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Chelsea Lascher is a popular American social media sensation, and she happens to be the youngest child of the well-known TV actor, David Lascher. She first burst onto the scene in May 2021 when she created her TikTok account. Chelsea’s claim to fame is her knack for creating hilarious content, often featuring her friends and family.

Since her debut on TikTok, Chelsea has amassed an impressive following. She’s managed to gather over 800,000 dedicated fans who just can’t get enough of her entertaining videos. Additionally, 6 million people have liked her material, which is a clear indication of her charm and wit.

Chelsea’s career on social media has been nothing short of amazing, and she never ceases to amuse her devoted followers with her amusing and relevant tweets. She is undoubtedly a rising celebrity worth keeping an eye on due to her talent and interesting content.

Who Is Chelsea Lascher? 

In the realm of American entertainment, a burgeoning luminary named Chelsea Lascher is etching her mark, not only as a thespian but also as a TikTok luminary. She’s predominantly acknowledged as the progeny of the distinguished American actor and television luminary, David Lascher. It’s noteworthy that, despite her burgeoning eminence, Chelsea is yet to possess a dedicated Wikipedia entry in her honor.

Chelsea, whose arrival graced the sunny expanse of Los Angeles, California, on September 15, 2009, is the cherished offspring of Jill London Lascher and David Lascher. During her formative years, she was enveloped in affection and nurturance, sharing her existence with her siblings, Hannah Lascher and Casey Lascher. Her paternal figure, David Lascher, is a well-recognized American thespian, boasting an impressive repertoire of works, including “The Boat Builder,” “Blossom,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” and a plethora of others. While David’s vocation enjoys wide acclaim, her maternal lineage remains ensconced in obscurity.

As the annals of 2023 unfurl, Chelsea stands as a 14-year-old, bearing the astrological insignia of Virgo, in harmony with her birthdate, which aligns with the ides of September. She unabashedly holds the mantle of American nationality, hailing from a Caucasian ethnic heritage, adhering to the tenets of the Christian faith.

Delving into the precincts of her corporeal attributes, Chelsea’s stature graces us at an approximate zenith of 5 feet, or 152 centimeters, bearing a mass of around 40 kilograms, which approximates to 88 pounds. Regrettably, the records pertaining to her pedagogical odyssey are scant, yet it’s plausible to conjecture that she is presently navigating the tributaries of intermediate education within her domicile, consonant with her tender years.

In the dominion of her cybernetic presence, Chelsea Lascher is a denizen of Instagram and TikTok, wherein she unfurls her virtuosity in the domain of social media. Her odyssey in the realm of Instagram commenced its inaugural voyage in October 2019 when she unveiled her maiden photograph, while her TikTok sojourn embarked in May 2021 with the debut of her maiden video presentation. Chelsea is carving out her singular trajectory to stardom, and her burgeoning digital entourage attests to her spiraling prominence.


According to reliable sources, Chelsea is a true Californian, proudly hailing from Los Angeles, the vibrant heart of the United States. Every 15th of September, she celebrates her birthday with her parents and siblings, creating cherished memories year after year.

Born in 2009, Chelsea was 13 years old as of 2022, and her zodiac sign is Virgo, which often signifies a strong sense of responsibility and practicality. She’s also a follower of the Christian faith, reflecting her spiritual beliefs and values.

In terms of her education, this young star is dedicated to her studies and is currently pursuing her high school education right in the comfort of her own neighborhood. Chelsea is setting the stage for a promising future while enjoying her teenage years in sunny California.


Chelsea Lascher, born on September 15, 2013, is making waves as an American social media sensation. She is not your typical teenager; she is from the warm city of Los Angeles, California. In addition to being the famous actor and TV personality David Lascher’s daughter, Chelsea is well-known throughout the nation as a rising star in her own right.

With her intriguing images and videos, this attractive young woman has won the hearts of many through her social media accounts. Her journey to stardom began with her fantastic TikTok videos, where her talent and charisma shone through. But that’s not all; Chelsea also boasts a self-titled YouTube channel with an impressive 101,000 subscribers.

