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British music businessman Elliot Cecil Grainge was born on November 6, 1993. His music career led him to start and run independent record label 10K Projects.

10K Projects is known for representing and promoting hip hop and rap artists, making a mark. Grainge’s label features Trippie Redd, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and Iann Dior, demonstrating his ability for discovery.

Elliot Grainge is the son of Lucian Grainge, a top executive of Universal Music Group. Elliot’s music absorption is likely due to this family link.

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Elliot Grainge married Sofia Richie, a famous social media celebrity and model. Their relationship has fascinated fans and the public, adding gloss to his already important reputation.

In conclusion, Elliot Cecil Grainge’s rise from British to record executive and 10K Projects founder was remarkable. His hip hop and rap accomplishments and family links to the music industry have made him a major music figure.

Born and reared in Britain

Elliot Grainge, born on November 6, 1993, experienced a tragic start to his life. During his birth, his mother, Samantha Berg, suffered from an amniotic fluid embolism, which led to her falling into a coma. Unfortunately, she never emerged from the coma and passed away in 2007. Elliot’s father is Lucian Grainge, who holds the position of chairman and CEO at Universal Music Group. Lucian Grainge had remarried in 2001 to Caroline Grainge.

Elliot’s upbringing was significantly influenced by his father, Lucian Grainge. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Elliot mentioned the uniqueness of his childhood due to the personal experiences they shared together. Their bond is particularly strong, given the challenges they faced as a family.

His bar mitzvah featured a performance by Take That.

A 2006 bar mitzvah is among Elliot Grainge’s unique childhood experiences. UK pop group Take That topped the charts at the time. Elliot said his bar mitzvah party was great and taught him how to throw a memorable party.

In addition to his fun bar mitzvah, Elliot shares the British love of sports (soccer). His father took him to Arsenal matches on weekends so he could experience live football.


Elliot Grainge founded the independent record label 10K Projects in Los Angeles in 2016. Under his leadership, the label has signed notable musicians, including rappers Iann Dior, Trippie Redd, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and the beach pop band Surfaces.

Grainge’s talent scouting approach involves leveraging online platforms like SoundCloud to discover emerging artists, referring to it as a “cheat sheet” for finding new talent. Artists signed to 10K Projects benefit from distribution by Universal Music Group’s Caroline Records.

In October 2019, 10K Projects initiated a joint venture with music producer Taz Taylor’s creative collective, Internet Money Records. This collaboration led to the formation of 10K Together, a charitable division of 10K Projects dedicated to supporting racial justice charities and black-owned businesses. The label further expanded its portfolio by acquiring the music label Homemade Projects in February 2022.

As of December 2019, 10K Projects’ artists have achieved significant success, earning 18 gold and 8 platinum/multi-platinum singles, highlighting the label’s impact in the music industry.

Early life and Education 

Elliot Grainge’s family moved to the US in 2009 aged 16 owing to his father’s profession. Elliot chose to study in the U.S. while his family moved. He studied sociology and economics at Northeastern University in Boston. After finishing college, he returned to Los Angeles to pursue his profession and hobbies.Born in the UK, Elliot Grainge grew up there. Son of Lucian Grainge and Samantha Berg, his first wife. Elliot was exposed to music early by his father, Universal Music Group CEO. The Grange family moved to America in 2009.

Elliot attended Northeastern University in Boston. He ran a bottle service club promotion firm for Boston dance and hip hop venues while a student. He joined his family in Los Angeles after graduating from Northeastern with a bachelor’s degree. This change was crucial to his music career.

Love story of Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge

Sofia and Elliot Grainge’s love story began when Sofia’s father, Lionel Richie, and Elliot’s father, Sir Lucian Grainge, Universal Music Group’s Chairman and CEO, were boyhood friends. However, their romance became public in early 2021.

Sofia first mentioned Elliot on social media in March 2021, but they kept their connection low-key until April. Elliot was close to Sofia’s brother Miles and close friends for years, sources said. Elliot was liked by Sofia’s family.

They bought a $25.9 million property in August 2021, which deepened their love. They moved to a $41 million Los Angeles house months later.

Elliot proposed to Sofia in April 2022 with flowers and candles, resulting in their engagement. Sofia converted to Judaism after their engagement, calling it one of her finest life experiences.

In April of that year, the pair married in a grandiose week-long ceremony in the south of France. Their Maldives getaway and wedding went viral online.

Their love story shows that the best choice in life may have always been there.

