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John Summit Age
John Summit Age

John Summit Age: How Old Is He Now?

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Who Is John Summit?

John Summit—also known as John Schuster—is a famous American electronic musician. He was born in Chicago on July 29, 1994. Over the years, he has become a top DJ and producer of electronic dance music.

John Summit has influenced some of the world’s largest events. Known events that he has graced the stages of include Coachella, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Detroit’s Movement festival, and Las Vegas’ Electric Daisy Carnival.

Notable achievements were his collaboration with Sofi Tukker on the song “Sun Came Up,” which reached the top 40 and ascended the charts. This success underscores his talent in creating music that resonates with audiences and achieves chart-topping status.

In 2022, John Summit ventured into a new project by establishing his own record label called “Off The Grid Records.” This platform reflects his dedication to nurturing emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

His track titled “Human” achieved the remarkable feat of securing the number 1 position on the US Dance Radio charts. This accomplishment serves as a testament to John Summit’s innovative skills and enduring impact on the electronic music genre.

John Summit Age

John Summit, a prominent figure in the electronic dance music scene, embodies the vibrant spirit and creative energy that come with his 29 years of life. His journey began on July 29, 1994, and as the years have unfolded, he finds himself at the crossroads of youthful enthusiasm and seasoned artistry. Each passing year has added to his musical prowess, shaping him into the artist we know today.

Despite his tender age of 29, John Summit has already left an indelible mark on the music industry. What sets him apart is the remarkable musical maturity he brings to his craft. He intricately blends beats, melodies, and rhythms in his work, showcasing a level of skill that defies his years. This harmonious blend of youthfulness and musical sophistication gives his creations a unique and dynamic quality that resonates with audiences spanning generations.

John Summit Wikipedia

The likelihood is that if you like house music, you are familiar with the name John Summit. He is a DJ and producer from the energetic city of Chicago who has been generating buzz in the dance music industry. With hits like “Human,” “Deep End,” “Make Me Feel,” and “La Danza” that have accumulated millions of Spotify streams between them, John Summit has been releasing hit after hit. Some of the top names in the business have expressed their respect and praise of him due to his musical skill.

John Summit has graced some of the most famous festivals and clubs in the globe, not to mention creating waves on the radio. His performances have lit up stages at well-known gatherings like Movement Electronic Music Festival, Tomorrowland, Coachella, and Lollapalooza, cemented his standing as a major player in the world of dance music.

NameJohn Summit
ProfessionDisc Jockey
Age29 Years Old
Birth DateJuly 29, 1994
Birth PlaceChicago, America
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Height5.8 Feet
GirlfriendNot Known
Weight71 kg

John Summit Biography

John Summit’s full name is John Walter Schuster, and he entered the world in Chicago, Illinois, on July 29, 1994. Growing up, he was surrounded by the harmonious rhythms of a musical family; his father displayed his drumming skills, and his sister, Brooke, showcased her vocal talents. It was in this environment that his early musical journey began, tickling the ivories of the piano from a tender age and nurturing his creative side with a passion for filmmaking during his high school years.

His introduction to the mesmerizing world of electronic music occurred in the vibrant cultural events of Chicago. Here, he was first exposed to the classic house beats that his hometown was renowned for. The genre’s allure captured his heart, and he embarked on the path of music production, using FL Studio as his creative canvas. Simultaneously, he embarked on a self-taught journey into DJing, utilizing YouTube tutorials and his trusty laptop for practice.

In addition, education was very important in John Summit’s life. He completed his master’s in accounting at the University of Florida after receiving his bachelor’s from Illinois. His ability to juggle music and school shows his devotion. Nights were often reserved for DJing, while the daytime hours were devoted to studying. At one point, he even worked as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), showcasing his commitment to his studies and career.

However, the magnetic pull of music proved irresistible. Eventually, John Summit made the courageous decision to leave behind his career as a CPA and fully embrace his musical calling, committing himself wholeheartedly to the world of electronic music.

John Summit Early Life

John Summit, whose birth name is John Walter Schuster, entered this world on July 29, 1994, right in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. He was raised in a musical household; his father was a drummer and his sister, Brooke, sang well. John began playing the piano at an early age, fascinated by music.

During his high school years, another artistic passion blossomed within him – filmmaking. It was a time of self-discovery and experimentation for John, where he explored the creative realms of sound and visuals.

His introduction to electronic music happened right in his hometown of Chicago. Attending various cultural events, he was exposed to the classic house beats that had deep roots in the city. The allure of this genre captured his heart, and he decided to dive into music production. Armed with FL Studio, he began crafting his own tracks, driven by a desire to contribute to the soundscape he had fallen in love with.

John Summit’s journey into DJing was a self-taught adventure. He used his laptop to practice and perfect his mixing techniques by following YouTube lessons.

Education was very essential to him. He studied accounting at Illinois and Florida, where he earned a master’s degree. Balancing his academic pursuits with his passion for music, John Summit often found himself DJing into the night and hitting the books during the day. He even worked as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for a period, demonstrating his dedication to his studies.

However, the magnetic pull of music was too strong to resist. Eventually, John Summit made the bold decision to leave his accounting career behind and fully embrace his musical aspirations, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to the world of electronic music.

