Adin Ross Sister: Everything You Need To Know About Naomi Ross

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Like her brother, Adin Ross’s sister Naomi Ross is an influencer on streaming platforms and social media.

NBA 2K fans know Adin Ross, a six-million-follower Twitch streamer and social media star. Humour, 2K marketing, and social media controversy are his trademarks. Some may not know that his sister Naomi Ross streams. Streaming NBA 2K gameplay launched their stardom. Naomi is forging out her own broadcasting career while Adin has become famous for Twitch moments. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the Ross siblings’ internet success, including Naomi’s unusual relationship with Zias.

Adin Ross’s sister Naomi Ross profile summary and bio 

Full nameNaomi Ross 
Date of birth 1st November 1995 
Age 28 years old
Birth sign Scorpio 
Place of birth Boca Raton, Florida, United States 
Current residence Los Angeles, California, United States 
Ethnicity Jewish
Nationality American 
SiblingsBrother Adin Ross

Social media 
Instagram X(Twitter) Twitch TikTok YouTube 

Who Is Adin Ross’ Older Sister?

Naomi Ross, however less famous than her brother Adin, is a streaming and social media star. The siblings became famous by streaming NBA 2K on Twitch, with Naomi discreetly building her own audience. Her Instagram, @naomzies, has over 100,000 followers and is growing with her brother’s 3.5 million. Naomi posts reaction vlogs with her brother on her YouTube channel in addition to Adin’s pranks. Adin calls Naomi his older sister, but her age is unknown. In addition to Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube, she recently joined OnlyFans to broadcast exclusive content for adult users who pay $15,000 per month.

OnlyFans helps Naomi Ross, Adin Ross’s sister, obtain fans.

Naomi started streaming but now uses OnlyFans to make money. Naomi is a successful influencer with 160,000 Instagram followers, compared to her younger brother’s 7 million. Adin began streaming immediately after high school graduation, and the dynamic duo of siblings in Boca Raton, Florida, helped them to become influencers. Naomi has kept her profile high and avoided issues despite Adin’s spectacular rise.

The Incident That Amplified Naomi’s Fame

Naomi’s success goes beyond Adin. Adin became famous in 2021 after an incident at the Wizza House, where she had moved. Naomi clashed with Adin-strained YouTuber Zias while visiting her brother. Adin’s Instagram post stating he saw his sister and Zias having an intimate relationship worsened the matter. This was a joke by Naomi and the YouTuber. Naomi’s social media popularity got followers’ attention after this dispute. Naomi’s OnlyFans account has over 20k subscribers, adding to her renown.

Naomi Ross’ brother-related pranks made headlines

Despite being less prominent than her younger brother, Naomi has had her share of issues. After Adin joined Clout Gang 2.0 and moved into the Wizza House in 2022, Naomi and streamer Zias pranked him by claiming to have an “intimate moment.” Adin was furious on Instagram Live, but their romance was a joke to torment him.

Another incident occurred while Adin was streaming on Kick and received an NSFW Naomi-like photo from Discord. Adin instantly explained that it wasn’t his sister, but his supporters spread baseless rumors and strange conclusions.

When Naomi launched her OnlyFans account, Adin posted his reaction on social media, fueling rumors of an unsuitable sibling relationship. Please note that Naomi is only Adin’s big sister. She’s established her own content, business, and wealth without Adin’s fame.

Naomi Ross’ Turn in the Spotlight

Adin Ross has had his share of gaming issues, but his sister Naomi has been off the radar until recently. Adin joined Clout Gang 2.0 in 2021 and moved into the Wizza House, a streaming studio. The house was embroiled in gambling and cryptocurrency scandals. Naomi’s house visit and apparent closeness to former footballer and streamer Zias was intriguing. Adin complained on Instagram Live that he caught Naomi and Zias in private. It was later revealed that Naomi and Zias staged the romantic scene to taunt Adin. This means Naomi may not want to fool her brother again following his violent reaction.

