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Laura Quinn Hawk Bio, Education, Height, Parents, Personal life, Career, Net Worth And More

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Ohio-born artist and creative dynamo Laura Quinn Hawk has been causing waves in the design and art industries. She is a force of talent and enthusiasm, not your typical artist or interior designer.

Laura started her career when she established Laura Quinn Hawk Designs, a business that has grown to be recognized as the best in US design. However, she is not limited to any one media; she is equally skilled in fiber arts, painting, and sculpture. She is capable of creating anything!

What’s so special about Laura? Well, she’s all about capturing beauty, pushing boundaries, and perfecting her craft. Her muse? Everything around her – whether it’s the serenity of nature, the lines of architecture, or the stories woven into art history. And you can see that inspiration come alive in every project she touches.

For Laura, though, the process is just as important as the outcome. Her work has passion and authenticity because of her enduring love of aesthetics and the natural world. Laura Quinn Hawk creates environments that feel alive, rather than just having them look good. 

Who is Laura Quinn Hawk?

Laura Quinn Hawk, a true Ohioan born and raised in Columbus back in ’85. She’s the eldest child of Tyrone and Robin Quinn, and she’s got a lively duo of siblings, Brady and Kelly Katherine, to keep things interesting.

Laura’s roots run deep in American soil, and she proudly wears her nationality on her sleeve. With her fair complexion, she fits the bill as a proud member of the Caucasian community.

Growing up in Columbus, Laura’s childhood was probably a mix of adventures with her siblings, exploring the city, and maybe even dabbling in some early artistic endeavors. It’s these formative years that laid the foundation for the powerhouse designer and artist she’d become.

Laura Quinn Hawk Bio

Laura Quinn Hawk’s early years. She was born in 1976 and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, surrounded by a family that cherished self-expression and beauty. From a young age, Laura was drawn to art, spending hours drawing, painting, and crafting. Luckily, her parents were incredibly supportive, filling their home with art and enrolling her in lessons to nurture her talents.

High school was where Laura’s artistic abilities truly shone. She not only excelled in her art classes but also started winning awards for her exceptional work. After graduating from Upper Arlington High School, Laura set her sights on Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

At Miami College, Laura sought after her energy for configuration, procuring a Lone ranger of Expressive arts degree with an emphasis on inside plan. The program furnished her with a strong groundwork, showing her beginning and end from drafting and PC helped plan to development procedures. Yet, it wasn’t just about specialized abilities; Laura additionally submerged herself in the realms of engineering, compelling artwork, and craftsmanship history, widening her imaginative skylines. 

In spite of her Midwestern childhood, Laura’s craving for magnificence and creativity exceeded all rational limitations. Her time at Miami College permitted her to investigate and refine her imaginative vision, showing her the way to a satisfying profession in plan and visual craftsmanship.

Laura Quinn Hawk Education 

Laura started attending a nearby school in her hometown, where she made her first educational steps. But her true love of the arts was sparked at Dublin Coffman High School. Laura developed a deep love for artistic expression under the direction of motivating professors and in the midst of a thriving community of other creatives.

Laura took a risk when she decided to enroll at the Baltimore School of Arts in an effort to refine her skills. It was a life-changing event that opened her eyes to fresh viewpoints and gave her priceless talents that would influence her artistic path.

Laura’s desire for exploration and knowledge, however, remained unsatisfied. She went to California State University to study broadcasting in an attempt to widen her horizons. Although it was a step into the unknown, Laura saw it as a chance for academic and personal development, which she enthusiastically seized.

Laura Quinn Hawk’s Height

The gorgeous partner of a well-known figure, Laura Quinn Hawk, is 1.72 meters (5 feet 8 inches) tall. She has a little build and weighs about 130 pounds, so she always seems put together. Her dimensions, which showcase her 33-24-35 inch body, emphasize the beauty and grace that come naturally to her.

You can’t help but be lured in by Laura’s engaging demeanor. Her blonde hair framing her face and her piercing hazel eyes draw attention wherever she walks. Given her dazzling appearance and irresistible attractiveness, it’s no surprise that she is frequently admired.

Laura Quinn Hawk’s Family

Laura Quinn Hawk comes from a tight-knit family, with Tyrone J. Quinn and Robin D. Quinn proudly standing as her parents. She shares her childhood memories with her sister, Kelly Katherine Quinn, and her brother, Brady Quinn. Now, Brady might ring a bell for football fans as he’s a former American football quarterback turned NFL analyst for CBS Sports HQ and a game analyst for Fox Sports.

