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Lillie Carlson

Lillie Carlson Bio, Education, Age, Career, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth And More 

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Who is Lillie Carlson?

Lillie Carlson is a highly regarded American presenter and journalist, known for being the daughter of the prominent American presenter, television host, and commentator, Tucker Carlson.

Furthermore, Tucker has been the host of the popular nightly political talk show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” on Fox News since 2016.

Lillie Carlson Bio

Lillie Carlson, a daughter of Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews, was born to them. Due to her father’s prominent profession as a conservative pundit, which has generated both impact and controversy, Lillie’s life has been in the public eye from the outset.

Lillie Carlson was born in Virginia in 1995 and holds American nationality with a Caucasian background. Her heritage is a mix of English, German, and Swiss-Italian ancestry.

Her family history is quite interesting; her paternal great-grandparents, Richard Boynton and Dorothy Anderson, made the decision to place her grandfather, Dick Carlson, up for adoption. Subsequently, Lillie’s grandfather was adopted by Carl and Mainer Florence Carlson, an upper-middle-class couple. Following the divorce of her paternal grandparents, custody was granted to Tucker’s father, leading to Tucker and his brother being raised by their grandfather.

Lillie Carlson Education

Since Tucker Carlson has always kept his personal life highly quiet, not much is known about his children. He has gone to great measures to hide his family from the public since he is aware that his line of work generates its fair share of hostility and controversy.

The fact that Lillie finished high school in Washington, D.C., however, is known to us. She most likely continued her studies by attending college after that.

Hoppy Carlson, her sister, elected to continue her education at the University of Virginia after successfully completing high school.

Lillie Carlson Career

Lillie’s current occupation remains undisclosed to the public. While there may be speculation about her career aspirations, she hasn’t publicly shared any information about her work.

In contrast, her father, Tucker Carlson, embarked on his career by joining the editorial team of Policy Review. As a frequent writer to periodicals including Reader’s Digest, Esquire, Republic, The Daily Beast, and The New York Times Magazine, Tucker’s writing skills emerged over time. He joined CNN’s Crossfire in 2005 as its youngest co-host.

However, Tucker Carlson notified CNN President Jonathan Klein in January 2005 that the network had decided not to extend his contract. He also covered live reports for Tucker from Haifa, Israel, during the 2006 Lebanon War, providing insights into the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. Furthermore, Tucker hosted the MSNBC Special Report: Mideast Crisis in the Middle East. Additionally, he made frequent appearances on Verdict with Dan Abrams as a political commentator. Tucker’s career has seen a variety of roles in the media landscape.

Lillie Carlson Age

Lillie Carlson is now 28 years old, having been born on November 22, 1995, in Virginia, USA. She enjoys celebrating her birthday annually with her loved ones and close friends, although her zodiac sign remains undisclosed to the public.

Lillie Carlson Height

At 28 years old, Tucker Carlson’s daughter possesses both striking beauty and a commendable personality. While she hasn’t publicly disclosed her height, it’s estimated that she stands at around 5 feet 4 inches, which complements her overall charm.

Lillie Carlson Parents

Lillie holds the position of the eldest among the four children born to her parents, Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews. Remarkably, her parents have celebrated over three decades of marriage together.

Tucker and Susan’s love story began at St. George’s School, where Susan’s father served as the headmaster. Their journey led them to exchange vows on August 10, 1991, in the school chapel, marking the beginning of their enduring union.

Lillie’s siblings include two sisters, Hopie Carlson and Dorothy Carlson, along with a brother named Buckley Carlson, forming a close-knit family unit.

Lillie Carlson Siblings

Apart from herself, Lillie has three younger siblings: Hoppy Carlson, Buckley Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson. They have all three reached adulthood.

These four siblings have a close relationship since they often spend a lot of time together. Lillie’s Facebook page is adorned with numerous photos featuring her with her brothers and sister during memorable vacations and family moments.

Currently, Buckley, one of her brothers, is based in Washington, where he serves as a Capitol Hill staffer, contributing to the workings of the nation’s capital.

Lillie Carlson Boyfriend & Dating

Lillie has been quite private when it comes to her dating life, and there haven’t been any glimpses of her romantic relationships in the public eye.

However, her father, Tucker, made a notable statement about his dating preferences for his daughters back in 2019. He stated his concerns about his daughters dating feminist males in one of his performances because he thought it may cause them to be branded as “creeps by definition.” He obviously has strong feelings on the matter.

Lillie Carlson Lifestyle

Many of you would have assumed Lillie was raised in affluence. Her father had already begun his media career when she was born, working for well-known organizations like CNN and PBS in the early twenty-first century. Tucker’s net worth is a staggering $30 million as of 2022.

Additionally, Tucker has shown a keen interest in real estate investments. As far back as 2011, he made a remarkable sale, parting with his Kent district home in Washington for a cool $4 million. Following that sale, he spent the next $2 million on another home in the same suburb.

In 2020, Carlson spent a sizable sum of $2.9 million for a house on Florida’s Gulf Coast, adding a magnificent property to his portfolio for the first time.

Lillie Carlson Net Worth

Since Lillie has decided to keep the facts of her professional life confidential, nobody is really sure how much money she is worth. She obviously lives a wealthy and opulent lifestyle with her family, however.

As opposed to this, Tucker Carlson, her father, is said to be worth $20 million and earn $6 million annually. His prosperous media and television profession has undoubtedly helped him maintain a comfortable financial situation.

Lillie Carlson Social Media

Lillie Carlson has a relatively minimal presence on social media. On social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, she does not presently maintain an official presence.

She seems to value her privacy since she keeps her private thoughts and life off of the public social networking platform.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Lillie Carlson?

The famous American presenter and pundit Tucker Carlson’s daughter is Lillie. Her father’s media job put her in the spotlight.

Where was Lillie Carlson born?

Lillie Carlson was born in Virginia, USA, in 1995.

What is Lillie Carlson’s educational background?

Lillie graduated from Washington, D.C., high school, but her education is unclear.

What is Lillie Carlson’s career?

Lillie’s career remains undisclosed to the public, and she has not shared information about her work or professional life.

How old is Lillie Carlson?

Lillie Carlson is currently 28 years old, having been born on November 22, 1995.

Do we know Lily Carlson’s height?

Her height is unknown, however it is approximated at 5 ‘4″.

Who are Lillie Carlson’s parents?

Lillie Carlson is the daughter of Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews, who have been married for over three decades.

Does Lillie Carlson have siblings?

Yes, Lillie has three younger siblings: Hopie Carlson, Buckley Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson. Their family is tight.

Is there information about Lillie Carlson’s dating life?

Lillie has kept her dating life private, and there is no public information about her romantic relationships.

What is Lillie Carlson’s net worth?

Since she works privately, Lillie’s net worth is unknown. My father, Tucker Carlson, is expected to be worth $30 million in 2022.

Does Lillie Carlson have a presence on social media?

Lillie Carlson has a minimal presence on social media and does not maintain official profiles on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. She values her privacy.


The daughter of well-known American pundit and broadcaster Tucker Carlson, Lillie Carlson is well-known. Few details about her are known to the general public since she has decided to keep her personal and professional affairs secret. With three younger siblings and a little online presence, Lillie hails from a close-knit family. Lillie has made the decision to avoid the limelight, despite the fact that her father Tucker Carlson is well-known in the media sector. This has allowed her to live a more quiet existence.

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