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Skylene Montgomery, the spouse of Sean Payton, is a nurse who is from Parkersburg, West Virginia. In June 2021, the pair said their vows in a garden wedding.

Montgomery has experience with beauty pageants, having participated in numerous of them as a teen. In 2008, she was Miss West Virginia and Miss USA.

NFL coach Payton has led his team to nine playoffs and seven division titles. The New Orleans Saints’ NFL head coach resigned in 2021.

Payton is a free agent manager, thus several NFL teams want him. According to CBS Sports, he is particularly keen to join the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos for their respective teams.

Who Is Skylene Montgomery?

Sean Payton’s current wife, Skylene Montgomery, is a dedicated health professional who works as a nurse at Ochsner LSU Health. At 38 years old, she serves as a full-time employee at the company located in Shreveport, Louisiana, as indicated on her Linkedin profile.

Skylene, Sean’s second spouse, has a diverse background. Parkersburg, West Virginia, was her birthplace on December 4, 1984. Her middle-class parents worked in the working class. Skylar Montgomery, her father, distributed garage doors while her mother stayed home.

Despite her modest upbringing in Parkersburg, Skylene displayed exceptional athleticism from an early age, participating in a wide range of sports during her school years. Softball and volleyball were her true passions, and she garnered numerous awards and accolades in both disciplines. Skylene completed her high school education at Parkersburg South High in Wood County, Parkersburg.

After high school, she received her bachelor’s degree at Marshall University and her master’s in nursing and communications at West Virginia University in Morgantown.

Skylene embarked on her professional journey as a health assistant at St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington, eventually securing a position at Ochsner LSU.

Early Life and Education

Skylene Montgomery’s family consists of her parents, Skylar (father) and Darlene (mother). Her father has achieved success in the business world and is a co-owner of The Overhead Door, a company that specializes in professional garage door services. Skylene herself is an American citizen and identifies as white ethnically. She holds the unique status of being the only child in her family.

Skylene received her education at Parkersburg South High School before pursuing a degree in exercise physiology at Marshall University, which she received in 2007. She then continued her education by enrolling at West Virginia University in a nursing programme. In May 2022, she received an advanced nursing degree from Loyola University, capping her academic career.

Sean And Skylene Lavish Wedding Moments

In June of 2021, Sean Payton celebrated his wedding in a luxurious yet intimate ceremony held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The event garnered widespread attention as photos made their way across social media platforms.

A select group of guests gathered at the stunning resort city venue, where the ceremony was officiated by Avery Johnson, a close friend of Payton and former NBA player. Lance Moore, a former wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, shared their wedding photo, originally posted by Nice Kicks’ official page.

The highlight of the occasion was Sean’s unconventional choice of footwear—a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 “Neutral Grey” sneakers, rather than the customary wedding shoes.

The enchanting nuptials unfolded on a Friday night in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The bride, Montgomery, formerly known as Miss West Virginia, looked radiant in her gown.

Their love story began amidst a clash between the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers at an NFL game. The couple revealed their engagement in 2019, with Sean orchestrating a heartfelt proposal at the Longway Tavern in New Orleans in November of that year.

Surprising Skylene, his partner, amidst the warm ambiance of the French Quarter restaurant, Sean knelt down and extended a heartfelt proposal. Their joyous moment was shared with Gayle Benson and Tom at their anniversary celebration.

The entire proposal had been carefully planned by Sean, and in the midst of a toast, Skylene joyously exclaimed, “YES!” Two days later, Sean made their engagement public during an NFL game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Payton Was Previously Married

Coach Payton married Beth Shuey before their 1992 divorce.

Their first encounter was at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. Sean coached the college football team while Shuey was there.

Meghan, their first child, was born five years into their marriage in 1997. The following year, 2000, they had Connor.

After getting married, Sean and Beth made Mandeville, Louisiana, their home. He had to go back to his family’s Dallas home in 2011, nevertheless, because of problems with his Mandeville home.

Beth, Sean’s ex-wife, was born in Morocco Town, Indiana, in 1968, and will turn 52 in 2023.

Beth graduated from North Newton Junior High School in 1986 and comes from a wealthy household.

After completing her schooling in 1990, she married Sean two years later.

They happily co-parented their two children for twenty years while living as a happy marriage.

However, their marriage started to break down in 2012 when the first cracks started to show. In June 2012, Sean and Beth each filed for divorce, and the proceedings were concluded in 2014, two years later. Sean moved to the suburbs of New Orleans as a result of the breakup.

Former NFL Coach Family And Children

Sean Payton is a proud father of two children: a son named Connor Payton and a daughter named Meghan Payton.

Both Connor and Meghan are from Sean’s first marriage with his former partner, Beth. As of now, Sean and Skylene have not welcomed any children together. The bond between Sean, Connor, and Meghan is evident in the photos they frequently share on social media, showcasing their close relationship.

After Sean and Beth’s divorce, they initially shared custody of their young children. However, over time, Beth was granted full custody, and Meghan and Connor began living with her.