Laura’s roots run deep in American soil, but her heritage traces back to Irish ancestry, adding an extra layer of richness to her identity. After wrapping up high school and college, Laura decided to further her education journey at California State University, where she earned her degree. It’s clear that family, education, and a passion for sports and analysis run in the Quinn Hawk bloodline.

Laura Quinn Hawk’s Personal Life

 Laura Quinn Bird of prey’s life spins around her family, regardless of how occupied she gets with her flourishing professions in plan and workmanship. She met her significant other, A.J. Sell, back in 2008 when he was a star linebacker for the Green Narrows Packers. Their romantic tale drove them to secure the bunch in 2011, and from that point forward, they’ve been exploring the lovely disorder of life as a parent with their two charming youngsters. 

Their family is consistently progressing, parting their time between homes in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida. Notwithstanding Laura’s requesting plan, she focuses on it to figure out some kind of harmony among work and day to day life. While her plan projects frequently benefit her and wide, she treasures each second she will spend at home, particularly with her school-matured kids. 

At the point when they’re not occupied with school and work, the Falcon family wants to drench themselves in nature. Whether it’s climbing through lavish paths, projecting lines into quiet waters, traveling down winding waterways, or basically sprinkling around in the waves, they relish each a potential open door to associate with nature. Their youngsters even go to a nature-centered preschool, where they figure out how to appreciate and regard the regular world very much like their folks. 

However, Laura and A.J. aren’t just about getting a charge out of nature; they’re likewise enthusiastic about offering in return. Their unparalleled delight is the Laura Quinn Falcon Wild Bird Safe-haven, a shelter for flying predators situated in their home province of Ohio. Through their generous endeavors, they desire to impart a feeling of stewardship for the climate in their youngsters and motivate others to do likewise. 

Notwithstanding the tornado of obligations, Laura’s fundamental beliefs stay unaltered: family first. Whether it’s supporting her youngsters’ inventiveness, ingraining an adoration for nature, or rewarding the local area, she’s focused on building a tradition of adoration, empathy, and having a constructive outcome on their general surroundings.

Laura Quinn Hawk Career

Laura Quinn Hawk entered the field of design right after graduating from college. Before launching her own interior design firm in 2001, she gained some experience and knowledge working as an intern at an architecture firm. Located in the center of Columbus, Ohio, Laura Quinn Hawk Designs gained notoriety fast for designing stunning interiors for residences, commercial buildings, and hospitality projects. She didn’t stop there, either. She expanded and set up satellite offices in thriving areas like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Laura’s design philosophy is based on the concept of “livable luxury.” She thinks that every room should have a cozy, homey vibe in addition to being beautifully designed. Laura has a talent for revitalizing historic buildings by fusing their timeless appeal with contemporary elements. She makes sure that everything blends together perfectly by paying close attention to every single detail, including the lighting, furniture, and artwork.

Laura’s client list resembles a who’s who of Hollywood celebrities, therefore it seems sense that her art has appeared in many publications. She has handled everything with her own grace and style, from beachfront mansions in Florida to little mountain hideaways in Utah.

But Laura’s commitment to her clientele is what really makes her stand out. Since she thinks that teamwork produces the best designs, she works closely with each client to realize their vision. It’s no surprise that Laura Quinn Hawk Designs is the go-to company for opulent interior design that is as distinctive as it is stunning given her kind demeanor and creative ability.

Artistic Pursuits

Laura Quinn Hawk has always pursued her personal passion of art-making in addition to her profession as an interior designer. She has been experimenting with many media since her early childhood, such as painting, sculpture, collage, and fiber arts. She uses a mix of acrylic paint, found objects, textiles, and other materials to bring her ideas to life.

Nature is Laura’s muse; it is full of things like flowers, seashells, butterflies, and birds that inspire her endlessly.  Her work is a joyful yet abstract depiction of the world around her, bursting with color and organic patterns. Her inventiveness is unrestricted as well; she even turns natural branches into sculptures.

Although Laura keeps her art and design work somewhat separate, they influence each other in profound ways. You might find her incorporating design materials like wallpaper or fabric samples into her artwork, or displaying her own pieces in the spaces she designs.

Laura’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. She has participated in group exhibitions across the country and displayed her artwork in galleries in Ohio. With her first solo exhibition, “Impressions,” at Columbus’ esteemed Canzani Gallery in 2018, she accomplished a significant milestone. Her work is currently displayed on the walls of both private and commercial spaces, demonstrating its enduring popularity.

Laura views painting as a fundamental form of self-expression that enriches and deepens her life, not just a pastime. It serves as a helpful reminder to schedule imagination and creativity even in the face of demanding professional obligations.

