Kaden Brent Carter

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Kaden Brent Carter is the half-brother of American artists Nick and Aaron Carter. His official name is “Kanden Brent Carter,” however people typically omit the ‘N’.

Nick Carter, born in 1980, became a Backstreet Boys vocalist aged 12.

He had a successful solo career with albums like “I’m Taking Off,” “Now or Never,” and “All American.”

Along with music, Nick acted and appeared in reality shows.

Aaron Carter, Nick’s seven-year-old younger brother, became a famous pop singer and rapper.

His hits include “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” and “Oh Aaron.”

Quick Facts

Full NameKaden Brent Carter
Date of Birth07 June, 2005
BirthplaceUnited States of America
ProfessionMusician, record producer, and singer-songwriter
Marital StatusSingle
Eye colourDark Brown
Hair colourBlonde
Father Robert Gene Carter
MotherGinger R. Elrod

Parents of Kaden Brent Carter?

Robert Gene Carter and Ginger Carter (Elrod) had Kaden on June 7, 2005, in Leesburg, Florida. As of January 2023, Carter is 17. He is White and American.

On April 1, 2004, Kaden’s parents married. Actually, Kaden’s father Robert “Bob” married three times and his mother Ginger once. Former husband and wife married in Key West, Florida in a simple ceremony. Robert and Ginger may have married until Ginger’s 2017 death. Bob died separated, according to his Facebook page. Bob may have been split from Ginger before his death, unless someone changed his relationship status. Ginger, Kaden’s mother, uses Bob’s surname, Carter. 

Kaden’s Father Dies Before Teenhood

Kaden Robert Carter, Brent’s father, died of a heart attack at home in Florida on May 16, 2017. He was 65. At 12, Kaden lost his father. He was close to his father and shared Facebook images with Robert.

On 17 May, his older brother Nick Carter tweeted about the tragedy. His first tweet read, “I am heartbroken to share the news that our father, Robert, passed away last night.” Nick requested privacy from fans and journalists in his second tweet.

Kaden Brent Carter girlfriends

The handsome Kaden has kept his private life quiet, like his early life. The gorgeous man has not mentioned whether he is single or has a partner. Nick’s brother appears to be single.

He is also one of the most eligible bachelors and enjoyed public and media attention and youth respect. Kaden is happy with his family, traveling and partying with coworkers.

Kaden seems to prefer spending time with family, friends, and close ones above dating.

Despite his silence regarding his genuine love life, Carter and his co-star have great connection.

His Current Relationships

The aspiring record producer is a dedicated, rising talent who tries to keep his profile low.

The charming man may be unmarried and hiding his relationship status or focused on his profession.

His Instagram account features photos of him with friends, family, and co-stars. Brent Carter is single as of 12 January 2023.


Kaden Brent Carter was born to Robert Gene and Ginger Elrod Carter. His parents only had one child, hence he has no biological siblings.

Kaden has 7 half-siblings, which is unusual.

Virginia Marie Carter, Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, Bobbie Carter, Angel Carter, and Leslie Carter are from his dad’s second marriage to Jane Elizabeth Carter.

His mother gave him a half-sister, Taelyn Dobson. Aaron and Angel Carter are twins from his father’s side.

Tragedy in the Family

Former kid pop star Aaron Carter died unexpectedly in November 2022.

He was found dead in his Lancaster, California, bathtub. Authorities found prescription medicines and drug paraphernalia in Aaron.

Drowning was later determined.

Aaron Carter drowned from sedatives and gas, according to the autopsy.

His toxicology report showed alprazolam and compressed gas Difluoroethane.

Leslie Carter, Aaron’s sister, was found comatose in their father’s Mayville, New York, house in 2012.

Troubles in the Family

Robert married twice before Ginger, his third wife. The nuptials’ specifics are unknown. When Robert and Ginger started dating, his second wife, Jane Carter, grew antagonistic.

Anger drove her to attack Ginger.

Jane reportedly shattered a Florida Keys window with a rock to enter Bob’s home.

Bob and Ginger were sleeping in their room.

Due to her aggression, Jane grabbed Ginger’s hair, yanked her out of bed, and beat her with a remote.

After this, Jane was arrested for violence.

Robert encouraged Ginger not to charge Jane despite “restraining orders are in place.”

His Father’s Ex-Wife Beat Ginger, Kaden’s Mother

Bob, Kaden’s father, divorced Jane Carter in 2004. While Bob and Ginger slept in his Florida house, Jane cracked the window glass with a rock and broke in.

She then dragged Ginger out of bed by her hair and smacked her head with a remote control in their bedroom. Jane was arrested and charged with violence, but Bob advised Ginger not to press charges. Meanwhile, Bob added “restraining orders are in place.”

Where’s Kaden Brent Carter Now?

Kaden has a quiet existence, as described above. Currently, it’s unclear what he works for a living. At 17, he may still live with his mother Ginger in Ocala, Florida. Kaden resides in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, according to Facebook.

Kaden Brent’s Net Worth 

He has made a fortune as a musician, record producer, and singer-songwriter.

His wealth is definitely in the seven figures. This gorgeous man has done many theater shows, album sales, concerts, and other enterprises, which may assist him fund her bank account.

The handsome man was also the brother of two famous singers, actresses, and dancers.

His brother Nick, a US singer, actor, and dancer, has $35 million in celebrity net worth. 

Music is Kaden’s main source of income. His singles and albums have been hits, reportedly making him a lot of money.

After leaving the Backstreet Boys, Nick became a successful solo artist. Also, he’s famous for reality TV.

The musician also gets good money through tours and concerts.

Apart, Carter spends a lot on his opulent lifestyle. His complete possessions are still hidden. We know little about his house, car, and other assets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Kaden Brent Carter—who?

Kaden Brent Carter is the half-brother of American artists Nick and Aaron Carter. He was born in Leesburg, Florida, in 2005.

Q. Parents of Kaden Brent Carter?

Robert Gene Carter and Ginger Carter (Elrod) are Kaden’s parents. Ginger Carter is his mother, and Robert Carter died in 2017.

Q. Father of Kaden Brent Carter—what happened?

Robert, Kaden’s father, died of a heart attack in 2017 when Kaden was 12.

Q. Has Kaden Brent Carter a girlfriend?

Kaden’s relationship status is unknown as of the newest information.

Q. Kaden Brent Carter’s siblings?

Kaden has 7 half-siblings. His mother had one half-sister, Taelyn Dobson, while his father had six from his second marriage to Jane Elizabeth Carter.

Q. Kaden Brent Carter’s job and wealth?

The material doesn’t include Kaden’s job. It is said that his music career has earned him a lot of money.


Kaden Brent Carter is the half-brother of famed artists Nick and Aaron Carter. He was born in 2005 to Robert Gene and Ginger Carter. After Robert’s death in 2017, his family has encountered several challenges, including difficulties between his father’s ex-wife and mother.

Latest information on Kaden’s dating status is unclear. His half-siblings are musicians, however it is uncertain if he is too.

His family’s musical background and accomplishments suggest he has made a lot from music, although his net worth is unclear. However, his lifestyle and wealth are unknown. Kaden seems solitary.

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