What are the Top Eco-Friendly Shipping Practices for Businesses?

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Sustainability is a lot more than a trend. With the rising climate crisis that the world is experiencing, switching to eco-friendly freight shipping practices is something every business should consider.

Relying on renowned companies like LTL shipping Canada can help. However, you wouldn’t know how to go about with sustainable practices if you aren’t choosing the right shipping company in the first place.

Opting for alternative fuels and electric vehicles

One of the main reasons freight shipping is considered a threat to the environment is due to the burning of fossil fuels to get transportation in action. However, certain companies are becoming more conscious and switching to renewable fuel sources like biodiesel. If you want to switch to sustainable shipping, opt for carriers that prioritize the use of EVs and alternative fuels.

Optimized and smart logistics

The longer the route of the freight, the higher the cost and the fuel burnt for the shipping. As a business owner, you need to prioritize the easiest route for shipping, which will cover a minimal distance. This might not seem like much in hindsight but it is one of the most underrated tips to follow.

Collaborative shipping

Have a business friend that ships their products to the same places as you do? If yes, then you can work together to share your resources and end up saving money and the planet. Instead of sending the shipment twice, collaborating allows you to send the packages at a time so save on the fuel and the costs too.

Packaging renovation and waste reduction

Besides fuel burning, another issue that damages the environment is the waste that’s generated from shipping the items. To minimize the issue, one good tip is to recycle the packaging, have eco-friendly and innovative packaging ideas, and try and find ways to minimize waste production as much as possible.

Talking with activists for ideas

Learning is an ongoing process. If you are a new business owner trying to focus on sustainability, a good tip is to talk to activists in the space. Ask them for recommendations on the best freight shipping carrier that follows eco-friendly practices. This will give you an idea of which to choose and how to mold your business’ shipping in the future.

Switching to eco-friendly practices for a freight shipping company might seem impossible but it’s not. The key is to find the middle ground and to learn about the issues and then implement relevant changes into the workflow to minimize the impact. It is a work in progress but a worthy one.

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