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Motorcycle Accident Not Your Fault? Here’s What to Do Next

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Motorcycle accidents occur far too frequently, often due to negligent drivers failing to share the road safely. Even when a motorcyclist drives responsibly, a careless motorist can cause a devastating crash in an instant.

If you sustained injuries in a San Diego motorcycle collision that was not your fault, you undoubtedly have many questions about what to do following the crash. Seeking knowledgeable legal guidance ensures you take the proper steps to protect your rights and access fair compensation under the law after being hurt through no fault of your own.

Seek Medical Attention Right Away

Even if your injuries seem minor initially, prompt medical evaluation remains crucial after any motorcycle accident to identify any hidden trauma. Spinal cord damage, internal bleeding, fractures, or head trauma may not have apparent symptoms immediately due to shock or adrenaline after the collision. However, delaying treatment risks complications and also makes causally connecting the crash to your diagnosed injuries more difficult later when pursuing injury claims.

Under California personal injury law, responsible parties face liability for all damages victims sustain due to their negligent actions. Therefore, thoroughly documenting injuries through prompt doctor visits strengthens claims by demonstrating the treatment you needed resulted directly from the motorcycle crash.

Contact Law Enforcement

After ensuring any urgent medical needs receive attention, immediately contact local San Diego law enforcement to report the motorcycle accident. Under California law, all parties involved must notify authorities of any motor vehicle crash causing property damage over $1,000 or injury/death.

Cooperating fully with responding officers as they interview witnesses and involved drivers to determine fault proves essential. The formal accident report contains vital evidence for insurance claims and legal action later determining negligence. Never admit culpability or apologize since comments made in guilt or sympathy potentially weaken fault arguments down the road. Simply stick to factual recollections of events.

Photograph Everything Before Leaving the Scene

While waiting for police arrival after the motorcycle crash, take ample photos recording precise accident details. Pictures of vehicle damage, skid marks, debris scattered across roadways, weather conditions, obscured signage, or other hazards at the location may be pivotal when disputing liability later. Also, identifying info from eyewitnesses should be secure while facts remain fresh.

Thorough photo documentation and early witness interviews help accident reconstruction specialists convincingly establish fault, especially in contested liability disputes with insurers over compensation. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney understands using reconstructions as compelling courtroom evidence if litigation becomes necessary.

Talk to a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Before the Insurance Company

Never provide any recorded statement or extensive unguided discussions with insurers following motorcycle collisions. Adjusters exploit accident victims unaware of legal intricacies by probing for exonerating admissions or encouraging premature small settlements precluding further recovery.

Toward securing maximum damages under personal injury statutes, promptly consulting seasoned legal advocates protects vulnerable crash victims. Beyond accident liability and compensation intricacies, lawyers also interface with insurers directly to halt harassment and resolve injury claims fairly. 

What Compensation Might I Recover Following My Motorcycle Accident?

Since motorcycles provide little external protection for riders, collisions often cause severe or even catastrophic harm. Under personal injury law in California, victims hurt without contributing negligence can potentially pursue damage claims covering:

  • All reasonable medical treatment, from ER intervention through rehabilitation therapy
  • Prescription medications and assistive devices like wheelchairs or crutches
  • Income lost while recovering, whether salaries, wages, commissions, or tips
  • Reduced future earnings if disabilities now hamper professional capacities
  • Property destruction, if replacement or repair of bikes, gear, clothing, etc.
  • Pain and emotional distress from disfigurement or severe injuries
  • Wrongful death damages for qualified claimants in fatality cases

An attentive motorcycle accident lawyer in San Diego thoroughly calculates all applicable damages while demanding just accountability from at-fault parties. Retaining fierce legal advocates levels the playing field against insurers, motivates reasonable settlements, and shifts crash victims’ focus toward healing, rather than financial worries.

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