How Sofia Richie And Elliot Grainge Met

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s 2022 engagement stunned many, although they’ve been together for years. Sofia’s father, Lionel Richie, worked and befriended Elliot Grainge’s father, Sir Lucian.

Despite their friendship, Sofia and Elliot first dated secretly. They announced their relationship on Instagram in April 2021.

After his daughter’s announcement, Lionel Richie told Access Hollywood, “I love Elliot. I’ve known him since he was 12… I didn’t have to check the kid again. I recognize them.”

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s friendship is enhanced by their family connection.

Sofia Richie And Elliot Grainge’s No Expense Spared Wedding

Elliot Grainge and Sofia Richie married at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes on April 22, 2023. Lionel Richie, Sofia’s father, walked her down the aisle. In a Vogue interview on her wedding day, she described Elliot as the guy of her dreams and expressed her joy.

Elliot and Sofia’s wedding cost hasn’t been publicized, but they clearly went all out. One allegation suggests they spent $1.5 million to hire the hotel for the weekend. A premium villa costs $32,000 a night, while the cheapest room costs $2,300. The grandiose affair may have cost $10 million, according to some accounts.

How Much Is Sofia Richie’s Husband, Elliot Grainge Worth?

Multiple sites say that record label founder Elliot Grainge is worth $10 million. However, his fiancée Sofia Richie is worth roughly $8 million.

Lucian Grainge, Universal Music Group chairman and CEO, is Elliot’s father and worth $50 million. However, Sofia Richie’s father, Lionel Richie, has a $230 million wealth.

His social media 

Elliot Grainge has an Instagram account but hasn’t posted. He frequently appears on Sofia Richie’s social media despite his deactivated Instagram account. Sofia posted a cute TikTok video showing her getting dressed with Elliot narrating. Their fans can see their relationship through this encounter.

Intresting facts

Executive and entrepreneur Elliot Grainge works in music. I last knew him as the CEO and founder of 10K Projects, a record label and entertainment firm, in September 2021. Key Elliot Grainge facts:

  • CEO of 10K Projects: Elliot Grainge launched the record label and entertainment firm in 2016. The company has signed and promoted musicians of all genres.
  • Musical Ventures: 10K Projects has collaborated with Trippie Redd, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Iann Dior, and others. The label has released albums and singles in numerous genres.
  • Elliott Grainge’s family is deeply involved in music. He is the son of Universal Music Group chairman and CEO Lucian Grainge.
  • Entrepreneurship: Elliot Grainge founded a record label that became successful in the music industry.


Elliot Grainge, the CEO and founder of 10K Projects, a successful record label and entertainment firm, is a famous music industry personality. His father, Lucian Grainge, is Universal Music Group Chairman and CEO, hence he was raised in the music industry.

Elliot founded 10K Projects in 2016, working alongside Trippie Redd, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and Iann Dior. His talent scouting, especially on SoundCloud, has helped his label earn many gold and platinum hits.

Despite losing his mother after birth, Elliot Grainge has made a name for himself in music. His UK upbringing, including his Take That bar mitzvah, enriched his life. Soccer and his father’s love impacted his childhood.

In 2021, Elliot’s relationship with Sofia Richie became public. They celebrated their love at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France, with a grandiose wedding.

The music and entertainment business continues to benefit from Elliot Grainge’s perseverance and ingenuity.

Certainly! Elliot Grainge FAQs:

Q: Elliot Grainge—who?

A: Entrepreneur Elliot Grainge founded and runs 10K Projects, a musical label and entertainment firm.

Q: What’s 10K Projects?

A: Elliot Grainge created independent record label 10K Projects in 2016. It has signed and promoted musicians from numerous genres.

Q: What artists do 10K Projects represent?

A: 10K Projects has worked with Trippie Redd, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Iann Dior, and Surfaces.

Q: Elliot Grainge’s background?

A: Elliot was born on November 6, 1993, to Universal Music Group Chairman and CEO Lucian Grainge and Samantha Berg. Originally from the UK, he moved to the US in 2009.

Q: Elliot Grainge met Sofia Richie how?

A: Elliott and Sofia Richie’s families have known each other for years due to their fathers’ music industry friendship. They announced their relationship in early 2021.

Q: Elliot Grainge married Sofia Richie when?

A: Elliot and Sofia Richie married in Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes on April 22, 2023.

Q: How much is Elliot Grainge worth?

A: Multiple sources estimate Elliot Grainge’s net worth at $10 million.

Q: How much is Sofia Richie worth?

A: Sofia Richie may be worth $8 million.

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