From Family Streamer to Superstar

The Ross siblings, Adin and Naomi, embarked on a remarkable journey in the world of social media and online streaming, evolving from family streamers to superstars. Their initial foray involved streaming NBA 2K games together, gradually accumulating a dedicated fan base and gaining recognition. While Adin soared to stardom with an impressive following, Naomi carved her own path on platforms such as Twitch and Instagram, amassing over 100,000 followers on the latter. Despite her brother’s massive audience of 7 million, Naomi maintained her influencer status and largely avoided controversies, save for a playful prank involving fellow streamer Zias. She also ventured into the realm of OnlyFans, where she shares exclusive content with her subscribers. While both siblings share a background in streaming, Naomi has demonstrated her ability to thrive independently in the digital landscape, showcasing her unique presence and influence.

Adin Ross has cultivated connections with various notable figures, including LeBron James’ eldest son, Bronny James, with whom he began gaming in 2020. Together, they engaged in 2K streams that attracted significant attention, often involving substantial bets. Notably, LeBron James himself made a surprise appearance during one of their streams, providing Adin with the chance to express his admiration for the basketball star, creating a viral Twitter moment. Adin has also collaborated with rappers like Tee Grizzley, recognizing these partnerships as a mutually beneficial avenue for self-promotion.

While initially known for gaming content, Adin expanded his streaming endeavors by hosting “e-dates,” wherein he facilitated virtual dates among Discord users. This project gained immense popularity and further elevated Adin’s online presence, drawing an even larger following to his platform.

Adin’s Campaign to Make 2k Fun Again

Adin Ross started the hashtag “#Make2kFunAgain” in 2020 after feeling NBA 2K had lost its charm. On its opening day, this campaign became the #1 trending hashtag worldwide, with many streamers supporting Adin’s appeal to make the game more fun and encourage its developers to do so.

However, Adin’s streaming success was not without controversy. His content sometimes caused trouble and victimization. Due to a bot following, his Twitch account gained 3 million followers on April 4, 2021.

Adin was temporarily banned from Twitch in 2021 after Zias, someone participating in Naomi’s prank, shouted a homophobic slur during one of his streams. Following Twitch conversations, Adin regained access to his account, although it has been occasionally suspended since. Hate speech is strictly prohibited on Twitch, making it difficult for violators to rejoin.

Adin sought to broaden his following beyond gamers in 2022. He started filming funny videos and gained popularity in rap and hip-hop. Adin’s rising popularity implies he may soon be known for more than NBA 2K streaming.

The Ross Family Keeps It Real

Adin and Naomi are legendary family gamers, whether they’re live streaming, pranking one another, or posting sweet Instagram photos.

Naomi can grow her Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans following as Adin’s stardom rises. Their common experiences, personal growth, and dedication to entertaining and engaging audiences have shaped their social media and gaming careers.


Adin Ross’s accomplishments in the streaming world are undoubtedly impressive, but Naomi Ross has carved her own path, establishing herself as a model, influencer, and streamer. Her journey, characterized by both collaborations with her brother and her individual achievements, highlights her versatility and ability to thrive in the constantly evolving digital landscape. As the realms of streaming and online influence continue to expand, it will be fascinating to witness how Naomi Ross continues to shape her career and personal brand.

FAQs about Naomi Ross, Adin Ross’s sister

Q: Who’s Naomi Ross?

A: Streamer and social media influencer Adin Ross’ sister is Naomi Ross. Additionally, she is known for streaming and content development.

Q: Naomi Ross does what?

A: Naomi Ross models, influences, and streams. Her content was popular on Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans.

Q: How did Naomi Ross get famous?

A: Naomi Ross became famous via streaming NBA 2K games with her brother Adin. Her social media following grew over time.

Q: Has Naomi Ross a Twitch channel?

A: Naomi Ross streams and interacts on Twitch. She has many followers on the platform.

Q: Naomi Ross’s Instagram handle?

A: Naomi Ross’s Instagram is @naomzies for modelling and lifestyle posts. This Instagrammer has over 100,000 followers.

Q: Has Naomi Ross been controversial?

A: In 2021, Naomi Ross and Zias pulled a prank that received notice. She rarely gets involved in significant scandals.

Q: Does Naomi Ross use OnlyFans?

A: On OnlyFans, Naomi Ross delivers exclusive stuff with her subscribers. Adult stuff is its speciality.

Q: Do Naomi and Adin Ross have different ages?

A: Adin Ross calls Naomi his older sister. Adin was born in 2000, however Naomi’s age is unknown.

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