Duke Dennis: The Rising YouTube Gaming Sensation and Content Creator

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Duke YouTube gamer Dennis is popular in the US. He gained fame after posting NBA 2K17 material on YouTube. With millions of fans, his videos have made him wealthy.Modern technology helps Dennis and other youth. He turned his basketball talent into a successful internet business using video games, social media, and YouTube. One of the most prominent gamers and YouTubers worldwide.

Quick Facts

Full name Duke Dennis
Famous asDuke 
Date of birth26 February 1994 
Age 29 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac sign Pisces
Place of birth Georgia, Alabama, USA 
Residence City Heights, San Diego, California, USA 
Nationality American 
Siblings 2 brothers 
Marital status Single 
Hair color Black 
Eye colorBlack 
Height 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)
Weight80 kg 
Profession Content creator, gaming YouTuber, entrepreneur 
YouTube channels 1. @DukeDennis864
2. @DukeDennisAMP
3. @DukeDennisLive 
Net worth $1 million – $5 million 

Early life 

Duke, born February 26, 1994, is 27 today. Despite his fame, the YouTuber maintains his personal life private. He hasn’t discussed his parents yet. However, his two siblings, namely Darius Dennis, frequently feature on his channel.

Where is Duke Dennis? The YouTube gamer is American. He was born in Georgia, Alabama, and likely spent his youth there. Unfortunately, he has not shared much about his childhood. He may have attended a Catholic high school. About two years in high school, Duke played football.

He was good at it and got scholarships from local colleges. He forfeited them because he didn’t want to play collegiate football.African-American Duke. He weighs 70–75 kg, is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) tall, and is fit and muscular. YouTubers like body art. He flaunts his permanent tattoos and grills on social media. 

Rise to Fame

Duke Dennis started his YouTube account, Duke Dennis, in 2013, but his first video was posted in October 2016. He mostly creates NBA 2K material and still does. Duke is a popular NBA 2K YouTuber.

DeeBlock Duke, his second channel, began in May 2020. He has over 620k subscribers and publishes vlogs, reaction videos, and gaming stuff. With Chris Nextdoor, Kai Cenat, ImDavisss, Agent 00, and Fanum, he founded AMP YouTube channel in May 2020. 

The channel features vlogs, challenges, and comedy.

Duke Dennis’ third channel, DukeDennis Live, streams live and has over 52k subscribers since 2021.

Personal Life

Duke Dennis was born in America on February 26, 1994. His parents and family are unknown. Personal information is not posted on social media. His zodiac is Pisces.

Duke Dennis is loud and active. Duke seems to love NBA 2K. All series games have been played by him. Additionally, he enjoys Call of Duty. 

He said in a video that he wanted to play COD but failed. DeeBlock Duke, his second channel, has him playing Call of Duty.

He is friendly and pals with numerous social media stars. YouTube stars are routinely invited to his channel. Duke Dennis was an Army veteran. Duke Dennis has not disclosed his prior or current partnerships.

Becoming a YouTuber 

While preparing for the army, Duke joined YouTube in 2013. He didn’t post often until 2017, when he left. His simulation basketball game videos were popular.

His early videos include “best jump shot in NBA 2K17” and “Angry Trash Talker,” when he plays online one-on-one with an irate opponent. 

The videos went viral, gaining his channel fame with several thousand views. 

Duke has uploaded video game gameplay and live streaming since his initial videos. Sometimes he recounts his life, such as his army service. 

Collaboration with other YouTubers has greatly benefited his channel. 

Duke has focused on YouTube full-time since quitting the service. 

Since then, his channel has risen to 1.78 million subscribers. His recent videos have over 200,000 views and are popular. 

Is Duke Dennis a millionaire? 

Duke Dennis has $1–$5 million in wealth. He makes money from YouTube and Design by Humans products.

Duke Dennis has $1–$5 million in wealth. He makes money from YouTube and Design by Humans products. Duke Dennis’ YouTube channel, @DukeDennis864, makes money. July 2023 saw 1.9 million followers and 179 million views.

His 2020 second channel, @DukeDennisAMP, has 1.94 million subscribers and 106 million views. The third, 2021-founded @DukeDennisLive, has 626k subscribers and 65 million views as of July 2023. Brands pay him to promote them in videos.

Duke Dennis’ social media presence

Instagram @dukedennis 
Twitter @imdukedennis
YouTube channel 1 @DukeDennis864 
YouTube channel 2 @DukeDennisAMP 
YouTube channel 3 @DukeDennisAMP 
TikTok @duke 

Duke Dennis’ jeeps 

Duke Dennis owns three Jeep Wranglers and tweets @dukedennisjeep. A camo Jeep Wrangler with a D-block interior was his first, bought in 2017, and given to his brother after getting a Scat pack engine one. 

He bought an SRT Wrangler. 

Young Duke fell in love with jeeps after seeing them in South Carolina. Future ambitions include buying a premium automobile. He suggested he may buy a G-wagon, Lamborghini, or another brand. 

Fun facts about Duke Dennis

Dennis started playing video games as a kid.

  • He’s competed online since boyhood.
  • Duke has three YouTube channels. 
  • His videos sometimes include his two younger brothers.
  • He is nice and laid-back. 
  • He makes YouTube videos fun with his humor. 
  • Dennis loves Ryan Reynolds. Duke adores his arm and chest tattoos. 


Duke Dennis FAQs are answered in greater detail here:

Q. Who’s Duke Dennis?

Duke Dennis is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer who posts about basketball games like NBA 2K.

Q. How old is Duke Dennis?

Duke Dennis is 28 years old as of 2023, born February 26, 1994.

Q. Duke Dennis’ true name?

Duke Dennis is his true name. Even if his last name is unique, it’s legal.

Q. Duke Dennis is famous for what?

Duke Dennis is known for his amusing basketball video game YouTube videos. He posts NBA 2K gameplay, tutorials, and comments.

Q. How tall is Duke Dennis?

Duke Dennis is 6 feet 2 inches tall and powerful, possibly from his military history. His weight is assessed at 70-75 kg.

Q. Was Duke Dennis a soldier?

Duke Dennis was a military man. He enlisted after high school and served four years in Germany before becoming a content creator.

Q. Is Duke Dennis dating?

Duke Dennis is single and has declined to discuss his former relationships. He seems focused on his career.

Q. Duke Dennis’ net worth?

Duke Dennis has not disclosed his net worth, but estimates put it between $100,000 and $300,000. YouTube ads, sponsorships, and gaming item sales are his main sources of income.


Duke Dennis is a famous YouTuber and gamer for his basketball videos. He is 28 and from Georgia. He served in Germany for four years. Duke is 6 feet 2 inches tall, well-built, and valued $100,000–300,000. He is single and has not disclosed his dating life. Duke Dennis is his genuine name, despite some doubts.

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