When Should You Reach Out For Orthodontic Care

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A doctor who has expertise in identifying various problems associated with the oral health of an individual is called an Orthodontist. Area of focus is on treatment of the alignment related issues and therefore improving the appearance of the individual.

Role of Orthodontist

Orthodontists help to correct teeth gaps, improper bites, and alignment of teeth and enhance an individual’s teeth aesthetics. In short, they focus on improving the jaw structure and teeth bite, thus improving oral hygiene and aesthetics. Orthodontist North Vancouver provides dental services for their patients.

When to seek help of an Orthodontist

Individuals should visit an orthodontist to check for any issues in their teeth or jaw. Early interventions help to solve these problems without any complications in the future. 

Early Childhood

Children should visit their orthodontist once they reach seven years old. Though children may not need the treatment, it is essential to make an appointment with an orthodontist for early detection and to make sure there is no issue. 

Teenage Years

During the teenage years, it is standard time to seek an orthodontist. It is the age when all the permanent teeth have grown fully, and issues like misalignment of teeth become more visible. 

Teenagers visit the orthodontist mainly to correct their teeth alignment. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign and transparent teeth braces are available for teens to make them look seamless and discreet. This gives them confidence in their smile.

Adulthood Stage

Adults seek assistance from orthodontists to enhance their teeth and smile correction. There are various reasons that adults seek treatment. They are:

  • Crowded teeth: The overlapping teeth make it difficult to brush and floss.  
  • Irregular Spaced teeth: Food particles get stuck along the teeth, which leads to bad breath and other issues.
  • Overbite: Upper teeth overlap with lower teeth, leading to tooth wear.
  • Underbite: Lower teeth extend outwards, causing difficulty in chewing.
  • Open bite: Gap between upper and lower teeth.

Other Issues

Other issues may cause an individual to seek help from an orthodontist. These issues are majorly related to the alignment and spacing between the teeth. Individuals may also experience difficulty in chewing or while speaking. All these issues may also contribute to the lack of confidence while smiling at others.

Individuals may face problems related to their teeth, irrespective of their age. It is necessary to consult with an Orthodontist and take necessary steps at the initial stages of your problem. Early prevention will help further prevent escalating your issue into significant problems.

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