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Dallas Yocum, born in 1980, is 41 years old, and is an American citizen known for her role as a businesswoman and entrepreneur in the United States. She gained recognition in the country due to her former marriage to Mike Lindell.

Mike Lindell, CEO of ‘My Pillow, Inc.’, a pillow, bedding, and slipper firm, is an American businessman and conspiracy theorist. Also founded the Lindell Foundation. Though her occupation is unknown, Dallas Yocum, his ex-wife, is also in business.

As a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, Dallas operates her own venture in the United States. In August 2021, Mike Lindell participated in the Cyber Symposium, which led to an increase in memes and discussions surrounding his conspiracy theories. This article aims to provide comprehensive information about Mike Lindell’s ex-wife, Dallas Yocum, including her wiki, biography, age, marital history, children, net worth, profession, parents, height, weight, siblings, as well as interesting facts and trivia.

Who is Dallas Yocum?

Dallas Yocum was born in December 1980 in the United States. As of 2021, she is 41 years old. Unfortunately, the specific date and place of her birth remain unknown. She spent her upbringing in Arizona and is the daughter of Dale Farmer, a dedicated United States Navy mechanic. Her father, a war veteran, served aboard the U.S. Bon Homme. Moreover, Dallas’s grandfather also had a heroic role in World War II.

Her mother lives in Arizona, although little is known about her. Sadly, Dallas’ father died at 68 in 2011. He lived in Bullhead City, Arizona, for 30 years.

Few details exist regarding Dallas Yocum’s childhood and education. She keeps a low profile, and her link to the famous businessman and conspiracy theorist garnered her attention. The public knows she attended New York school and studied business management at university.

Who is Mike Lindell?

Michael James Lindell, often known as “The My Pillow Guy,” hails from the cities of Chaska and Carver in Minnesota. During his youth, Lindell grappled with a growing gambling addiction. After completing high school, he briefly attended the University of Minnesota before leaving after just a few months. In his twenties, he battled a cocaine addiction that became increasingly problematic.

Transitioning to crack cocaine in the 1990s, Lindell’s addiction intensified. He also accrued significant debt from his gambling habits, which ultimately led to the foreclosure of his house and the filing of divorce papers by his wife due to the cumulative impact of his struggles in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2009, Lindell attested that he achieved sobriety through the power of prayer.

“The My Pillow Guy,” Michael James Lindell, is an American conspiracy theorist, businessman, and political activist. He founded and runs My Pillow, Inc., which makes pillows, bedding, and slippers.

Operating under the moniker “Frank,” Lindell oversees the social network FrankSocial and the video streaming platform Frank.

In March 2021, Lindell unveiled plans for “Vocl,” an alternative technology-driven social media platform he had been diligently working on. He described the platform as distinct from platforms like Gab and Parler, envisioning it as a hybrid of YouTube and Twitter.

In 2019, Lindell launched the Lindell Recovery Network, a platform connecting individuals struggling with addiction to others who have successfully navigated drug addiction and the recovery process. It also links them with faith-based treatment centers and other recovery organizations. In the same year, Mike received an honorary Doctor of Business from Liberty University.

Dallas Yocum’s Biography (Parents, Siblings & Education)

Dallas Yocum was born in the United States in the year 1980, although the specific date remains undisclosed. Based on estimates, she would be approximately 41 years old in 2021.

She is Christian and multi-cultural. Dallas is close to her extended family and keeps her personal life private. She avoids discussing her family with the media.

Many of her relatives live in Minnesota, according to sources. Dallas is well-educated and attended a nearby private school. After school, she focused on her career. She became a successful US businesswoman due to her skills.

Dallas Yocum Career

Dallas Yocum has deliberately kept her personal life under wraps, avoiding public attention. Since her divorce from Mike, she has maintained a low profile, resulting in limited available information about her private affairs.

