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Dee Jay Mathis is a famous American actress. Deceased actor James Caan was her husband. The Hollywood superstar married longtime boyfriend James in a church in 1960. Tara A. Caan, their only daughter, was born on November 5, 1964. After their marriage failed, Mathis and Caan divorced in 1966 and started new lives.  The famous actress may have spent her childhood in New York City between 1940 and 1942. She is 80, like her ex-husband James, who died.

Quick Facts 

Birth NameDee Jay Mathis
Popular NameDee Jay
Nick NameDee
Date of BirthIn b/w 1940-1942
Age82 years
Popular forBeing the first wife of American Legendary actor James Caan
ProfessionActress, Public Figure
Current ResidenceUSA
Place of BirthNew York
Height 5’5″ 
Weight 64 kg

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Why does Dee Jay Mathis have fame?

Dee Jay Mathis was born in the US between 1940 and 1942 and grew up there. Our evidence suggests she was reared there. She is 80–82 years old. As an actress and the wife of James Caan, she was continually in the public glare, especially in the 1960s. This was especially true. James has received Golden Globe, Oscar, and Emmy acting nominations.

However, the celebrity has kept her personal life private. Since her birth date is secret, no one knows it. In addition, she has supplied little academic background. We can conclude that she attended top schools. Dee Jay said she had good academic results in an interview.

Dee Jay Mathis Age & Early Life

Dee Jay Mathis was born in New York between 1940 and 1942, but her actual birthplace is uncertain. She was an American citizen anyway. She was James Caan’s wife, therefore she had to be smart and support him throughout her life. She supported James in all parts of her life. James never spoke about her childhood in an interview.

Mathis Dee Jay Measurements, height, weight

Many fans of this famous actress are eager to read this chapter. This is the place to learn about her body proportions. 

Mathis is 5’5″ (165 cm) tall, according to reports. It’s estimated she weighs 64 kg. Gray and light brown hair indicate senior age. Despite her old age, Dee Jay Mathis maintains her figure by exercising regularly. 

Family, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity, Religion of Dee Jay Mathis

As James’ ex-wife, the American actress became famous. Mathis’s next relationship or marriage after their 1966 divorce is unknown. Her ex-husband married Sheila Marie Ryan, Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend, again, but it didn’t last. After his second marriage failed, Caan had two more.  His last marriages to Ingrid Hajek and Linda Stokes fizzled out. All his marriages failed. However, his three wives after divorcing Dee Jay produced four children. 

The late American actor James Caan was famous. His work as Sonny Corleone in Coppola’s The Godfather earned him an Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He also starred in the prestige films Elf (2003), Misery (1990), El Dorado (1996), and Brian’s Song (1971). Four marriages failed over the actor’s lifetime. The first ex-wife of James was Dee Jay Mathis. Famous actor James Cann, 82, died of a heart attack on July 6, 2022. 

What caused James Canon and De Jey Mathis’ divorce?

Her marriage to James Caan and engagement in his life made this American actress famous. Mathis’ remarriage or dating status following the 1966 divorce is unknown. Her ex-husband married Sheila Marie Ryan, Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend, again, but the marriage failed.

After his second marriage failed, Caan married Linda Stokes and Ingrid Hajek twice more, but they didn’t last. All his unions failed. During his divorce from Dee Jay, he had four children with three women.

Her ex-husband was James Caan. His portrayal of Sonny Corleone in Coppola’s The Godfather garnered him an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Many big films featured him, including Brian’s Song (1996), Elf (2003), Misery (1990), and Misery (1971).

The actor had four failed marriages. Dee Jay Mathis, notably the first ex-wife, shaped James’ marriage. Famous American actor James Cann died at 82 on July 6, 2022.


We learned from one of our sources that Dee Jay has appeared in two films. While married to actor James Cann, she got little jobs that helped her enter into acting. She was unappreciated for playing “Broad” in “The Passy,” a 1964 film. In late 1966, she played Earl Barton Dancer in “Frankie and Johnny.” She was not credited for her work. She quit performing and never appeared in another film. Since retiring from the entertainment world, nobody knows what Dee Jay has been doing.

Dee Jay Mathis’s Net worth

One of our sources told us Dee Jay had played an actress in two movies. This was obtained by us. While married, actor James Cann, now her ex-husband, helped her get small roles to start her acting career. Despite appearing in “The Passy,” her 1964 role as “Broad” was poorly regarded. In 1966’s “Frankie and Johnny,” she played Earl Barton Dancer. She was not credited for her work. She retired from acting after that and never appeared again. Nobody knows what Dee Jay has been doing after retiring from showbiz. Nobody knows what she’s done since.

Some unknown facts about Dee Jay Mathis

  • The following Dee Jay Mathis trivia may interest you:
  • Due to her marriage to Hollywood actor James Caan, this famous American personality has gained so much fame.
  • She wore fancy clothes and lived lavishly when married to James Khan.
  • Her 30s hair was chopped short.
  • She and her ex-husband attended a red carpet event.

FAQs about Dee Jay Mathis 

Q. How old is Dee Jay Mathis?

It is unknown how old the famous actress was when she married James. However, she is in her 80s and was born between 1940 and 1942. 

Q. What is Dee Jay Mathis’ bank balance?

Dee’s estimated net worth is $3 million due to her undisclosed occupation, which is her main source of income. 

Q. How tall and heavy is Dee Jay Mathis?

The old actress is 5’5″ with light brown-gray hair and a wrinkled face. She weighs 64 kg and is 1.65m tall. 

Q. Dee Jay Mathis’ country and ethnicity are unknown.

Dee Jay was born in the US, but her parents are unknown, hence her ancestry is unknown. 

Q. What does Dee Jay Mathis do professionally?

In The Passy (1964) and Frankie and Johnny (1966), the American actress played Earl Barton Dancer. They were 1960s films. Her occupation is unclear. 

The Final Words

She is also recognized for her Hollywood marriage to James Edmund Caan. She and her partner were longtime married. Losing her ex-husband on July 6, 2022, was devastating. The actress has appeared in two films. James Cann, her ex-husband, pushed her to act and helped her get several early roles.

We hope you found this post informative and now understand Dee Jay Mathis’ personal life, work, marriage, net worth, and other elements.

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