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Sarah Mahmoodshahi Biography

Sarah Mahmoodshahi, a stay-at-home mother, rears her kids. She doesn’t have a quantifiable net worth as a result. She does odd jobs for nonprofits, though. The predicted net worth of her husband Joe Haden as of 2022 is $20 million.

Sarah boasts an exquisite physique, graced with a weight of 64 kg and standing tall at an impressive height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Sarah Mahmoodshahi Wiki 

Full NameSarah Mahmoodshahi
CountryUnited States
HusbandJoe Haden
Married StatusMarried
EducationFriendly High School
KidsJoey Haden, Jett Haden
InstagramSarah Mahmoodshahi Instagram


Joe accepted the proposal. After completing all positional workouts, he was eligible for the NFL Combine.

His performance of 4.52 seconds for the 40-yard sprint surprised observers. NFL cornerbacks typically play at this point, but he later admitted to having back issues.

Joe, Sarah’s partner, played cornerback in professional football. As a senior in high school, he started participating in football.

He guided his squad to a 14-0 record and the MPSSAA Class 3A State Championship in 2006, his senior year.

Along with NFL quarterback Tyrod Taylor, Joe was selected MVP of the National Underclassmen Combine camp in New Jersey.

Haden bravely departed Florida during his final year to enter the NFL Draft. He may have been selected in the first round, according to some draft analysts and scouts, therefore his selection was predicted.

He is the best cornerback prospect for the draft, according to and

Do you know about the professional life of Joe Haden?

  • Sarah’s NFL cornerback husband Joe was fantastic.
  • High school football started in his senior year.
  • He led his senior team to the 2006 MPSSAA Class 3A State Championship with a 14-0 record.
  • There was exceptional talent. His first MVP prize was shared with NFL quarterback Tyrod Taylor at the National Underclassmen Combine camp in New Jersey.
  • College graduation was vital for Haden. His talent was lauded when he left Florida for the NFL Draft
  • The first-round NFL draft pick of Joe fulfilled many draft gurus and scouts’ dreams.
  • and named him the top cornerback prospect

Sarah Mahmoodshahi Net Worth 

Sarah Mahmoodshahi is a dedicated stay-at-home mother who focuses on raising her children and taking care of her family. While her net worth might not be easily quantifiable in monetary terms due to her chosen role, she actively contributes by engaging in occasional tasks for nonprofit organizations. On the other hand, her husband Joe Haden, recognized for his career as an American football cornerback, is expected to have a net worth of approximately $20 million by 2022. His substantial earnings are not only a result of his successful football career but also stem from an impressive annual income of nearly $13 million.


The renowned NFL figure, Joe, and his wife Sarah, have been doubly blessed with the presence of their two adorable sons. Welcoming their first son, Joey Haden, in the pleasant month of September 2016, their joy expanded with the arrival of their second son, Jett Haden, gracing their lives in the cozy embrace of December 2018.

Turning our attention to Sarah Mahmoodshahi, her journey began in the vibrant tapestry of the 1980s. Although the exact moment of her entrance remains a delightful mystery, what’s clear is that she was born into the loving arms of her parents. A notable and heartwarming aspect of Sarah’s story is that she has gracefully traversed the threshold of three decades, indicating that she has now embarked on the journey past her 30th year, enriching her life with experiences and growth.

Childhood and education

Clearly, Sarah Mahmoodshahi hails from the United States, and her appearance suggests she’s likely in her 30s. She identifies as a Christian and proudly holds American nationality, reflecting the diversity that shapes her heritage. A snapshot on Instagram captures Sarah Mahmoodshahi and her brother, accompanied by a caption that tells their story.

Back in 2007, a significant milestone was achieved as Sarah successfully completed her education, earning a diploma from Friendly High School. This educational institution is located in the state of Maryland, USA.

Relationship status

Joined in matrimony with her husband Joe Haden, Sarah’s journey is that of a married couple. Joe, formerly a skilled American football cornerback, has transitioned into the business world. Their story began on March 25, 2010, when destiny brought them together at an Alicia Keys concert in the heart of Washington, D.C.

After three years of nurturing their relationship, they decided to take the plunge. On June 29, 2013, surrounded by love and joy, they exchanged vows. The enchanting venue for their union was the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, nestled in the picturesque beauty of Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

Within this loving union, Joseph and Sarah’s family blossomed with the arrival of their two adorable children. Their journey as parents commenced, with the blessing of two sons. The first, named Joey Haden, came into the world in September 2016. Not long after, in the embrace of December 2018, their second son, Jett Haden, made their family complete.

Facts & Trivia

Sarah’s prominence shines through as she graces the list of the most popular Family Members, a testament to her meaningful presence. Furthermore, she holds her place among the esteemed individuals born in the United States, earning her spot on the elite list of famous personalities. Each year, on the 27th of November, Sarah Haden joyfully celebrates her birthday, marking another year of her journey through life.

What is the term of Joe Haden’s contract?

Joe has recently secured a substantial deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, sealing a two-year contract worth $22,400,000. The agreement encompasses several key elements, such as a noteworthy signing bonus of $16,800,000, along with $16,800,000 guaranteed throughout the contract’s duration. When you average it out, Joe’s annual earnings from this deal sum up to an impressive $11,200,000. This new chapter in his career brings both financial rewards and exciting opportunities on the football field


In the bright 1980s, Sarah Mahmoodshahi was born to her parents at an unknown time. At 5 feet 10 inches and 64 lbs, she gracefully entered her 30s. As a Christian with a mixed heritage, she joyfully maintains American citizenship.

Sarah’s life changed when she met Joe Haden, a talented NFL cornerback, at an Alicia Keys performance in Washington, D.C. Three years of love led to their beautiful wedding at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach on June 29, 2013. Joey and Jett Haden, born in September 2016 and December 2018, respectively, grew their family.

Sarah Mahmoodshahi’s net worth may not be immediately quantifiable due to her work as a stay-at-home mother, but her husband Joe Haden’s successful profession as an American football defender has earned him $20 million as of 2022. Joe signed a lucrative contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, providing financial security and thrilling football chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Sarah Mahmoodshahi?

Sarah Mahmoodshahi, born in the 1980s, is over 30. She is a stay-at-home mother who occasionally helps nonprofits. She is married to former NFL cornerback Joe Haden.

2. Who is Joe Haden?

Former NFL cornerback Joe Haden. He had a good NFL career due to his skill. The Pittsburgh Steelers signed him to a big contract.

3. When did Sarah Mahmoodshahi marry Joe Haden?

Joe Haden married Sarah Mahmoodshahi on June 29, 2013. Their beautiful wedding was at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

4. Sarah Mahmoodshahi and Joe Haden have how many kids?

Joe Haden and Sarah Mahmoodshahi have two kids. Their sons Joey and Jett were born in September 2016 and December 2018, respectively.

5. What was Pittsburgh Steelers’ recent contract with Joe Haden?

Joe Haden signed a $22,400,000, two-year contract with the Steelers. The contract guarantees $16,800,000 and includes a $16,800,000 signing bonus, resulting in an average annual salary of $11,200,000.

6. How is Sarah Mahmoodshahi involved in nonprofits?

Sarah Mahmoodshahi occasionally helps nonprofits, but the report doesn’t say

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