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David Laid Age, Height, Career, Parents, Girl Friend And More

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David Laid is a bodybuilder, fitness model, and entrepreneur of Estonian-American descent. He rose to fame primarily through the transformation videos he started sharing on his own YouTube channel back in 2013. Interestingly, during his early years, David wasn’t into weightlifting at all; he was more of a gamer. In fact, he initially started creating content on various content-sharing platforms driven by his passion for gaming.

His journey into fitness began when he faced a spine condition that pushed him to join a gym. Alongside a rapid growth spurt, David soon realized the therapeutic benefits of regular exercise.

As he continued to work on his physique, he began receiving compliments about his appearance in public. This motivated him to consider turning his passion into a profession, helping people achieve their fitness goals. Today, David Laid is widely recognized in the fitness industry, especially among women and young people.

Who is David Laid

David Laid is a prominent figure in the fitness and social media world, hailing from Estonia. His journey is particularly inspiring, as he transformed from a slender, bullied teenager into a muscular and self-assured young man. Through platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and his online coaching programs, he has motivated millions of people globally. Additionally, he holds sponsorship from Gymshark and works as a model, currently based in New York.

David Laid Age, Early Life, & Background

As of 2023, David Laid age is 25 years and was born in Estonia, a Baltic nation between Russia and Latvia, on January 29, 1998. After losing his father at 2, his childhood was tragic. When his father fell from a port cruise ship, it was devastating.

Nino, his mother, moved to the US to improve her life after raising David and his two siblings alone. The family moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Being tall and skinny in childhood made David a target for low self-esteem and bullying. His tiny, fragile body was mocked by teammates and peers. His scoliosis, an irregular spine curvature, compounded his problems. His doctor suggested weight training to strengthen his muscles and enhance his posture. This started his fitness and self-confidence transformation.


David Laid’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Not only has he achieved a remarkable physical transformation, but he’s also built a successful career as a fitness model, sponsored athlete, and online coach. Currently, he’s under contract with Gymshark, a leading workout apparel brand worldwide. He actively promotes their products on social media and participates in their events and exhibitions. In addition to his modeling work, he operates as a freelance model based in New York, collaborating with various companies and gracing the pages of renowned magazines like Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, Flex Magazine, and Iron Man Magazine.

David has also had the privilege of working with notable figures in the fitness industry, including Steven Cao, Qwin Vitale, Dylan McKenna, Anthony Mantello, Lexx Little, Mo Samuels, James English, Brandon Harding, Zac Perna, Matt Ogus, Christian Guzman, Bradley Martyn, Calum Von Moger, Steve Cook, Rob Lipsett, Ryan Terry, and of course, himself, David Laid.

Moreover, David extends his expertise through his website, davidlaid.com. Here, he offers tailored fitness routines, personalized nutrition plans, supplement recommendations, and even conducts video consultations. Through these services, he empowers individuals to reach their fitness goals and embark on transformations similar to his own.

When Fitness Transformed His Life

David was determined to transform his slender physique by packing on muscle. This journey was about more than just physical change; it was about reclaiming his confidence and sense of self.

He kicked off his transformation by delving into YouTube, seeking out guidance on muscle building. Along the way, he stumbled upon a series of body transformation videos that not only inspired him to boost his confidence but also spurred him on to craft the impressive physique he’s now known for. Reflecting on those days, David recalls:

“I used to watch workout videos on YouTube, eat, work out, come home, watch more videos, go to bed, and repeat. All I would do is that. do that and attend school.

Thanks to his dedicated efforts and natural lean physique, David swiftly began to amass significant muscle mass. This progress fueled his determination to achieve an outstanding physique.

After months of unwavering commitment in the gym, David achieved remarkable results. Simultaneously, he left behind the insecurities and low self-esteem that once held him back.

Present Day

From the outset of his fitness journey, David’s presence on social media experienced a rapid surge. He consistently posted videos showcasing his remarkable body transformation. This not only made him a source of inspiration for countless individuals worldwide but also demonstrated that he had the power to completely transform his life, all while sculpting an impressive physique.

David regularly chronicles his progress, using it as fuel to propel him forward. His current mission is to serve as a beacon of motivation for others, urging them to pursue and achieve their own fitness aspirations.