Intriguing and captivating, Chelsea Lascher is a name to watch in the world of social media, where she continues to charm and entertain her ever-growing audience. Stay tuned to discover more about this budding media star.


Personal Information
Full NameChelsea Lascher
Occupation/ProfessionSocial media star
Date of Birth15 September 2009
Age13 years old
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States
Currently lives inLos Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac or Birth SignVirgo
Physical/Body Statistics
Chelsea Lascher Height in feet5 feet 0 inches
Chelsea Lascher Height in meter1.52 meter
Chelsea Lascher Height in centimeter152 centimeter
Overall Body WeightIn Kilogram – 40 kg
In Pound [lbs] – 88 lbs
Body TypeBanana
Body MeasurementsFit
Chest [in inches]n/A
Waist [in inches]n/A
Hips [in inches]n/A
Shoe size5 [US]
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Have tattoos?No
Education Information
Where she did her schooling?Not Known
Where she did her graduation?Not Known
Family Background
Have Parents ?Yes
Mother NameJill London Lascher
Father NameDavid Lascher (TV actor)
Brother’s NameCasey Lascher (Elder)
Sister’s NameHannah Lascher (Elder)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Dating/Affair History
Boyfriend NamePossibly Single
Previous Dating?Unknown
Money Factor
Salary Per Episode/MovieUnknown
Net WorthUS$ 80-100 Thousand Approx.
Advertisement FeesUnavailable
Social Media Accounts
Debut TVJax Writes Songs (2021)
Debut FilmFootprints (2021 Short Film)
Fan Following On TikTok800,000 Fans
Fan Following On Instagram25,000 Fans

Chelsea Lascher Education

Regrettably, we currently don’t have access to information regarding Rozo’s high school and college education. We’re eagerly awaiting any updates on this front and will provide that information as soon as it becomes available to the public.

Chelsea Lascher Age

Chelsea Lascher, born on September 15, 2009, in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California, is currently 13 years old as of 2022. In her TikTok videos, you can often spot her mother, who frequently makes appearances alongside Chelsea. She’s not alone in the family spotlight; Chelsea shares her world with her siblings, including her sister, Hannah, and her brother, Casey. They’re quite the dynamic trio, making family moments and TikTok videos all the more entertaining.

Height, Weight & More

Chelsea is undeniably a charming and incredibly good-looking young star. She has a doll-like appearance that has won over many people’s hearts. Her height is estimated to be 4 feet 8 inches (142 centimetres), and she maintains a body weight of about 40 kilogrammes (88 pounds), according to sources.

Her gorgeous black eyes and lush brown hair further highlight her alluring attractiveness and add to her overall appeal. Chelsea’s distinctive features only add to her allure, making her a standout in the world of social media.

Physical Information
WeightIn Kilograms: 40 kg.
In Pounds: 88 lbs.
HeightIn Feet Inches: 4′ 8″.
In Meters: 1.42 m.
In Centimetres: 142 cm.
Hair ColorBrown.
Eye ColorBlack.
Shoe Size5 US.
Plastic SurgeryNot Known.

Personal Life

When it comes to her personal life, Chelsea Lascher proudly calls Los Angeles, California her hometown. This American celebrity comes from a White background, and her roots are firmly grounded in a well-established Christian family who wholeheartedly supports her in her endeavors.

While not much is known about Chelsea Lascher’s mother, Jill London, she frequently makes appearances in many of Chelsea’s videos, showcasing their close bond. Chelsea’s father, David Lascher, is a well-known TV actor, and the love and support of her parents are evident in her journey to stardom.

Family is important to Chelsea, and she shares a tight-knit sibling bond with her brother, Casey, and her sister, Hannah. As a teenager, details about her educational qualifications aren’t widely available at the moment. Given her age, it’s safe to presume that Chelsea attends a neighbourhood school alongside her siblings, though she might eventually attend a university to further her education.

Chelsea is a physically fit and active person who participates in daily activities. She is 4 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 45 kilogrammes. She boasts a slim, fit physique, complemented by her striking dark brown eyes and luscious dark brown hair.