Laura Quinn Hawk Net Worth

 Laura Quinn Bird of prey’s monetary excursion reflects long periods of difficult work and devotion. As indicated by different reports, her total assets remains at a strong $2 million, a demonstration of her vigorous endeavors. As an inside originator, Laura procures somewhere in the range of $33,595 to $67,528 yearly, and her business, LCH Insides, situated in the Columbus, Ohio region, contributes fundamentally to her monetary achievement. 

In any case, Laura’s by all accounts not the only one causing disturbances in the monetary division. Her better half, A.J. Peddle, brags a great total assets around $30 million, generally collected from his fruitful vocation as an expert competitor. Presently, as a games examiner, he keeps on getting a fair pay.

Together, Laura and A.J. form a formidable team, both personally and financially, navigating life’s ups and downs with determination and resilience.

Married Life of Laura Quinn Hawk

The details of Laura and A.J.’s early courtship have remained confidential, but their love story started after they graduated from high school. They felt prepared to take the next step and make the commitment to a lifetime together after dating for several years and developing a solid connection.

Their wedding day was a truly wonderful occasion. Laura and A.J., whose full name is Aaron James Hawk, tied the knot in front of friends and family on March 17, 2007, in a lavish ceremony held in Dublin, Ohio. Their love has only grown stronger since then, and they have supported each other through all of life’s highs and lows with poise and determination.

The delight of fatherhood is another aspect of their journey together. Being proud parents, Laura and A.J. treasure every second spent with their kids as they continue to create a life full of love, joy, and innumerable memories.

Laura Quinn Hawk’s Kids

Laura Quinn Hawk and her husband are proud parents to four beautiful children. Their journey into parenthood began with the arrival of their daughter, Lennon Noel Hawk, in December 2010. Just a few years later, in January 2013, their family grew with the addition of a son, Hendrix Knight Hawk.

Laura and her spouse are open to growing their family even further, even though the specifics of their other two children are kept under wraps. Laura stated that they are thinking of adopting a child in an interview with The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Even though they lead hectic lives, Laura and her family choose to live in the background and treasure their time spent together away from the spotlight. They always prioritize their family, cherishing each moment spent together and creating lifelong memories.


  1. Birth and Background: Laura Quinn Hawk was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1976. She grew up in a supportive family environment that encouraged her artistic talents from a young age.
  2. Education: Laura pursued her passion for art and design, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus on interior design from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
  3. Career: After gaining experience in the field, Laura founded her own interior design firm, Laura Quinn Hawk Designs, in 2001. Her company quickly gained recognition for its innovative and luxurious designs, catering to a prestigious clientele.
  4. Artistic Pursuits: In addition to her interior design career, Laura is a talented artist who explores various mediums such as painting, sculpture, and fiber arts. Nature serves as her primary muse, inspiring her colorful and organic artwork.
  5. Personal Life: Laura is married to A.J. Hawk, a former professional football player turned sports analyst. They have four children together and prioritize family time amidst their busy careers.
  6. Philanthropy: Laura and A.J. are passionate about giving back to their community and are involved in environmental conservation efforts, including the establishment of the Laura Quinn Hawk Wild Bird Sanctuary in Ohio.


Multifaceted artist and interior designer Laura Quinn Hawk is renowned for her originality, ardor, and dedication to quality. She was raised in Ohio, where she developed her artistic abilities at a young age and later became well-known in the design world. Laura’s designs, which are a reflection of her passion for aesthetics and the natural world, combine classic beauty with modern flair. She is committed to her family and actively supports environmental causes outside of her career pursuits.


What is Laura Quinn Hawk known for?

Laura is known for her talents as both an interior designer and artist. She founded Laura Quinn Hawk Designs, a renowned interior design firm, and has gained recognition for her innovative and luxurious designs. Additionally, she is celebrated for her colorful and organic artwork inspired by nature.

How did Laura Quinn Hawk start her career?

Laura began her career by earning a degree in interior design from Miami University. She gained experience working in the field before launching her own design firm, which quickly garnered attention for its exceptional work.

What is Laura Quinn Hawk’s family life like?

Laura is married to A.J. Hawk, a former professional football player, and they have four children together. They prioritize family time and enjoy engaging in outdoor activities together.

What philanthropic efforts is Laura Quinn Hawk involved in?

Laura and her husband are passionate about environmental conservation and have established the Laura Quinn Hawk Wild Bird Sanctuary in Ohio. They actively support initiatives aimed at protecting wildlife and preserving natural habitats.

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