John Summit Career

John Summit’s career is a narrative woven with dedication, homage, and hard-earned triumph in the world of electronic dance music. When he adopted the stage name “John Summit,” he did so as a heartfelt tribute to his grandfather, the musician John Summitt, forging a deep connection between his own journey and his family’s musical legacy. He embarked on his artistic path by sharing his music on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, where his entrancing compositions quickly captured the attention of local DJs and promoters who recognized his innate talent.

Driven by his aspirations, John Summit proactively reached out to labels and established artists whose work he admired, seeking feedback and potential collaborations. It was a breakout moment for him when he released “Deep End” in 2020.

Infused with an irresistible vocal sample from Destiny’s Child’s “Jumpin’ Jumpin’,” the track became an instant sensation. Its viral success on platforms like TikTok, coupled with its remarkable performance on Spotify, catapulted it to the summit of the US Dance Radio chart. Moreover, it secured an impressive sixth-place position on the UK Dance chart, forever altering the trajectory of his burgeoning career.

John Summit Tour Detail

September 1, 2023Electric Zoo 2023New York City, NY1:00 pm
September 1, 2023ARC Music Festival 2023Chicago, IL7:00 pm
September 2, 2023ARC After Dark with John Summit at RadiusChicago, IL10:00 pm
September 3, 2023EZoo AfterpartyBrooklyn, NY10:30 pm
September 9, 2023Factory 93 Presents: Everything AlwaysSeattle, WA3:00 pm
September 14, 2023Imagine Music Festival 2023Rome, GA1:00 pm
September 22, 2023Life is Beautiful Festival 2023Las Vegas Downtown, NV7:00 pm
September 22, 2023FWD Day + NightClubCleveland, OH9:30 pm
October 2, 2023EDC China 2023Suzhou, China7:00 pm
October 7, 2023SavayaKabupaten Badung, Indo1:00 pm
October 13, 2023Defected Dubai 2023Dubai, United Arab Emir7:00 pm
October 21, 2023III Points 2023Miami, FL3:00 pm
October 22, 2023Club SpaceMiami, FL11:00 pm
October 26, 2023HulaweenLive Oak, FL12:00 pm
October 27, 2023Hell’s Gala 2023New Orleans, LA7:00 pm
October 28, 2023Mardi Gras WorldNew Orleans, LA9:00 pm
October 29, 2023Factory TownMiami, FL7:00 pm
November 3, 2023OTG presents: John Summit + Guests TBAStanford, CA5:00 pm
December 1, 2023KaufleutenZurich, Switzerland11:00 pm
December 16, 2023BMO StadiumLos Angeles, CA5:00 pm
December 30, 2023Decadence NYE 2023Denver, CO11:00 am
December 30, 2023Decadence AZ 2023Avondale, AZ7:00 pm
January 24, 2024Groove Cruise Miami 2024Miami, FL7:00 pm

John Summit Height & Weight

John Summit’s physical presence is a harmonious fusion of charisma and allure. He stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 8 inches, showcasing a stature that enhances his captivating musical persona. With an estimated weight of around 71 kg, he maintains a well-proportioned physique that adds to his overall engaging appearance.


Fans of John Summit may easily buy an extensive selection of items by visiting his official website. You may support his music and brand with the collection’s t-shirts, warm hoodies, fashionable caps, masks, stickers, posters, and a host of other goods.

Should you be fortunate enough to see one of his live performances or events, you may also be able to purchase his products there, providing you with the chance to acquire some unique pieces and make enduring memories of your time spent with him.

John Summit Girlfriend

One of John Summit’s well-known personal styles is keeping a low profile. Upon perusing his social media accounts, you will not come across any pictures or information about his romantic affiliations or dating situation. His profession and music seem to be his main priorities at the moment, with him keeping his personal affairs quiet and letting his work take center stage.

John Summit Net Worth

In the year 2023, John Summit’s net worth was a staggering $1 million. His successful music career is his main source of money. He’s recorded multiple hit songs and albums, enthralling fans worldwide with his music. His spectacular performances at many concerts and gatherings throughout the world have also made a substantial financial contribution.

In addition to his music endeavors, John Summit has ventured into the world of merchandise. He has his own apparel company and sells a variety of goods, such as chic t-shirts and shirts. Through this business endeavor, he may increase his revenue and foster a more intimate relationship between his brand and his followers.


Chicago, Illinois-born John Summit is a gifted American electronic musician who was born on July 29, 1994, as John Walter Schuster. Being up in a musical household, he picked up filmmaking and piano early on. But he was first exposed to electronic music by the thriving Chicago music scene, which encouraged him to pursue a career as a producer and DJ.

At 29, John Summit has had two number-one singles: “Deep End” and “Human.” He headlines major electronic dance music festivals worldwide.

In 2022, John Summit expanded his influence by launching his record label, “Off The Grid Records,” with a focus on nurturing emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

John Summit maintains a quiet profile in his personal life, but his commitment to his career and love of music have helped him amass a $1 million net worth as of 2023. John Summit is an electronic music icon who never fails to enthrall listeners with his unique combination of young enthusiasm and melodic finesse.

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