As for her relationship status, Chelsea is quite young and not yet in the dating scene. She’s one of those few celebrities who prefer to keep their love lives away from the public eye. At present, she remains single and is focused on her career and enjoying her teenage years to the fullest.

Family Background

Chelsea Lascher is blessed to have incredibly supportive and inspiring parents. Her father, David Lascher, is well-known in the entertainment industry, and her mother, Jill London, plays a vital role in her life. It’s interesting to note that Jill is David’s second wife, adding a unique dimension to their family dynamics. Chelsea also shares her world with her older brother, Casey, and her elder sister, Hannah. This family undoubtedly plays a significant part in Chelsea’s life and journey.

Rising to Fame on TikTok

Chelsea Lascher’s journey to stardom kicked off on the ever-popular social media platform, TikTok. In no time, she amassed a huge following, thanks to her captivating and entertaining videos. Chelsea’s talent for lip-syncing and dancing shone through, drawing people in with her infectious energy and relatable content. Her unique style and the way she effortlessly connected with her audience were the keys to her success, and soon, she became a bona fide TikTok sensation.

What set Chelsea apart was not just her creativity but her unwavering dedication to crafting top-notch content. Her videos went viral, racking up millions of views and followers. Chelsea had a knack for staying on top of the latest challenges and trending songs, further cementing her status as a prominent figure in the TikTok community. From side-splitting comedy sketches to jaw-dropping dance routines, her videos showcased her versatility as an entertainer.

With her skyrocketing TikTok popularity, Chelsea didn’t stop there. She expanded her presence to other social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, she gave her growing audience a glimpse into her personal life, sharing stunning photos and collaborating with popular brands. On YouTube, Chelsea provided her viewers with behind-the-scenes content, vlogs, and tutorials, allowing them to delve even deeper into her world. Chelsea Lascher is a true multi-talented sensation who knows how to keep her audience entertained and engaged.

Chelsea Lascher’s Net Worth

Chelsea Lascher’s exact net worth might be shrouded in mystery, but her rapidly expanding popularity and success in the world of social media strongly suggest a promising career. With a legion of followers on TikTok, Chelsea has firmly established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of online content creation. Her engaging lip-syncing and dance videos have struck a chord with a broad and captivated audience, paving the way for her as a TikTok and Instagram influencer.

As Chelsea extends her reach to other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, her influence only continues to flourish. She utilizes these platforms as a means to connect with her followers, offering them glimpses into her life and crafting content that resonates with her audience. Through unwavering dedication and boundless creativity, Chelsea has masterfully cultivated a loyal fanbase.

While the specific digits of Chelsea’s net worth are hidden from the public eye, it’s undeniable that her influencer success opens doors to lucrative opportunities. As she forges partnerships with brands and ventures into new endeavors, her earnings are poised to reflect her ever-expanding influence. With her undeniable talent and magnetic content, Chelsea Lascher is unquestionably a rising star in the ever-evolving realm of social media.

Chelsea Lascher Boyfriend

As of now, Chelsea Lascher doesn’t have a girlfriend or anyone special in her life romantically. She isn’t currently dating anyone and is ok living alone. Her love of travelling and discovering new places plays a significant role in her life, and she successfully juggles it with her professional obligations.

Chelsea has a few interests that keep her occupied while she’s not creating her stuff. She enjoys working out, engrossing herself in a good book, and spending time with her loved ones. Chelsea is a self-professed foodie who enjoys trying dishes from all around the world. Her social media pages often feature her indulging in culinary adventures.

Beyond her busy social media life, Chelsea is also an animal lover. You’ll frequently catch glimpses of her playing with her pet dog or cat on her social media profiles, showcasing her love for furry friends. Chelsea’s life is a delightful mix of work, exploration, and a whole lot of fun!


Chelsea Lascher’s Instagram account, with a robust following of 200,000 loyal fans, is a delightful window into her life. She shares a mix of pictures and videos, offering glimpses of her family and her everyday adventures. Notably, she’s created a hilarious short comedy series titled “From Kid I Babysit’s Perspective,” where her father and sister make special appearances, adding to the entertainment.

