How Extravagant Money is Destroying Soccer?

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The beautiful game of soccer never disappoints. Be it the El Classico or the Manchester Derby, there are always millions of people watching this sport. From kick-off to the final whistle, the uncertainty of this game makes it more interesting.

From Puskas to Messi and Ronaldo to Neymar, the world of soccer has always been star-studded. Among all the sports, there is never a dull moment in a soccer game. However, this popularity has created traction for money. With the influx of money, a lot of negatives have emerged. More than a sport, soccer is becoming a profitable business.

Consequently, it is attracting youth to make money. Instead of sportsmanship or fair play, the youth’s motivation is shifting towards the money involved. In this article, we’ll explore how money is damaging the beautiful game of soccer. In addition, we’ll see how soccer clubs benefit from this new business model. So, without any delay, let’s get started: 

  1. The Effect on Historical Clubs 

The clubs like Nottingham Forest and Celtic are forgotten. Such clubs have been European Champions. Although, they still have fans on their side. But unfortunately, do not have the resources. And that is why, they don’t get into the limelight anymore.

With money involved, such clubs don’t have the resources to buy star players. Moreover, they can’t upgrade their facilities, which adds to dismal results. Moreover, an economic gap has been created, allowing big clubs to stamp over other clubs. Owing to influential money, historical clubs are dying a slow death.

  1. Broadcasting Rights

Would you believe it if we told you that the last three clubs in the Premier League earn more than the top three Spanish clubs? Why? Simply because broadcasters give them more money.

The broadcasters have hijacked the leagues, binding them to years-long contracts. 

But how does this affect clubs? The clubs get loads of money and fans have to pay an additional amount to watch their team play. Apparently, it seems that clubs and associations are the authority. 

But, it’s otherwise. The broadcasters decide on the schedule of matches. Also, it’s the broadcaster’s discretion to decide the time of matches.

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  1. Fans Exploitation

The commercialization of sports has not only damaged the sport itself. Fans have also come under the bus. Being a soccer fan has become expensive. Over the past few years, the soccer clubs have raised season tickets. With the only objective of making more money, their greed has dented the passion among the fans.

Due to merchandising and branding with premium brands, it has become almost impossible for fans to buy the club’s merchandise. For an average supporter, buying items and shirts has become difficult.

Talking about shirts, a new trend has been launched by the clubs. In the past, only home and away kits existed. Now, third, fourth, and sometimes, mid-season “Inspired By” kits are introduced. Why? To increase revenue in sales!

  1. Dumping Leagues

Countries like Saudi Arabia, the USA, China, Japan, and India are gradually becoming the dumping ground for European Soccer. Although, one should be happy about soccer’s promotion in such countries. However, that is not the case.

For aging players, it is understandable to earn bucks in less competitive leagues. But when players like Oscar and Riqui Puig, aged 26 and 22 joined such leagues, there can be only one motive.

Such countries don’t work on the grassroots level. Instead, they use money to attract star players. Consequently, the motive of the game changes. Also, it makes competitive leagues dull.

  1. Financial Fair Play

In recent times, UEFA found 9 clubs breaching the financial fair play system. As a regulatory body, it ensures that no club spends more than it earns. The motive is to make the game fair and eliminate the influence of money.

Top clubs like Man City, PSG, and Juventus were also on the list. Needless to say, these clubs are very successful at the European level. Moreover, the dirty money enters the game via breaching financial fair play. All UEFA can do is penalize such clubs, which they readily accept and pay. 

Bottom Line

The beautiful game of soccer is dying. More than a sport, it has become a profitable business model. Too much money involved has diverted player’s intentions. To ensure that soccer stays as it was, strict financial regulations should be introduced by the regulatory bodies.

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