Sean Payton Daughter Meghan Payton

Meghan, born in March 1997 in Texas, holds the distinction of being the first child of Sean and Beth, and she’s now 25 years old.

Professionally, Meghan has made her mark as a sports announcer and sports betting analyst. After growing up in Texas, she briefly lived in Louisiana before pursuing her career.

She joined Argyle Liberty Christian School at 14 and cheered.

Meghan attended Pepperdine University in Los Angeles County in 2015 after graduating high school. There, she pursued studies in Media Production and Sports Broadcasting.

Despite being primarily raised by her mother, Meghan maintains a strong and close bond with her father. This connection has greatly influenced her passion for sports. Currently, Meghan is engaged to Christopher Titone, a scriptwriter who penned a movie based on Sean.

Meghan shared the joyous news of their engagement in March 2022 through an Instagram post. She and Chris first crossed paths in April 2015, and their connection has remained strong ever since.

Sean Payton Son Connor Payton

Sean and Beth welcomed their son, Connor, into the world in the year 2000. Now 22 years old, Connor often shares cherished moments with his father on his Instagram account.

Their bond was further strengthened when Sean took on the role of coach during Connor’s sixth-grade year in 2012. At Liberty Christian School in Fort Worth, Connor found his stride in football, leaving behind a trail of images from those memorable games, accessible through his Instagram feed.

Connor loved football and basketball as a kid. Despite not playing professionally, he hopes to join an NFL team.

In Sean’s extended family, two more important figures are present: Maggie and Molly McGuire, Sean’s step-daughters from Beth’s second marriage. They, along with Meghan and Connor, complete the familial picture.

Won the Title of Miss West Virginia

The Miss USA pageant is a prestigious event that draws participants from all 50 states and DC. This spectacular event honours beauty, composure, and talent, bringing millions of people worldwide. Montgomery appeared at the 2009 Miss USA competition at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. She joined 51 talented Miss USA candidates.

Throughout the competition, Montgomery showcased not only her striking beauty but also her impressive talents. Her grace and poise left a lasting impression on the judges. While the ultimate title of Miss USA eluded her, she represented her home state with immense pride and dignity. Today, Skylene Montgomery continues to be a source of inspiration for many through her endeavors as a model and fitness coach. She retains a significant presence in the realm of beauty pageants, and her participation in the Miss USA 2009 pageant remains a pivotal moment in her illustrious career.

What is the Skylene Montgomery’s Net Worth?

Skylene Montgomery is believed to possess a net worth estimated at $1 million, largely amassed through her flourishing nursing career. Furthermore, her previous involvement in beauty pageants has also contributed to her financial prosperity. While her primary source of income stems from her dedicated work in the field of nursing, her background in the beauty pageant industry has undoubtedly played a noteworthy role in shaping her financial success.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: Who is Skylene Montgomery?
Skylene Montgomery is the spouse of Sean Payton, the former NFL head coach. She is a nurse originally from Parkersburg, West Virginia, with a background in beauty pageants. In 2008, she held the titles of Miss West Virginia and Miss USA.

Q2: What is Skylene Montgomery’s background and education?
In Parkersburg, West Virginia, Skylene Montgomery was born on December 4, 1984. Her father distributed garage doors and her family is middle-class. She studied exercise physiology at Marshall University after excelling in sports. West Virginia University awarded her a master’s in nursing and communications.

Q3: How did Skylene Montgomery and Sean Payton meet?
They first met at an NFL game between the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers. Sean Payton proposed to Skylene in November 2019 at the Longway Tavern in New Orleans, in a carefully planned and heartfelt proposal.

Q4: When and where did Skylene Montgomery and Sean Payton get married?
They celebrated their wedding in June 2021 in a luxurious ceremony held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The event was officiated by Avery Johnson, a close friend of Payton and former NBA player.

Q5: What is Skylene Montgomery’s profession?
Skylene Montgomery is a dedicated nurse and works at Ochsner LSU Health in Shreveport, Louisiana. She has been a full-time employee there since her Linkedin profile indicates.

Q6: Does Skylene Montgomery have any children with Sean Payton?
As of the information provided, Skylene Montgomery and Sean Payton have not welcomed any children together. Sean Payton has two children, Meghan and Connor, from his previous marriage to Beth Shuey.

Q7: What is Skylene Montgomery’s net worth?
Skylene Montgomery is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million. Her income primarily comes from her nursing career, with additional earnings likely from her past involvement in beauty pageants.

Q8: How did Sean Payton and Beth Shuey’s marriage end?
Sean Payton divorced his first wife, Beth Shuey, in 1992 after five years. Their marriage ended, and they split.

Q9: What are Skylene Montgomery’s hobbies and interests?
While specific details about Skylene Montgomery’s hobbies may not be provided, it is mentioned that she had a strong athletic background during her school years, particularly in softball and volleyball.

Q10: Does Skylene Montgomery have any siblings?
Based on the information provided, Skylene Montgomery is mentioned as the only child in her family, with no mention of siblings.

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