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Jovi Lieberher

Jovi Lieberher Biography, Age, Height, Parents Net Worth, Little Sister of Jaeden Martell

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Jovi Lieberher is an American actress best known for being the younger sister of actor Jaeden Martell. She has appeared in several films, including It (2017), It Chapter Two (2019), and Uncle Frank (2020).

On December 10, 2014, Jovi was born in Philadelphia. She is the daughter of Angela and Kevin Lieberher. Her father is a businessman and her mother stays home. Jovi has two older siblings, Jaeden and Wyatt.

Jovi began her acting career at the age of six. She made her film debut in the 2017 horror film It. Georgie Denbrough, Bill’s younger brother, was her character. The picture grossed over $700 million worldwide and received positive reviews.

Jovi reprised her role as Georgie in the 2019 sequel, It Chapter Two. The picture grossed over $600 million worldwide and was well-received.

In 2020, Jovi appeared in the biographical drama film Uncle Frank. Beth Bledsoe, Paul Bettany’s younger sister, was her character. The film was critically acclaimed, and critics praised Jovi’s performance.

Jovi is a Hollywood rising star. She will surely have a long and prosperous career after appearing in multiple successful films.

Some Quick Details About Jovi Lieberher

NameJovi Lieberher
Age8 years old (born December 10, 2014)
BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Known forCelebrity Sibling
Lucky Number2
Lucky StoneTurquoise
Marital StatusSingle
Eye ColorDark Green
Hair ColorBlonde
EducationThe Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Jovi Lieberher Biography

Jovi Lieberher was born in the United States on December 9th, 2014. Her birthplace is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is located within the country. Jovi belongs to the White ethnic community and has a fair complexion.


Jovi Lieberher, after completing her preschool/nursery school education, is now a student in elementary school. She attends a top American elementary school. Reports indicate that Jovi is following in the footsteps of her brother, Jaeden Martell, who has excelled academically. She is doing well in her academic pursuits and thriving in her educational journey.


Jovi Lieberher is still a child. She’s enjoying her childhood and making others happy with her sweet nature. Jovi’s smile can brighten anyone’s day. Since she’s still learning, she’s focused on her studies. She’ll likely work when she’s older. Jovi may initially be noticed because of her brother Jaeden Martell’s reputation, but she will eventually become famous on her own.

Since 2013, Jovi’s brother Jaeden Martell has worked in Hollywood. At eight years old, he moved to Los Angeles to act. He worked under his family name, Lieberher, for six years. He adopted his mother’s maiden name, Martell, in 2019.

2013’s “Grief” was Jaeden’s acting debut. He appeared in “St. Vincent” and “Playing It Cool” in 2014, then “Aloha” and “Framed: The Adventure of Zion Man” in 2015. He also wrote “Midnight Special,” “The Confirmation,” “The Book of Henry,” and “It.”

Jaeden starred in five films in 2019: “The Lodge,” “Low Tide,” “The True Adventures of Wolfboy,” “It Chapter Two,” and “Knives Out.” The 2020 mini-series “Defending Jacob” boosted his career, and he previously acted in “Masters of Sex” and “American Dad!“n. Jaeden Martell’s acting career is thriving.

Relationship Status

Jovi Lieberher is presumably single at this point. She probably hasn’t had a romantic connection yet due to her early age. Her elders lavish love and care for her as the youngest kid. Jovi is adorable and cute.

Jovi’s beauty and happiness make her a crowd-pleaser. She’s a fantastic sister and child. Given her lovable traits, it wouldn’t be shocking if she gets into a relationship when she’s older.

Jovi Lieberher Age, Birthday, Nationality

Lieberher was 8 when this piece appeared. Her birthday falls on December 9th, which makes her zodiac sign Sagittarius. Jovi Lieberher has a hair color that can be described as light brown, complemented by a pair of dark brown eyes. She has a fair complexion, indicating that she belongs to the White ethnic group.

Does Jovi Lieberher Have Any Siblings?

Lieberher has three siblings, one of whom is the well-known Jaeden Martell. Her other siblings are Sydney and Hayes. Among them, Jaeden is the eldest brother.

Their loving mother, Bree, sometimes shares photos of her children on her Facebook page. In July 2017, she posted a rare family picture featuring Jovi and her siblings.

Jovi Lieberher Parents: Meet Her Mother And Father

Lieberher is fortunate to have loving parents. Her father, Wes Lieberher, is known for his work as an executive chef at Beer Belly and Whiz in Los Angeles. He shares the same father as Jaeden Martell, the actor.

Jovi’ Family

Jovi’s mother is referred to as Bree Lieberher, but her full name is not readily available. Unlike her husband, Bree is not very active on social media platforms.

On July 26, 2022, her parents will celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary.

