Henry Hayter Short
Henry Hayter Short

Henry Hayter Short: A Journey Through Life, Family, and Passion

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Henry Hayter Short

Meet Henry Hayter Short, the son of the beloved American actor, writer, comedian, and producer, Martin Short. Henry became a part of this famous family through adoption by his parents, Martin and Nancy Dolman.

Growing up in the limelight, with siblings Katherine and Patrick, Henry’s life has been colored by the entertainment world that his family thrives in. The influence of his family’s background might very well have ignited his own passion for showbiz.

This article goes into Henry’s life story, looking at his upbringing, career, and the effects of losing his mother Nancy Dolman. Let us examine this amazing person in more detail and see how his family dynamics have shaped him into the person he is now.

Education And Early Life Of Henry Hayter Short

Henry Hayter Short made a decision that mirrored his older brother Oliver Patrick’s choice by opting for the University of Notre Dame. Throughout his years there, Henry dived into a variety of activities that showcased his diverse interests.

He became part of the men’s club water polo team, not just refining his swimming skills but also building some great friendships along the way. Fishing was another passion he pursued, joining the fishing club and indulging in his love for it.

Taking charge as the ski and snowboard club captain, Henry showcased his leadership skills, proving himself as someone who could rally a team. When he finally graduated in 2012 with a finance degree, it wasn’t just a certificate; it was a culmination of years filled with experiences, learning, and the bonds he forged that will last a lifetime.


Henry Hayter Short’s upbringing in a family buzzing with artistic talent naturally sparked his interest in creative expression. While we might not have a complete picture of Henry’s pursuits, growing up in a household bursting with creativity gives us a peek into his profound love for the arts.

Initially diving into the corporate world, Henry took on a consulting role within the Managed Solutions Group at the Royal Bank of Canada. This experience laid a strong foundation for him, shaping his skills. Later, he transitioned to an analyst role, refining his knack for analysis.

However, his true sense of fulfillment blossomed in an entirely different field. Today, he’s found his true calling as a veterinary assistant at the prestigious Malibu Coast Animal Hospital. Here, his wholehearted dedication shines through as he devotes himself to the health and happiness of animals, driven by a profound compassion for their well-being.

Henry’s unconventional career journey reflects his ability to embrace multiple passions and lead a life that’s deeply meaningful and purposeful.

What Age Is The Last Son Of Martin Short?

Henry Hayter Short, currently 34, entered this world on August 4, 1989, in Los Angeles County, California, USA. His biological parentage remains a mystery, but he was embraced into the loving arms of Martin Short and Nancy Dolman through adoption. Henry’s adoption marks a significant chapter in his life, and his adoptive parents are renowned comedic actors in Canada.

A proud Leo, Henry hails from an English and Irish heritage. He holds a unique position among Martin Short and Nancy Dolman’s children, being the youngest and joining the family approximately nine years after their marriage. He grew up alongside two older siblings, both also lovingly welcomed into the family through adoption.

How Did Martin Short And Nancy Dolman Meet To Become His Parents?

Back in 1972, Martin Short and Nancy Dolman first connected while working on the production of Godspell. With time, their closeness deepened and they decided to move their relationship further. Eight years later, in 1980, they began a new chapter in their lives together by sealing their vows in front of their loved ones, friends, and family in a stunning wedding ceremony. Their love story even captured attention and admiration, landing a feature in the February 1987 edition of Vogue magazine.

After tying the knot, Nancy Dolman chose to step away from the entertainment industry in 1985. Her focus shifted to nurturing their growing family while Martin continued his work. Pacific Palisades became their home base, and they also had a residence in Ontario, Canada, nestled along Lake Rosseau.

Who Is Henry Hayter Short’s Father, Martin Short?

Martin Short is well-known in the Canadian entertainment industry for his exceptional comedic, acting, and writing abilities that have made many people laugh. He was born on March 26, 1950, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and has had a remarkable career in both television and film. Works like “Three Amigos!” and “Father of the Bride” demonstrate his continuing impact on the big screen.

Not only that, but Martin’s comedic brilliance was evident in sketch comedy shows as well; particularly during his tenure on “Saturday Night Live,” his characters became cherished mainstays in homes across the nation.  His knack for quick wit, spot-on impressions, and a magnetic stage presence set him apart.

