The Global Influence of Zakat Fund

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Zakat is mandatory for every eligible Muslim. The eligible Muslim must pay only 2.5 % of total amount. It is a very small amount but when we have 1.8 billion Muslims all over the world then it becomes a very huge amount. Zakat does not mean charity; it means helping mankind with dignity.

Impact on society

Zakat is a way to distribute wealth among the poor. For society perspective, it is very important. Any society consists of both rich and poor people. Distribution of wealth makes it less vulnerable and comfortable for everyone.

The Global Influence of Zakat Fund


There are many international organizations which take zakat and do philanthropic work in different parts of the world. They don’t see the sect, color, or religion. They just help. This type of caring has a huge impact, and it forces other Muslims to come forward and help the mankind.  Whether there is a natural disaster or war or pandemic these international organizations are there to help.

 Some of the best NGO which takes zakat and makes a difference in the world are given below.

  • Zakat Foundation of America

This organization was founded in 2001. It exists in Chicago, USA. It has served the whole of mankind for a very long time.

  • National Zakat Foundation

This NGO is based in London, UK. It is founded in 2011. It has done many humanitarians works all over the world.

  • AlKhidmat Foundation

It is established in 1990. Its headquarters is in Lahore, Pakistan. It has engaged in numerous philanthropic endeavors worldwide.

  • Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief Worldwide was established in 1984. Its head office is in Birmingham, UK. It has served humanity for over 40 years.

Zakat Fund

Distributing Zakat fund is very important so that your contribution goes to needy people. You need to understand that it is not mandatory to give zakat fund to NGO.  You can distribute it by yourself. The NGO are there to give you ease.

Zakat Calculator

There are many ways to calculate the zakat, but now a days zakat calculation has become very easy.  Many free online tools provide this service . All zakat foundations also provide the zakat calculator.


Zakat plays a pivotal role in re-structuring society. The zakat has many form like money , food , medicines etc. Every Muslim must play its part and give zakat to the needy one. The drop of zakat by every eligible Muslim makes a sea and this would make a better place for everyone.

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