In the 1980s, Mike embarked on a journey of establishing and managing several small businesses. It wasn’t until 2004 that he introduced the world to My Pillow. Starting with just five employees, his enterprise has now expanded to over fifty thousand. The company’s reach has extended globally, and at his hometown facility, Mike aspires to produce an impressive 85 thousand pillows daily.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Mike also oversees the Lindell Foundation, a faith-driven organization with a noble mission. The foundation focuses on aiding individuals struggling with addictions, as well as offering support to cancer patients, soldiers, and others in need. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the foundation generously contributed 60 thousand pillows to the victims.

Beyond his business ventures, Mike is recognized for his staunch support of and advisory role for former President Donald Trump. He gained further notoriety for his Fox News commercials promoting the plant extract oleandrin as a potential antidote for COVID-19.

Dallas Yocum formerly served as the head of MyPillow’s customer service department

There isn’t much information available about Dallas Yocum’s life before she entered a relationship with Mike Lindell. Details about her birthplace, family background, and childhood are not readily accessible. Similarly, specifics regarding her education are scarce. Since she became the director of customer service at MyPillow, her well-known ex-husband’s company, she likely had a good education.

Founded in 2009, MyPillow Inc. makes pillows, bedding, and slippers. The unique design of their pillow, based on a patented open-cell poly-foam, was actually invented by Yocum’s ex-husband, Lindell.

In the initial stages of the company, Lindell personally hand-sewed the pillows and handled sales and distribution with the help of family members. Over time, the product gained popularity among consumers. Presently, MyPillow Inc. boasts a workforce of 1,500 employees across the United States. They’ve successfully sold over 41 million pillows and received numerous accolades within the industry. However, the company has also faced legal disputes and financial settlements.

These issues revolve around unverified claims regarding the pillow’s ability to alleviate sleep-related problems like insomnia and sleep apnea. MyPillow has also been penalized for misleading promotional practices. It’s been quite a journey of highs and lows for the company founded by Dallas Yocum’s former husband. On the financial front, Mike Lindell has fared quite well, with a net worth of $100 million, a sharp contrast to Yocum, whose net worth is estimated to be around half a million dollars, specifically $450,000.

In 2011, she started dating Mike Lindell, and in June 2013, they got married

The story of Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell’s relationship is one marked by brevity, though there was once a time of happiness between them. Lindell and Yocum reportedly started dating in 2011. The age gap between Yocum and Lindell was nearly two decades, at 31 and 50, respectively. However, neither considered this a major issue. The public, too, didn’t raise much fuss, recognizing Yocum as an independent adult in her 30s fully capable of making her own decisions.

And she indeed managed her life quite effectively. The bond between her and Mike Lindell prospered. They shared a home in his Minnesota residence, and he entrusted her with the role of heading customer service at his thriving venture, MyPillow Company. Additionally, he sought her assistance in completing his autobiography and had intentions to elevate her to the position of Vice President of Compliance at MyPillow. As a further sign of his affection for Yocum, Lindell also welcomed some of her relatives to work at his company.

In his eyes, their love story flourished, and he eventually mustered the courage to propose. Yocum accepted, and they embarked on earnest preparations for their wedding. In June 2013, the couple exchanged vows in a grand ceremony held at the Oaks Ridge Hotel and Conference Center. Approximately 300 guests attended, and the event made headlines in local newspapers.

The marriage between the two people lasted one month before they parted ways in July 2013

After their extravagant wedding, there was a general expectation that Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell would embark on a life of happiness together. Unfortunately, reality didn’t align with this hope, and troubles arose almost immediately. Just a day after the wedding, Yocum reportedly left their marital home, returning after a period of time. However, this pattern repeated itself, with her disappearing once again after a few weeks. Lindell, who was often away, tried to reach out through texts and calls, but received no response.

Eventually, they reunited, but during one of their final conversations, Dallas Yocum candidly expressed to Lindell that she found him uninteresting and felt they had little in common. She admitted to never having loved him and accused him of squandering the past two years of her life. These words carried significant weight, signifying a point of no return in their relationship. Lindell took the step to file for divorce, Yocum responded, and the divorce was ultimately finalized in July.

