Since Chanelle Haynes was raised by her father, they had an outstanding relationship. Their connection has been called “wish for celebrity kids whose parents are more engrossed with their careers than spending time with their children.”

Chanelle and Nelly have been out together since childhood. Celebrity singer never tired of posting his daughter’s memories on social media. The pleased father posted a tribute to his only daughter on Instagram on her 27th birthday. The father and young daughter posted on the sofa in a vintage photo.

Chanelle Haynes has always supported her father in all his pursuits, therefore she returns his affection a hundredfold. Nelly appeared on the 29th season of Dancing with the Stars alongside Daniella Karagach. Chanelle called herself “Nelly’s greatest cheerleader” throughout the broadcast, supporting her dad. Her brother supported her but was reserved.

Chanelle wrote a touching Father’s Day post calling herself a “daddy’s girl” from birth and thanking her father for his support. The father-daughter pair consider each other greatest friends and stay close.

Who is Chanelle Haynes’s boyfriend?

Chanelle Haynes is unmarried, however, she was with Mario, who did not survive. The cute pair were excited to get married before the awful happened.

Mario, known as Rio, died in a park shooting. Chanelle witnessed the incident while searching the turmoil for her little brother. But she didn’t know her beloved was lurking in the crowd until she found his corpse.

Chanelle Haynes sings, acts, and makes reality TV.

For years, Chanelle Haynes had wanted to work in the entertainment industry like her father. She began singing backup on Nelly’s BET reality show Nellyville. She’s Still Not Our Sister, GMC’s four-part gospel drama sequel, starred Haynes.

According to IMDB, Chanelle Haynes is also related to Motown Live, starring Robert Townsend, Lisa Thompson, and Kevin Alexander Stea. The celebrity daughter is striking out on her own. Despite being born famous, the 29-year-old wants to leave a legacy that precedes her name, not her father’s.

She is private and not on social media.

Mystery Instagram name for Nelly’s daughter. Some accounts contain her name, but none are Chanelle. It may be that she uses a totally different name or does not have a presence on Instagram at all in a bid to protect her privacy.

Chanelle keeps her personal life private, including her relationship status. She was previously dating Mario, a promising music artist. Mario was shot and murdered before her. Apparently, the couple was planning their wedding before the horrible incident. Chanelle looks to be taking her time before trying love again.

Where is Chanelle Haynes now

Chanelle Haynes has maintained a relatively private life, and her public appearances and activities may not be widely documented. She may have changed after then, but I don’t have real-time knowledge. I recommend reviewing her social media or recent news articles for updates on her status.

People also asked (FAQs)

1. Who is Chanelle Haynes?

Chanelle Haynes is known as the daughter of the famous American rapper Nelly (Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.).

2. What is Chanelle Haynes known for?

Chanelle Haynes is noted for her Nelly family connection and “Nellyville.” She hopes to sing, write, and play backing vocals.

3. When was Chanelle Haynes born?

Chanelle Haynes was born on February 27, 1994.

4. Does Chanelle Haynes have any siblings?

Yes, Chanelle has a brother named Cornell Haynes III, also known as Trizzle.

5. Who is Chanelle Haynes’ mother?

The mother of Chanelle Haynes has not been revealed by Nelly. Speculations and reports have not been confirmed. But from some resources, her mother’s name is Channetta Valentine.  

6. Has Chanelle Haynes pursued a career in music?

Yes, Chanelle Haynes has aspirations in music. She has worked as a background vocalist and appeared on “Nellyville,” which provides a glimpse into her musical journey.

7. Is Chanelle Haynes currently in a relationship?

Chanelle Haynes was previously in a relationship with the late Mario, also known as Rio, but he tragically passed away.

8. How is Chanelle Haynes’ relationship with her father, Nelly?

Chanelle Haynes shares a close and loving bond with her father, Nelly. Their relationship has been described as very supportive and strong.

9. Has Chanelle Haynes expressed her love for her father on social media?

Yes, Chanelle has publicly expressed her affection for her father on social media, celebrating their close relationship and sharing memorable moments.

10. What is known about Chanelle Haynes’ career in music?

Chanelle Haynes has honed her singing skills by participating in school choirs and talent shows, indicating her dedication to pursuing a car

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