demetress bell parents
demetress bell parents

Demetress Bell Parents, Bio, Education, Age, Height, Personal life, Career, Net Worth And More

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Demetress Bell Parents

Demetress Bell comes from an intriguing household. Gloria Williams, his mother, reared him as a single parent and concealed his father’s identity from him until he completed high school. It turns out that Karl Malone, the renowned NBA player dubbed “the Mailman,” is his father. Demetress must have had a major epiphany upon discovering his renowned father after all those years.

Demetress’ Relationship with Karl Malone

Demetress Bell’s connection with his dad, Karl Malone, has had its ups and downs. It’s a pretty complex story: his mom, Gloria, was just 13 when she and Karl, who was 20 at the time, had him. Despite the age difference and the circumstances, Gloria decided not to take legal action against Karl.

Demetress didn’t find out the truth about his dad until after high school, which must have been a shock. But despite all the complications, he and Karl have tried to keep their relationship going. Karl even made it to some of Demetress’s NFL games, which meant a lot to him.

But let’s be real, family dynamics are never straightforward. Demetress hasn’t been afraid to speak up when he disagrees with how his dad handled things, showing that even famous athletes have their share of family drama.

Reconciling with His Father

In 2018, Demetress Bell and Karl Malone finally patched things up after being distant for a while. They had a heart-to-heart in private, and Demetress said it was a really positive talk. He’s been open about wanting to rebuild their relationship and has even forgiven his dad for any past issues. It’s a hopeful sign that they’re working towards a better connection.

Bonding with His Mother

Demetress Bell shares a tight bond with his mom, Gloria Williams. She had to make the difficult decision to hide his father’s name in order to protect him from the media circus that would accompany his status as Karl Malone’s son. Gloria has supported Demetress and encouraged him throughout his football career, being there for him whenever he needs it.

Growing up without a dad and navigating through complicated family stuff wasn’t easy, but Demetress has stayed positive through it all. He’s patched things up with his dad and keeps a strong connection with his mom. It’s clear that family means everything to him, despite the challenges they’ve faced.

Who is Demetress Bell?

Demetress Bell’s path from high school to the NFL is quite remarkable. He took up softball as he had no football team to join during his time at Summerfield High School. Although he was rather skilled at it, he didn’t stop there. He also developed an interest in basketball, and he demonstrated enough talent to be awarded a scholarship at Northwestern State University.

He didn’t limit his attention to football while he was at Northwestern State. Nope, he also played basketball for three seasons at the collegiate level, totaling 88 games played. He was one of the select few who successfully balanced both basketball and football at the Division I level during the 2006–2007 NCAA season.

But eventually, Demetress made a tough call. He decided to hang up his basketball sneakers for good and go all-in on football. That move paid off when the Buffalo Bills picked him up. He spent four solid seasons with them, grinding it out on the field until a knee injury forced him to step back.

But Demetress wasn’t done yet. Before finding a place with the Dallas Cowboys, although on the practice squad, he had a chance with the Philadelphia Eagles for a season. Though his journey has been turbulent, his commitment to the game has been constant.

Demetress Bell’s Bio

Demetress Bell, known to many simply as Demetress, came into this world on May 3, 1984, right in Summerfield, Louisiana. At 39 years old, he’s proudly American, hailing from a background rich in African-American heritage. His parents are none other than Karl Malone, the basketball legend, and Gloria Bell Williams.

Standing tall at 6 feet 5 inches and tipping the scales at around 141 kg, Demetress has a commanding presence. His brown eyes and black hair add to his striking appearance.

Demetress Bell Wiki

Full NameDemetress Bell
Born Date03 May 1984
Age39 years
Lucky Number3
Lucky StoneEmerald
Lucky ColorGreen
Best Match for MarriageVirgo, Cancer, Capricorn
ProfessionFormer NFL player
Height6 feet 6 inches (1.98m)
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$5 million
Birth PlaceSummerfield, Louisiana, USA
EducationNorthwestern State University of Louisiana
FatherKarl Malone
MotherGloria Bell Williams

Demetress Bell Education

During his time at Summerfield High School, Demetress was all about sports. He started off playing softball, but as he got closer to graduation, basketball became more of his thing. He showed real talent, which got him noticed by Northwestern State University of Louisiana, who offered him a basketball scholarship.

In college, he was a real force on the court, playing in a whopping 88 games over three seasons from 2003 to 2007. And get this, he wasn’t just a basketball star. Demetress was part of a special group of four NCAA athletes who managed to juggle both Division I football and basketball during the 2006-2007 season.

But when it came down to it, Demetress had to make a big decision. After that season, he decided to put all his focus on football, setting the stage for his future in the game.

Demetress Bell Age

On May 3, 1984, in Summerfield, Louisiana, USA, Demetress Bell was born. Thus, he is currently 37 years old. Seeing how his journey from his hometown to his current location has developed is amazing.

Demetress Bell Height And Weight

At six feet five inches tall and roughly 141 kilograms in weight, Demetress Bell is a large man. With his beautiful brown eyes and black hair, you can’t miss him on the court. Even if we don’t have all of his physical characteristics, those numbers offer you a decent indication of his commanding presence.

Demetress Bell Personal Life 

From day one, Demetress Bell’s paternity has been a weight on his shoulders, haunting both his personal life and his professional career. Even though his mom, Gloria Bell, claims that basketball legend Karl Malone is his father, Malone has never publicly acknowledged it.

