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Sipping in Style: Unveiling the Starbucks x Stanley Cup Collaboration

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The rumors turned out to be true – Starbucks has indeed unveiled a Stanley cup. But is it available at Target? Keep reading to discover where you can purchase it.

Stanley is a well-established American brand specializing in drinkware, with a history dating back over a century to 1913. They’re known for crafting top-notch vacuum bottles, mugs, thermoses, cookware, and more. Recently, they gained significant attention on TikTok.

In late 2022, Stanley introduced a particular cup complete with a handle, lid, and straw that sent social media into a frenzy.

Taking note of the craze, Starbucks joined in on the trend and initiated a partnership to bring this sought-after cup to Asia, leaving many in the US envious.

This sought-after item has arrived in America. How do you obtain one? Everything you need to know.

Starbucks Stanley cup arrives in the US

The Starbucks Stanley Cup made its debut in the coffee chain’s inaugural summer 2023 merchandise launch on Tuesday, May 9.

This cup features a handle, a see-through straw, a lid, and pretty silver details in addition to its wonderful peachy pink colour. It costs $44.95 for 40 ounces of capacity.

The excitement over TikTok’s design is palpable. Omg, I want one so bad I love it, one ecstatic user screamed. It’s so gorgeous, I need it, a different person added. Another individual gushed, “I’m obsessed. So cute.”

What would you be willing to spend for a Stanley Tumbler?

Target sells Stanley tumblers for $44.95. Be prepared for sticker shock if impatience wins. A quick search for Starbucks x Stanley cups on eBay reveals some astonishing prices, but not in a favorable way. The “buy it now” listings for these tumblers range from $214.99 to $300, a significant markup from the original retail price. When compared to other Stanley products currently available on the auction site, this price difference becomes even more startling. For instance, a similar Starbucks x Stanley collaboration cup in white is listed for just $39.99. This stark contrast in pricing strongly suggests that exclusivity is the driving force behind this hefty markup.

It’s possible that this was part of Starbucks’ strategy all along, although there’s no official confirmation. Fans of the Stanley mug are sharing some intriguing insights on Reddit. According to one commenter, a barista at a Target/Starbucks location mentioned that another shipment is expected in about a month. This assertion is supported by a recent TikTok video, which featured a tweet suggesting that new stock should arrive on May 26. Whether or not this pans out, it’s clear that the excitement surrounding Starbucks x Stanley Adventure tumblers is likely to endure for some time.

More new Starbucks cups

Getting your hands on a Stanley cup might seem like a long shot unless there’s a restock, but fear not, Starbucks has rolled out a delightful array of cups for the summer of 2023.

“Summer is here and Starbucks has a variety of colorful, reusable drinkware perfect for any sun-soaked moment,” announced the coffee chain.

Among the offerings are an array of pretty pink designs, including the Bubblegum Pink Gradient Glass Cold Cup and the Cotton Candy Pink Luster Tumbler.

Other options to consider are the Bubblegum Pink Striped Cold Cup, the Iridescent Bling Cold Cup, and the Stainless Steel Petunia Cold Cup. Hurry, as they’re all up for grabs at both Starbucks and Target stores. Move quickly before they fly off the shelves!


Fans were delighted to see the Starbucks Stanley Cup’s peachy pink handle, lid, and see-through straw in the US. With a 40-ounce capacity and $44.95 price, it has sparked social media excitement among fans.

Target sells the Stanley Tumbler at $44.95. However, some eBay dealers are charging $214.99 to $300 due to its popularity. The item’s rarity may explain its high demand.

Reddit and TikTok suggest restocks soon, despite initial restricted availability. Starbucks + Stanley Adventure Tumblers will undoubtedly remain popular regardless of this.

Starbucks also introduced a colorful summer 2023 cup line. There are other variations, like the Bubblegum Pink Gradient Glass Cold Cup and Cotton Candy Pink Lustre Tumbler. Starbucks and Target carry them, but act fast before they sell out!

In the end, the Starbucks Stanley Cup lived up to its anticipation, combining design and practicality to fascinate coffee lovers and trend-watchers. This Starbucks-Stanley collaboration has created a must-have item for consumers, whether you buy one at retail or wait for restocks. Keep an eye out for updates and prepare to enjoy your favorite drinks in style!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is the Starbucks Stanley Cup?

    The Starbucks Stanley Cup is a specially designed drinkware item created in collaboration with the well-established American brand, Stanley. It features a handle, a see-through straw, a lid, and charming silver details, all in a delightful peachy pink color.

    How much does the Starbucks Stanley Cup cost?

    The Starbucks Stanley Cup is priced at $44.95 and offers a generous 40-ounce capacity.

    Where can I purchase the Starbucks Stanley Cup?

    The cup is available for purchase at Target stores, where it is listed at the retail price of $44.95.

    Are there any other places to buy the Starbucks Stanley Cup?

    Target is the official retailer, however eBay may have resellers. Reseller prices might be much higher than retail costs.

    Why are some resellers asking for higher prices on eBay?

    The higher prices from resellers are likely due to the strong demand and exclusivity of the Starbucks Stanley Cup. Limited availability can drive up prices on secondary markets.

    Is there any information on potential restocks for the Starbucks Stanley Cup?

    According to comments from a Target/Starbucks location and a TikTok video, there may be a new shipment expected in about a month. However, this information is not officially confirmed.

    What other new cups has Starbucks introduced for the summer of 2023?

    Starbucks has unveiled a range of new and colorful cups for the summer of 2023, including the Bubblegum Pink Gradient Glass Cold Cup, the Cotton Candy Pink Luster Tumbler, the Bubblegum Pink Striped Cold Cup, the Iridescent Bling Cold Cup, and the Stainless Steel Petunia Cold Cup. These are available at both Starbucks and Target stores.

    How can I ensure I get one of the new Starbucks cups for summer 2023?

    It’s recommended to act quickly, as these new cups are likely to be in high demand. Visit Starbucks and Target stores promptly to secure your preferred design before they sell out.

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