Wes maintains an active presence on Instagram with the username @chefweslieberher. He frequently shares updates about his family members with his followers through social networking sites.

Jovi Lieberher Brother Jaeden Martell

Jaeden Matell is well featured on Google!

Jaeden Martell, an American actor, was born on January 4, 2003, which means he is currently 20 years old (as of 2024). He changed his name from Jaeden Lieberher to Jaeden Martell in 2019.

At 8, Jaeden moved to Los Angeles and began acting in commercials. Some notable commercials he was part of include Hot Wheels, Google, Liberty Mutual, Hyundai, and more.

His breakthrough role came in 2014 with the film “St. Vincent,” in which he acted alongside Bill Murray. From there, he continued to showcase his talent in various films, including “The Book of Henry,” “It” and “It Chapter Two” as Bill Denbrough, “Knives Out,” and many others. Jaeden’s career is on the rise, and he has numerous opportunities to shine further in the industry.

There have been rumors about Jaeden being in a relationship with Lilia Buckingham, a dancer. Lilia shared a picture of them together on her Instagram on Valentine’s Day, but nothing has been officially confirmed or announced regarding their relationship status.

Jovi Lieberher Net Worth

As of January 2024, Jovi Lieberher does not have any known earnings or income because she is currently too young to work. She is still in her childhood phase and her main focus is on enjoying her youth and receiving an education. It is natural to expect that as she grows older, Jovi will eventually enter the workforce and have the opportunity to earn money through her chosen profession or career path.

Jovi Lieberher – Body Measurements

Jovi Lieberher With Her Dad And Brother

Jovi Lieberher’s height, weight, chest, waist, hip, bicep, and other physical measurements are unknown. These details have not been publicly disclosed or made available. Therefore, her physical measurements remain under review.

Jovi’s unusual beauty is enhanced by her blonde hair. Additionally, she has captivating dark green eyes that complement her features. While her body measurements are yet to be confirmed, these distinct attributes contribute to her overall charm and individuality.

Social Media Presence

Jovi Lieberher, who is young, does not have social media profile. Her social media presence is limited due to her youth. Her brother Jaeden, who is well-known online, posted a photo of her on Instagram. Jaeden’s Instagram has over 3.8 million followers.

Jovi will certainly get her own social media account as she gets older. Many teens and adults start and manage their social media accounts. She’ll be entertaining on social media when she’s older.

Jovi Lieber her’s Brother Instagram Account

Facts About jovi lieberher

  • Jovi Lieberher, sister of actor Jaeden Martell, became famous. Wes Lieberher and Bree, Wes’s second wife, had her.
  • Jovi’s family loves and cares for her as the youngest. Wes, her chef father, ran a food truck in 2014. His career’s evolution is remarkable.
  • Jovi is not on social media, but her brother Jaeden is. He has 3.8 million Instagram followers. This shows Jaeden’s fame and influence as an actor.
  • Jovi and her brother Jaeden are close, as shown through their interactions and support. They appreciate their sibling bond.
  • Jaeden’s maternal grandmother, Chisun Martell, is Korean, offering cultural richness.
  • It’s sweet to watch Jovi spending time with her family. She brightens their lives.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here Are Few (FAQs) About Jovi Lieberher:

Q: Who is Jovi Lieberher best known as?
A: Jovi Lieberher is best known as the sister of American actor Jaeden Martell.

Q: How old is Jovi Lieberher?
A: Jovi Lieberher is eight years old as of 2024, having been born on December 10, 2014.

Q: Does Jaeden Martell have any siblings?
A: Yes, Jaeden Martell has a sibling named Jovi Lieberher.

Q: Is Jovi Lieberher an actress?
A: No, Jovi Lieberher is not an actress. Jaeden Martell is her brother. She’s the younger sister of actor Jaeden Martell. She has had minor roles in her brother’s films.

Q: What are Jovi Lieberher’s future plans?
A: Jovi Lieberher is still young, so she hasn’t made any concrete plans for the future. She wants to act or sing. She wants to finish college.

Final Words

Jovi Lieberher, sister of actor Jaeden Martell, is talented and promising. Jovi, born in Philadelphia on December 10, 2014, has appeared in “It” (2017), “It Chapter Two” (2019), and “Uncle Frank” (2020). Jovi has charmed audiences despite her youth. Jovi’s entertainment potential is evident, but she’s now focused on school and childhood. Jovi is anticipated to make her mark in Hollywood like her brother, Jaeden Martell. Jovi may win over audiences worldwide with her attractive smile, sweet demeanor, and family support. Her brother Jaeden, who has a large Instagram following, often posts about their relationship. As Jovi improves, seeing her in more prominent roles on screen will be great. Her net worth is unknown, however, she may make a lot through acting.

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