Back in ’96, Gloria’s family took the matter to court, demanding answers. Although Malone didn’t bother showing up for the hearings, he eventually settled things out of court with a one-time payment to the Bell family. But that was it. No ongoing support for Demetress.

It’s a tangled situation. Gloria’s family didn’t want to drag Malone through the mud because, despite everything, he was a neighbor and putting him behind bars would’ve cut off any chance of financial help for Demetress.

Demetress only found out about his dad after high school. It’s understandable that he didn’t want to interact with Malone. Why would he acknowledge someone who doesn’t acknowledge him, after all? Demetress was only eighteen when they had their sole meaningful chat, and even then it was hardly a dialogue.

Demetress Bell Career

Demetress Bell’s ambitions of playing professional football were realized when the Buffalo Bills selected him in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft, following his graduation from Northwestern State University in 2008. The Bills spotted something special in him despite his brief football background and placed him directly on the active roster rather than the practice squad, banking on his skill to show.

Demetress earned his job as the starting left tackle for the 2008–09 season under head coach Dick Jauron by working hard and being determined during training camp.

But his first season in the big leagues wasn’t without its challenges. Demetress struggled with penalties on the field, which brought some mixed reviews. And then, in a game against the Tennessee Titans, he suffered a serious knee injury that ended his season early and ultimately led him to part ways with the Bills.

In 2012, the Philadelphia Hawks took a risk on him, marking him to a five-year bargain worth a strong $34.5 million. Tragically, his experience with the Hawks didn’t keep going long, as they let him go under a year after the fact in February 2013. 

The Dallas Cowpokes offered him one more opportunity, yet this time it was similarly as an offseason and practice crew player, a long ways from his previous days as a starter in the association.

Demetress Bell’s Personal Life

Demetress Bell’s story began on May 3, 1984, in Summerfield, Louisiana. His parents are former NBA star Karl Malone and Gloria Williams. Demetress grew up in a big family, alongside his siblings: Chastity, Chauncey, Cheryl, Daryl, and Monisha. Despite facing some tough times growing up, Demetress always had his mom, Gloria, by his side, providing him with the love and support he needed.

Relationships and Girlfriend

Demetress Bell has deliberately avoided drawing attention to his personal life, particularly in regards to his love relationships. Since he’s kept things quiet, not much information regarding his dating status is available. It appears that he would rather keep that aspect of his life out of the spotlight.


Amaya Bell, Demetress Bell’s daughter, was born in 2008. He hasn’t disclosed many specifics about his kid or her mother, though. He seems to respect their privacy and want to keep their personal affairs hidden from the public.

Net Worth

Demetress Bell, whose estimated net worth is $16 million, is doing fairly well for himself. His path to that kind of money began while he was a Northwestern State football player in college. Then, in the seventh round of the NFL Draft in 2008, he was chosen by the Bison Bills, offering him his huge reprieve. 

He played with the Bills for four reliable seasons and, surprisingly, spent a year as an individual from the Philadelphia Hawks.Throughout his career, he made a cool $12.9 million thanks to his hard effort on the field. For someone who began his career on the collegiate football field, not too bad.

Buffalo Bills2008-2011$9.5 million
Philadelphia Eagles2012$3.4 million


Demetress Bell’s journey from high school to the NFL is a testament to his versatility and determination. Despite starting with softball and basketball, he eventually focused on football, leading to a successful career in the NFL. However, his personal life, particularly his relationship with his parents, adds a layer of complexity. Born to Gloria Bell and allegedly NBA legend Karl Malone, Demetress had to navigate the challenges of a complicated family dynamic, including discovering his father’s identity after high school and reconciling with him later in life. Despite these challenges, Demetress has remained resilient, forging his path in both sports and personal relationships.


  1. Demetress Bell was born on May 3, 1984, in Summerfield, Louisiana, to Gloria Bell and allegedly Karl Malone.
  2. He excelled in both basketball and football during his collegiate years at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.
  3. Despite facing a knee injury early in his NFL career with the Buffalo Bills, Bell persevered and also played for the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.
  4. Bell’s paternity has been a source of contention, with his mother claiming Malone as his father, though Malone has not publicly acknowledged it.
  5. He has six siblings: Chastity, Chauncey, Cheryl, Daryl, and Monisha.
  6. Bell’s daughter, Amaya Bell, was born in 2008, but details about her and her mother remain private.


Who are Demetress Bell’s parents?

Demetress Bell’s mother is Gloria Bell, and his alleged father is NBA legend Karl Malone.

Did Karl Malone acknowledge Demetress Bell as his son?

Despite Gloria Bell’s claims and a legal dispute in 1996, Karl Malone has not publicly acknowledged Demetress as his son until after his high school graduation.

What is Demetress Bell’s net worth?

Demetress Bell’s estimated net worth is $16 million, earned through his career in the NFL, primarily with the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles.

How many siblings does Demetress Bell have?

Demetress Bell has six siblings: Chastity, Chauncey, Cheryl, Daryl, and Monisha.

Does Demetress Bell have children?

Yes, Demetress Bell has a daughter named Amaya Bell, born in 2008, but he has not disclosed much information about her or her mother to the public.

What was Demetress Bell’s career in the NFL?

Demetress Bell played as an offensive tackle in the NFL, primarily for the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles, before joining the Dallas Cowboys as a practice squad player later in his career.

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