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Ensuring Efficient A/C Performance During Florida’s Intense Heatwaves

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TAMPA, Fla. – In the midst of scorching temperatures, maintaining an efficient air conditioning (A/C) system in Florida is not only a comfort issue but also a financial one. Matt Cook of Tampa Bay Home Solutions shares insights on keeping A/C systems running smoothly.

Record-Breaking Heat and Rising Demand for A/C Services

  • Historical Heat: This year has seen record-breaking temperatures as early as July, leading to unprecedented heat advisories.
  • High Demand: The extreme weather has resulted in a surge of service calls, causing delays in technician availability.

Understanding Your A/C’s Needs

  • Breathing Requirement: A/C systems need to ‘breathe’ properly to function efficiently. Obstructions can lead to stress and increased energy costs.

Essential Maintenance Tips

  1. Regular Filter Replacement:
    • Change air filters monthly.
    • Recommended Type: MERV 5 filter.
  2. Coil Maintenance:
    • Keep the condensing unit coils clean.
    • Avoid pressure washers; opt for professional cleaning with specialized coil cleaners.
  3. Unclogging the Condensation Line:
    • Use a shop vac to clear any blockages.

Realistic Temperature Settings

  • Ideal Temperature Difference: A/C systems are designed to cool interiors by about 20 degrees from the outside temperature.
  • Avoid Overworking: Setting the temperature too low during extreme heat can strain the system.

Advice on Daily Temperature Settings

  • During High Heat: It’s advisable to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day.
  • Energy Savings Myth: Adjusting temperatures drastically can lead to more energy consumption, not less.

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