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Rogers, AR Auto Accident Litigation Timeline: How Long Does It Take?

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Located within Benton County, Rogers is considered to be among the best places to live in Arkansas. As of 2024, the total population of this city stands at a little over 76,000 residents. Since 2020, Rogers’ population has grown by 8.22% and continues to rise by 2.1% each year.

It is not too densely populated and offers its residents a suburban feel. A huge chunk of Rogers’ population moved in due to the central location of the city in Northwest Arkansas. The shorter commute time coupled with affordable housing is what makes this city particularly attractive.

Despite being sparsely populated, Rogers’ road safety conditions are found wanting. In 2022, locals raised their concerns regarding a dangerous intersection (West Pleasant Grove Road and Highway 112) without proper traffic lights and a few scattered wrecks.

Then, just last year, a two-vehicle collision occurred on I-49, blocking traffic for hours. Such incidents are becoming commonplace in the city, alarming officials to tighten road safety measures. 

In this article, we will focus on the legal aftermath of auto accidents across Rogers, AR. The aim is to determine a rough timeline for compensation and legal justice for the victim(s).

Seeking Medical Treatment

Car accidents across Rogers can take place due to different reasons. So, there can be different kinds of accidents and injuries. Some crashes are caused purely due to driver indiscretion or distraction. Others are a result of bad weather conditions, poor roads, alcohol impairment, etc.

Depending on the severity of the crash, there may be fatalities or debilitating injuries like whiplash, lacerations, fractures, burns, paraplegia, brain trauma, and more. If a massive 18-wheeler was involved, the repercussions are almost always life-threatening.

Accident injuries call for immediate medical attention. Without treatment and recovery, the victim only delays their chances of faster personal injury claims and settlements. 

Some may require weeks of extensive physical therapy, whereas others may be hospital-bound for months (especially when internal injuries are sustained). This process may take anywhere between one and 12 months.

Having the Case Evaluated by an Attorney

Once the victim has somewhat recovered (past the danger zone), they can start to collect evidence to secure compensation for injuries. Given how complex and tricky auto accidents can be (in Rogers or otherwise), this process will undoubtedly require professional help.

A Rogers car accident attorney will begin by reviewing the victim’s medical records, hospital bills, lost wages, out-of-pocket costs, and property damage expenses. This process is also time-consuming and can take around two to six months.

The sooner the victim can provide all details requested by the attorney, the faster their case can be taken up for evidence collection.

Sending a Demand Letter

According to the Keith Law Group, there are essentially three ways to secure compensation in a Rogers car accident. The first is to file a claim with the insurer, the second is to file a third-party claim against the liable driver’s insurer, and the third is to file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court.

After the lawyers have assessed the victim’s necessary documents, they will start by negotiating with the insurer. This will involve drafting and sending a demand letter, to which the insurer will respond within four to six weeks.

Filing an Insurance Claim

In case the insurance company turns down all attempts to resolve a claim, the plaintiff’s attorney will suggest filing a Rogers personal injury lawsuit. This process will begin with a complaint and review. The complaint will be delivered to each of the defendants involved. They will have around 20 days to respond.

It is important to remember that the case will not necessarily go to trial. Since trials are money and time-draining, attorneys try their best to settle the case ahead of a trial. 

Only a small percentage of Rogers car accident lawsuits go to trial. They mainly have multiple liable parties, or the negligence factor is challenging to prove.

Proceeding to Discovery

The pace of a car accident lawsuit filed in Rogers, AR, depends upon factors like the number of liable parties, jurisdiction, and complexity of the case’s issues. At the discovery stage, both parties exchange information, assess the damages, and set up their defenses.

The attorneys will offer the plaintiff their complete support, portraying their case in the best light. Based on the case’s details, this process may take anywhere from six months to a year.

Making Negotiations

After the discovery process is complete, both parties will have laid all their cards on the table. In other words, all evidence will have been presented before the jury, witness statements will have been made, and so on.

Once that has happened, the plaintiff’s attorney may recommend a mediation or arbitration (alternative dispute resolution mechanism). Both sides can hear each other’s strengths and weaknesses for a fair negotiation. This can take another two to four weeks.

Trial and Settlements

If fair negotiations are made during the previous stage, the case will be settled and closed. However, the lawsuit will proceed to trial if there are no settlements. This transition will take around one to three days.

During these days, a settlement may be reached at any point provided the insurer makes a fair offer. Otherwise, the jury verdict will stand. If the plaintiff chooses the settlement offer, they will receive their settlement check within 30 days.

In totality (from what we saw), a Rogers auto accident lawsuit can take a couple of years to settle. There can be frustrating delays for reasons like case complexity, medical treatment, lengthy investigation and negotiation, and court backlogs.

The State District Court of Benton County belonging to the Rogers division is responsible for handling civil suits associated with car accidents. Only with the help of experienced attorneys can the process be expedited in the plaintiff’s favor.

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