Yet, beyond the glitz and glamour, what truly sets Martin apart is his genuine warmth and down-to-earth nature, earning him love from fans and respect from peers. Whether commanding the Broadway stage or hosting prestigious awards, his talent knows no bounds. Even in animated films, his unmistakable voice leaves a lasting impression.

As time goes on, Martin Short continues to captivate audiences with his extraordinary talent and an irresistible charm that’s truly one of a kind.

Nancy Dolman Is The Mother Of Henry Hayter Short

Nancy Dolman’s name brings to mind both elegance and talent, reflecting her incredible acting skills and her unwavering commitment to making a difference. Born on September 26, 1951, she made a mark not only in entertainment but also in philanthropy, leaving a lasting impact on both fronts.

Her portrayal of Annie Selig Tate in the TV series “Soap” showcased her acting prowess, winning hearts with her magnetic presence on screen. But Nancy’s impact stretched far beyond her acting career. Her genuine dedication to philanthropic causes illuminated her compassionate soul. She passionately supported various initiatives centered around health, education, and community empowerment, driven by her heartfelt desire to create positive change.

Nancy Dolman tragically died in 2010, taking her life too soon. Nevertheless, her reputation endures because of the outstanding contributions she made and the long-lasting effects she had on people, both in the entertainment industry and in her charitable work.

Siblings Of Henry Hayter Short

Martin Short’s children, Nancy, Kat, and Oliver Patrick, embody a family deeply committed to excellence, driven by their individual passions. Together, they form a dynamic trio, each leaving a lasting mark in their respective fields while contributing meaningfully to society’s fabric.

Katherine Short

Katherine Elizabeth Short, born on December 3, 1983, carved her path with dedication. She earned a BA in psychology and gender sexuality studies from NYU in 2006 and later pursued a master’s in social work from USC in 2010. Her internship at Public Counsel, a pro bono law firm, and training in West L.A. fortified her skills.

Beyond academia, Katherine dedicated four years to volunteering at UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, blending her academic background with hands-on experience. In her private clinical social work, she goes above and beyond, organizing community outreach, family support groups, peer sessions, and crucial psychotherapy.

Her commitment extends beyond her practice; Katherine collaborates with Bring Change 2 Mind, raising awareness about mental health stigma. Notably, she’s shared moments at notable events like The Producers’ afterparty and Bette Midler’s “Hulaween,” showcasing her close bond with her father and their mutual support.

Oliver Patrick

Oliver Patrick Short’s journey began on April 29, 1986, amidst the captivating world of entertainment. His educational stint at the University of Notre Dame unveiled his leadership talents, evident as he coached women’s ice hockey and captained the men’s snowboard team, inspiring those around him.

Graduating in 2008 with a degree in film and television production, Oliver ventured behind the scenes of the entertainment realm, starting humbly as an executive assistant at Warner Bros. Pictures.

Over time, Oliver deepened his involvement across esteemed organizations like FOX Sports, MLB Network, and NBC Sports, diversifying his professional repertoire from production to other roles.

Amidst their individual pursuits, Oliver, alongside his family, graced significant events, highlighting their ties to the industry. Their attendance at various gatherings, like the Night Of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Benefit, exemplifies their shared love for entertainment and their strong familial bond.

The unmistakable connection between Oliver and his family reflects their shared passion and genuine affection for the captivating world they’re all a part of.

Henry’s Father Is An Award Winning Entertainer

Let’s zoom in on Henry’s dad, Martin Short, the well-known Canadian comedian, actor, and writer. His journey began on March 26, 1950, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, stepping into a world brimming with diverse talents.

His mom, Olive Grace, was a concertmaster, while his dad, Charles Patrick Short, held a high-up role at Stelco, a major Canadian steel company. With roots deeply tied to English and Irish heritage, Martin’s Canadian identity was further shaped by his Aries zodiac sign.

His education at Westdale Secondary School and McMaster University laid the groundwork for Martin’s future in acting. As he stepped into the world of entertainment, fame awaited. Throughout the 1970s, he amassed over 100 credits as an actor, earning accolades like Tony Awards and Primetime Awards for his exceptional talent and unforgettable performances.

Martin Short stands tall as a figure recognized and cherished in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on audiences around the globe.