In addition to her social media presence, Chelsea has also graced the screen in season 8 of “Mani,” showcasing her talent and making her mark in the world of entertainment. Her journey is a fascinating blend of social media stardom and traditional showbiz, and her fans eagerly follow her every move.

Social Media Presence

Chelsea’s official Instagram account boasts a substantial following of over 18.9K followers. On TikTok, her star power shines even brighter, with a whopping 811.5K followers who can’t get enough of her engaging content. Not to be outdone, her YouTube channel, which she launched on November 24, has gathered more than 78.9K subscribers and an impressive 538,257 views as of 2022. Chelsea’s social media influence is on a remarkable ascent, and her numbers speak to her growing popularity and the adoration of her dedicated fans.

Chelsea’s TikTok Rise in Numbers

Ever since Chelsea Lascher made her debut on TikTok, she’s witnessed an incredible surge in her followers and likes, firmly establishing her as a rising star on this platform. Her charisma and the captivating content she shares have made her a beloved figure among TikTok users. It’s safe to say that Chelsea’s presence on the platform is nothing short of a sensation, and her future in the world of social media looks exceptionally bright.

  • More than 5 million subscribers
  • Her videos have gotten more than 200 million likes.
  • appearing regularly on the “For You” page

Chelsea’s knack for capturing the viewer’s attention and keeping them eagerly coming back for more has undeniably fueled her explosive growth on TikTok. It’s a testament to her magnetic charm and engaging content that she’s been able to amass such a dedicated following.

But Chelsea’s influence goes beyond her enormous social media presence. She is serving as a role model for upcoming young performers in the digital age with her abundance of talent, inventiveness, and ability to create fascinating content. She has had a strong and widespread impact.

Expanding her horizons beyond TikTok, Chelsea has made her mark on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, further connecting with her ever-expanding fanbase. Her Instagram account, @chelsealascher, has become a central hub for her followers, a place to stay updated on her latest adventures and projects.

On Instagram, Chelsea shares stunning photos that reveal her unique sense of style and vibrant personality. She shares glimpses into her daily life, behind-the-scenes looks at her creative process, and exciting partnerships with brands and other influencers on her visually stunning account. Chelsea forges a personal connection with her followers by using fascinating photos and thought-provoking captions to make them feel as though they are a part of her adventure.

But Chelsea’s not content with just one platform. She’s ventured into the world of YouTube, where she shares longer-form videos that provide deeper insights into her life and passions. From travel vlogs to beauty product tutorials and fashion hauls, Chelsea’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of diverse and entertaining content, giving her fans an even closer look into her world.

YouTube Highlights

Embark on a virtual odyssey alongside Chelsea as she whisks you away to some of the planet’s most awe-inspiring locales. Immerse yourself in a plethora of diverse cultures and chart uncharted vistas under her guidance.

Should you seek wisdom in the realms of elegance and vogue, fret not, for Chelsea stands as your sage. Acquire erudition from her seasoned expertise as she imparts her favored cosmetics ensembles, skincare rituals, and couture counsel. She is the ultimate wellspring for enhancing your aesthetic allure.

Yet, Chelsea isn’t merely entangled in opulence; she also lays bare the tapestry of her existence through candid and impassioned visual narratives. Through these chronicles, she unfolds her tales of adventures, trials, and victories, affording you an intimate glimpse into the individual behind the persona of influence.

Chelsea’s burgeoning prominence across the expanse of Instagram and YouTube transcends the mere realm of amusement. It transcends to serve as a wellspring of motivation and empowerment to her adherents, achieved through the prism of authenticity and relatability. She isn’t just an entertainer; she is a guiding luminary.

As she persists in entrancing audiences across a spectrum of social media conduits, the future shimmers with brilliant promise for this gifted influencer. Chelsea Lascher’s ambition and aptitude truly know no confines.

Past the contours of her thriving profession as a digital influencer, Chelsea zealously guards the sanctum of her private life. Born on the 4th of December, 1999, in California, she is descended from a lineage deeply enmeshed in the performing arts. Her father, David Lascher, graces the stage as an actor, while her mother, Jill London Lascher, ascends to the heights of social media stardom. Chelsea shares her bloodline with two siblings, Hannah Lascher and Casey Lascher, cultivating a family entrenched in the domain of show business.

