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The New Mexico teen who reportedly dumped her child in a hospital trash bin smiled at prom three months later, and a photographer remarked “you would never have known” about the tragedy.

The Daily Mail photographs show Alexee Trevizo, 19, and her longterm boyfriend, Devyn Fierro, smiling in a tan little dress and white sneakers at the late April celebration.

Who is Artesia woman Alexee Trevizo?

Since May 11, 2023, 19-year-old Artesia resident Alexee Trevizo (born 2004) has been in the news for her arrest on charges of Abuse of a Child, Tampering with Evidence, and First-Degree Murder for her newborn’s death.

Trevizo supposedly gave birth in a hospital restroom at Artesia General Hospital. She tied her newborn in a bag and put it beneath the toilet trash can, which is disturbing. Law officers responded when hospital personnel found her newborn son’s lifeless body in the trash.

Artesia Police Department was notified on January 27 after hospital workers found the dead newborn in the restroom trashcan.

Alexee was being airlifted to Lovelace Medical Centre in Roswell for treatment when the event occurred. Police apprehended her months later after a comprehensive investigation.

Alexee Trevizo Bio

Alexee Trevizo, 19, is accused of killing her infant son in an Artesia hospital toilet.

A newborn kid was found in a hospital washroom on January 27 by an Artesia Police Department officer. Court records show the officer was briefed about Alexee Trevizo.

Trevizo was preparing for an emergency helicopter flight to Lovelace Medical Centre in Roswell, so Artesia hospital personnel didn’t question her.

Alexee Trevizo Age

Alexee Trevizo is 19 years old

Why Alexee Trevizo Went to Hospital?

Trevizo went to Artesia General Hospital for lower back pain, the complaint states. She told hospital staff she wasn’t pregnant.

She spent a long time in the bathroom. The worried hospital staff unlocked the door with a key.

According to records, Alexee entered the bathroom at 1:39 a.m., left at 1:57, and found the baby at 2:26. Sadly, he died minutes later.

Parents Details

Teen mother Alexee Trevizo gave birth in a hospital washroom and concealed the baby in a garbage can. Newborn was found dead. After discreetly delivering her newborn boy at Artesia General Hospital, she was charged with first-degree murder, child abuse, and evidence tampering. Meanwhile, Alexee Trevizo has no Wikipedia page.

Her parents had Alexee Trevizo in Artesia, New Mexico. The public doesn’t know her parents’ identities. According to hospital police body camera footage, Alexee’s mother calls her husband, perhaps her father, before pressing her daughter for further facts. While growing up, she had many siblings whose names aren’t public.

Alexee Trevizo is 19 in 2023, born in 2004. We don’t know when she celebrates her birthday or her zodiac sign. Since she was born in Artesia, New Mexico, she is American. She is Christian and from a Latin family.

In 2023, Alexee Trevizo will graduate from Artesia High School. She cheered in high school. Her height of 5 feet and 2 inches and weight of 50 kg make her look fit at 19.

Alexee Trevizo Dating Life

Trevizo appears to be dating her boyfriend. But her boyfriend’s identity is kept secret. While hospitalized for lower back pain, the hospital discovered she was pregnant. She denied not having sex and locked herself in the bathroom. Alexee cleaned the blood once the door opened. She tossed the infant in the trash, according to documents.  Trevizo told police the baby was dead at birth, but the Office of the Medical Investigator’s autopsy found air in the baby’s lungs and no stillbirth deformities or injuries. No information is available about the baby’s father.

Other than that, Trevizo, her family, and her boyfriend denied knowing she was pregnant. Alexee was released from prison.

Some Lesser Known Facts about Trevizo

  • Alexee Trevizo was charged with first-degree murder for putting her infant in a hospital trash bin.
  • The baby died in a hospital garbage can. Trevizo apologized for putting the infant in the bag.
  • Authorities arrested Trevizo and held a hearing to release her with conditions. Pretrial hearing and trial are scheduled for her.
  • The police shared bodycam footage of Trevizo and her family’s emotional reaction to the baby’s finding. The footage illuminated the situation.
  •  Online platforms like Reddit were abuzz with comments and sympathy for the infant and the medical worker who found him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What charges do Alexee Trevizo face? 

Alexee Trevizo is charged with first-degree murder, child abuse, and tampering with evidence for her newborn’s death.

Q. Alexee Trevizo’s Artesia General Hospital incident? 

A bag was left in a trash can after Alexee Trevizo gave birth in a bathroom at Artesia General Hospital. She was arrested after hospital employees found her newborn son’s corpse in the trash.

Q. Why did Alexee Trevizo initially go to the hospital?

Alexee Trevizo was hospitalized for lower back pain. When hospital workers asked, she denied pregnancy.

Q. How is Alexee Trevizo’s case going? 

Jailed Alexee Trevizo was released with conditions pending legal proceedings. Pretrial hearing and trial are scheduled for her.

Q. Did Alexee Trevizo know she was pregnant? 

Alexee Trevizo, her mother, and boyfriend denied knowing she was pregnant.


The tragic and disturbing case of Alexee Trevizo illuminates the challenges of young moms and newborns. Trevizo’s conduct at Artesia General Hospital while facing charges for her newborn’s murder have raised many issues. Her denial of pregnancy, the alleged disposal of her infant in a hospital trash can, and the judicial processes have garnered attention and internet discussions.

This instance emphasizes the need for prenatal care, awareness, and support for expectant women. It emphasizes the necessity for ongoing discourse and knowledge about parenthood’s duties and problems, especially for young people.

This tragedy is a painful and somber reminder of the complexities of human behavior and the consequences of certain actions. Legal proceedings will definitely shed light on it.

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