Death Of Henry Hayter Short’s Mother

Nancy Dolman faced a tough battle with ovarian cancer, and her resilience throughout was nothing short of remarkable. Sadly, on August 21, 2010, at the age of 58, she passed away, leaving her loved ones and fans deeply saddened.

In line with her wishes, Nancy was cremated, and a heartfelt farewell took place at the family’s serene cottage, nestled by the peaceful shores of Lake Rosseau in Ontario, Canada. During this emotional goodbye, a touching musical elegy titled “A Great Remember (For Nancy)” was composed by a family member, capturing the depth of feelings her memory stirred.

Even though Nancy Dolman is no longer with us in the physical sense, her spirit remains vibrant, and the profound impact she made during her lifetime continues to resonate. Her memory remains cherished by all who were fortunate enough to have known her.

What Does The Son Of Martin Short Do For A Living?

Henry Hayter Short has been pretty private about his career, choosing to keep it out of the public eye. However, a bit of insight surfaced during a July 2019 episode of “Conan,” where his dad, Martin Short, hinted that one of his sons, other than the eldest involved in film production, works in finance management. It’s likely that Henry is the son being mentioned.

According to info from his LinkedIn profile, Henry currently works as a veterinary assistant at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital. While his earnings and net worth aren’t public knowledge, it’s clear he’s found success in his chosen career path, much like his siblings.

As for his personal life, details about his relationships remain a mystery. He could be married or single—we’ll just have to wait and see if time sheds light on that front.

Where Is Henry Hayter Short Now?

Growing up in the shadow of his father’s fame, Henry Hayter Short has deliberately chosen a path away from the spotlight, opting for a more private life. This decision has led to a scarcity of information about his current activities and whereabouts.

Occasional glimpses of Henry have emerged alongside his father, Martin Short, offering brief moments for the public to catch a glimpse of him. Despite the limited understanding of his present life, our sincere hope is that Henry is navigating his way toward a life filled with happiness, contentment, and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Henry Hayter Short, an American citizen of Caucasian descent, is someone who prioritizes his career aspirations. He’s deeply focused on his goals and enjoys the art of performing.
  • Henry considers museums to be among his favourite locations to explore and rest in his free time since they provide him with inspiration and comfort.
  • Henry’s graduation from the University of Notre Dame in 2012 was a significant turning point in his academic career.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here Are Some (FAQs) About Henry Hayter Short:

Who is Henry Hayter Short?
Henry Hayter Short is the youngest child of Martin Short and Nancy Dolman, who were both renowned figures in the entertainment industry. He was adopted into the Short family and has two older siblings, Katherine, and Oliver Patrick.

What is Henry Hayter Short’s educational background?
Henry studied finance at Notre Dame. He joined water polo, fishing, and ski and snowboard groups.

What is Henry Hayter Short’s career?
Henry became a veterinary assistant at Malibu Coast Animal Hospital after working as a finance consultant and analyst. He cares for animals.

How old is Henry Hayter Short?
Henry Hayter Short was born on August 4, 1989. As of now, he is 34 years old.

Who are Henry Hayter Short’s parents?
Henry’s adoptive parents are Martin Short and Nancy Dolman. Martin Short is a well-known Canadian actor, comedian, and writer, while Nancy Dolman was an actress and philanthropist.

How did Martin Short and Nancy Dolman meet?
Martin Short and Nancy Dolman met during the production of “Godspell” in 1972. They eventually got married in 1980 after years of being in a relationship.

What happened to Henry Hayter Short’s mother, Nancy Dolman?
Ovarian cancer killed Nancy Dolman in 2010. Her acting and philanthropy were well-known.

What are Henry Hayter Short’s siblings’ names and professions?
Henry’s siblings are Katherine and Oliver Patrick. Katherine is involved in clinical social work and mental health initiatives, while Oliver Patrick has worked in the entertainment industry, including roles at Warner Bros. Pictures and other organizations.

What is Henry Hayter Short’s current status?
Henry Hayter Short has chosen to maintain a private life away from the public eye. While details about his current endeavors and whereabouts are limited, he is known to have pursued a career as a veterinary assistant.

What is Henry Hayter Short’s net worth?
Henry’s net worth is not publicly accessible. However, he has established a respectable net worth through his work.

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