How 2D animated videos can turn your SaaS traffic into Customers

Closing the Deal: How 2D animated videos can turn your SaaS traffic into Customers?

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SaaS products have the potential to solve big problems. They not only make your customers’ lives easier, but can really help you to boom your business.

While the product is amazing, and is meant to solve problems effectively, we cannot overlook the fact that without exceptionally good marketing, the product might never become a success.

Over the years, SaaS marketers have relied heavily on use of animated videos to not only explain their offering, but ensure swift onboarding as well as better conversion. Here are four reasons why any SaaS marketer would opt for 2D animated videos to showcase their product.

You can introduce the product without much effort

SaaS tools are unique in their own way. You may have a product that is

for analytics in healthcare. Now since the niche is entirely new, your tool would usually have a simple user interface to make it as user friendly as possible.

Additionally, you want to create the much needed demand for your product. So, you’ll need highly valuable, yet enticing top-of-the-funnel content to boost awareness. You can do that with the use of 2D animated videos.

Not only will you be able to raise awareness in little time, but can also instill the benefits of your unique SaaS offering with a lot of ease.

You can make your brand content super-attractive

One big reason why SaaS marketers continue to invest in acquiring professional 2D animation services is because animated videos are fun. You can use all kinds of witty characters to tell a product story. You can imagine scenarios that are completely out of the box.

While you do so, you can grab the attention of your viewers, and delight their digital experience at the same time.

And with an animated theme for your brand content, there is no doubt that your content will showcase itself as something truly unique.

You can capitalize on the effect of first touchpoint

“First impression is the last impression”. That’s actually a very practical lesson and it applies to all of your customers. And don’t overlook that especially if you’re a marketer.

If you’re already familiar with Headspace, you know that they created a humorous, yet warm tone for their animated video.

It’s a fantastic intro explainer that shows how the app syncs perfectly in the everyday lives of people seeking to meditate by themselves.

You can do the same thing and have the same degree of first touch effect with an animated video. It’s an absolute game changer for a content format. You should create animated videos specifically for the TOFU phase.

A major reason to use animated videos for the awareness stage of your content campaign is early traction. You can arouse interest and even attract more sign ups, inviting leads to have a demo or paid trial of your SaaS product.

Getting more sign ups and onboarding leads for a free trial is a major challenge, and most people tend to avoid it. But if you’ve an animated video in place to invite them for a demo, there’s a better chance you can attract more sign ups.

Interested in creating a 2D explainer for your SaaS product? Make sure to check this detailed guide for 2D animation cost

You can achieve higher level of message retention

B2B marketing is harder than B2C and no one can deny that. You’re going to need a considerable amount of time to convince a business than you would need to convert a direct customer who just landed on your website.

Especially when it comes to B2B SaaS marketing, products are complex and customers often find it difficult to understand features, and how exactly a product is going to benefit them. In that case animated videos can help you to showcase benefits with a lot of ease.

Animated videos are very natural to draw the attention of your audience, and there’s a strong likelihood that they’ll understand the benefits of a SaaS tool with a lot of ease. Plus, these videos can really help to retarget customers given the condition that videos highlight a strong brand personality.

Last but not least, you can use animated videos to improve overall retention of your message. This is perhaps the most overlooked benefit of animated videos. People don’t forget the animated stuff. Everyone of us has had our moment of awe with an animated movie or cartoon, and that moment is truly unforgettable.

Using animated videos for your SaaS tool allows you the opportunity to create that moment of awe for your customers.

It won’t just be easier to onboard them for a demo call, but more importantly, they will remember the unique selling proposition of your SaaS product. Something you desperately need as a SaaS marketer.

So, if you’re having a hard time with people remembering the unique features of your product, consider making an animated video.

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up. We’ve covered pretty much everything on how SaaS marketers can change gears and grab more leads, and possibly achieve higher conversion with 2D animated videos. If you want to convince your team of the need to create an animated video, feel free to revisit this blog and give them a commendable argument to produce one for your SaaS tool. Hope you got a nugget or two from this one.

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