Surprisingly, there was no bitter dispute over finances, as the couple had previously signed a prenuptial agreement. Yocum departed with her wedding ring, which, due to its expense, left Lindell a bit annoyed. The CEO of MyPillow later revealed that he never anticipated having to resort to the prenup so soon. He confessed to feeling blindsided, as there were signs all along that Yocum wasn’t as invested in the relationship as he was.

Leading up to the wedding, Lindell radiated excitement, while his bride appeared more reserved. She seemed unenthused in photos and even confided in some guests on the wedding day that she didn’t foresee the marriage lasting very long. This revelation devastated Lindell, but he clung to his Christian faith to navigate through the disappointment.

Lindell has moved on with his love life while Yocum has largely avoided the spotlight

The marriage between Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell, though short-lived, was not the first for either of them. Yocum had reportedly been married approximately four times prior to her union with Lindell, which had resulted in children and stepchildren. Notably, two of her own children and one stepson were employed by Lindell’s company during their relationship.

As for Mike Lindell, he had been married twice. His marriage to Yocum marked his second, with his first being to a woman named Karen Dickey. This initial union lasted for two decades and produced four children: Charlie, Heather, Lizzy, and Darren. Sadly, it eventually ended due to Lindell’s struggles with cocaine addiction, leading to significant strain within the family. The youngest of his children stopped wanting to live with him. This awakened Lindell to seek recuperation and restore his footing.

Subsequently, he entered a relationship with Yocum, which regrettably concluded in divorce. Following their separation, Dallas Yocum largely withdrew from the public eye. Meanwhile, Lindell found companionship with a woman named Kendra Reeves. Their romance began in 2014, and she reportedly played a role in helping him find spiritual clarity. Presently, it remains unclear whether they are still together.

What is Dallas Yocum’s net worth?

The precise net worth of Dallas Yocum remains undisclosed, but according to estimates from Starsgab, it’s believed to be around $450,000.

As for her profession, Dallas Yocum has chosen to keep it private, and the only reason she gained any public recognition is due to her association with a prominent businessman.

Currently, Dallas Yocum continues to live a low-profile life, away from the glare of public attention. The specifics of her activities since her divorce from Mike Lindell are uncertain. It’s possible that she may have found a companion whose company she finds more engaging than that of the My Pillow Guy.

Dallas Yocum Height, Weight & Measurements

Dallas Yocum stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is approximately 1.67 meters or 167 centimeters. She weighs around 60 kilograms, equivalent to 132 pounds. Her striking features include captivating dark brown eyes and blonde hair.

As for her body measurements, they are recorded at 36-29-40 inches. Additionally, she wears a bra cup size of 34 C.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Here Are Some (FAQs):

Q1: Who is Dallas Yocum?
A1: Dallas Yocum is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur known for her former marriage to Mike Lindell, the CEO of ‘My Pillow, Inc.’ She gained recognition in the United States due to her association with Lindell.

Q2: When was Dallas Yocum born?
A2: Dallas Yocum was born in December 1980. As of 2021, she would be approximately 41 years old.

Q3: What is Dallas Yocum’s educational background?
A3: Details about Dallas Yocum’s education are limited. It is known that she attended a New York school and studied business management at university.

Q4: Who were Dallas Yocum’s parents?
A4: Dallas Yocum’s father was Dale Farmer, a dedicated United States Navy mechanic and war veteran. Her mother’s details are not widely known.

Q5: Did Dallas Yocum have any siblings?
A5: Specific information about Dallas Yocum’s siblings is not readily available.

Q6: What is Dallas Yocum’s net worth?
A6: Dallas Yocum’s estimated net worth is around $450,000. However, the exact figure remains undisclosed.

Q7: What was Dallas Yocum’s role at MyPillow?
A7: Dallas Yocum formerly served as the head of MyPillow’s customer service department. She played a role in the company founded by her ex-husband, Mike Lindell.

Q8: What was the duration of Dallas Yocum’s marriage to Mike Lindell?
A8: Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell’s marriage lasted for approximately one month. They were wed in June 2013 and got divorced the following month.

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