With her arresting visage and enchanting aura, Chelsea Lascher has cultivated a substantial following across her manifold social media daises. Through these conduits, she adorns her skill in harmonizing words and movements, beguiling her audience with her fervid performances. Her commitment and ardor for her metier have borne fruit, as she has accumulated legions of adherents on TikTok, with her visual compositions evoking considerable engagement.

Nonetheless, Chelsea’s sway extends beyond the precincts of the digital aether. She has extended her sphere of influence to other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube. Here, she bestows glimpses of her quotidian existence, behind-the-scenes instants, and the latest fruits of her labor. Her immersive material and magnetic charisma endure to enthrall her devotees, cementing her eminence as a preeminent presence in the realm of influencers.

While Chelsea Lascher forges onward in her vocation as an influencer, the bastion of her personal life remains an enigma well shielded. While she generously bequeaths her professional life to her disciples, she esteems her solitude, adroitly eluding the public eye. This discretion facilitates her pursuit of equilibrium, enabling her to center her energies on her calling and the content she conjures for her dedicated coterie.


Chelsea Lascher, born on September 15, 2009, in Los Angeles, California, is making waves as a young American social media sensation. She is the daughter of the well-known TV actor David Lascher and has gained popularity through her entertaining content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Chelsea’s charisma and captivating content have led to a substantial following, making her a rising celebrity worth keeping an eye on.

Facts about Chelsea Lascher:

  • Chelsea Lascher is a prominent American social media influencer and the daughter of TV actor David Lascher.
  • She was born on September 15, 2009, in Los Angeles, California.
  • Chelsea’s mother, Jill London Lascher, also plays a role in her social media presence.
  • She has two siblings, Hannah Lascher and Casey Lascher.
  • Chelsea’s content primarily revolves around TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Her TikTok journey began in May 2021, and she has quickly gained a significant following.
  • Chelsea is known for her engaging lip-syncing and dance videos on TikTok.
  • She has a dedicated YouTube channel with over 78.9K subscribers.
  • Chelsea’s Instagram account has more than 18.9K followers.
  • Despite her young age, Chelsea is already a prominent figure in the world of social media.
  • She maintains an active and fit lifestyle, which is often featured on her social media.
  • Chelsea is a Christian and hails from a Caucasian ethnic background.
  • She keeps her personal life private and is not publicly dating anyone.
  • Chelsea is known for her love of travel, food, and animals, often showcasing these interests on her social media profiles.
  • She has made appearances on the TV show “Mani” in season 8.
  • Chelsea is a multi-talented influencer, with her content ranging from dance routines to beauty product tutorials.
  • Her TikTok videos have received over 200 million likes and 5 million subscribers.
  • Chelsea’s influence extends beyond her online presence, making her a role model for young performers in the digital age.
  • She continues to expand her social media presence and connect with her ever-growing fanbase.
  • Chelsea’s future in the world of social media looks promising, and her influence is on a remarkable ascent.

FAQs about Chelsea Lascher:

What is Chelsea Lascher’s date of birth?

Chelsea Lascher was born on September 15, 2009.

Who are Chelsea Lascher’s parents?

Chelsea’s father is the TV actor David Lascher, and her mother is Jill London Lascher.

How did Chelsea rise to fame?

Chelsea gained popularity through her entertaining content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Does Chelsea Lascher have any siblings?

Yes, Chelsea has two siblings: Hannah Lascher and Casey Lascher.

What are Chelsea’s primary social media platforms?

Chelsea is active on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

When did Chelsea start her TikTok journey?

Chelsea started her TikTok journey in May 2021.

What is Chelsea known for on TikTok?

Chelsea is known for her engaging lip-syncing and dance videos on TikTok.

How many subscribers does Chelsea have on her YouTube channel?

Chelsea has over 78.9K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

What is Chelsea’s Instagram following?

Chelsea has more than 18.9K followers on Instagram.

Is Chelsea Lascher publicly dating anyone?

No, Chelsea is not publicly dating anyone and focuses on her career and personal life.

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