David finds great satisfaction in performing deadlifts, squats, and the bench press, considering them his favorite exercises. These key lifts form the cornerstone of his fitness routine, facilitating rapid growth and improvement in his physique.

David’s training is based on dedication. He exercises six times a week to enhance results. He often trains for six hours a day, demonstrating his dedication to his goals.

David has found that a push-pull-legs split routine suits him best, and it’s the method he predominantly follows. This structured approach allows him to optimize his training regimen for the best results.


David has openly discussed one of his primary challenges – a naturally low appetite. This reluctance to consume large quantities of food regularly posed an initial hurdle in his muscle-building journey at the gym.

To overcome this, David delved into understanding macronutrients more thoroughly. This led him to adopt a flexible diet approach known as IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), enabling him to incorporate calorie-dense foods that facilitated significant gains in size.

This dietary strategy granted David the freedom to choose the foods he enjoyed, as long as he adhered to his prescribed caloric intake. He would then adjust his calorie targets based on whether he was in a cutting, bulking, or maintenance phase for his body weight.

In the early stages of his fitness journey, David believed that a wide array of supplements would be crucial. However, he soon came to realize that this wasn’t necessarily the case, marking a shift in his approach to nutrition and supplementation.

Personal Life: Girlfriend and Spouse

David Laid is dating Julia Jackson, a dancer and choreographer who loves fitness. After two years together, they often post on each other’s social media about their love of fitness and travel.

David loves family, especially his mother and siblings. His mother has always supported and inspired him, contributing to his success. His German Shepherd Max is also important to him.

David Laid’s story shows his tenacity. He turned his fitness interest into a successful career by overcoming obstacles. His story has inspired millions and shown what can be accomplished with hard work, devotion, and perseverance.

Parents & Siblings

According to online sources, David Laid’s parents are Nino and an unnamed father. David’s father died in an accident when David was 2. He fell from a harbor-based cruise ship.

David’s mother bravely brought him and his two younger siblings—a brother and a sister—to the US for a better future. A yearning for a better life drove this major decision.

The relationships between David, his mother, and his siblings are solid. He reveres his mother as his strongest supporter and greatest inspiration. Their closeness shows the strength of their family bonds.

Sponsorships and Other Ventures

David primarily generates income from his YouTube content, but he also attracts various sponsorship deals. While he has previously collaborated with several workout supplement brands, he is currently partnered with Gymshark, a prominent name in the fitness apparel industry. Alongside his video content, David engages in public speaking engagements, appearances, and delivers lectures.

David also wrote an eBook on how to alter your body in nine weeks. Despite the book’s success, David’s plans for a sequel are unknown.

Body Measurements: How Tall is David Laid?

David Laid stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) and typically maintains a weight of around 187 pounds (85 kilograms). However, this number can fluctuate depending on whether he’s focused on building muscle or shedding excess fat.

Despite dedicating over seven years to his fitness journey, David has intentionally kept a leaner physique, avoiding excessive bulk. According to his own words, he places equal importance on both aesthetics and overall health in his approach to fitness. This balanced perspective guides his fitness goals and efforts.

Steroid Use Allegations

Much like any dedicated bodybuilder, David faced persistent accusations that questioned whether his impressive muscle mass was achieved through natural means. From the moment he uploaded his first video, he was bombarded with inquiries about his potential use of performance-enhancing substances, commonly referred to as steroids. David, always forthright, vehemently denied any involvement with such substances. It seemed that his remarkable transformation had left people so astounded that they found it hard to believe he accomplished it through natural methods alone.

A website called Aretheyonsteroids.com, known for attempting to determine if popular athletes use steroids, pointed out an instance where David licked his lips twice while discussing steroids in an interview, suggesting that this behavior indicated deceit. In a playful response to the rumors, David showed up at a recent Arnold Classic expo wearing a t-shirt that humorously stated “Half Natty” (with “natty” being gym slang for natural). Many took this as a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment of potential steroid use, though it’s highly likely David was simply having some fun. To further dispel the rumors, David’s mother herself expressed strong opposition to her son using steroids, providing additional assurance of his commitment to a natural approach.

David Laid Net Worth

David Laid’s fitness-focused YouTube channel and 1.4 million Instagram followers have generated significant cash. It’s estimated that his online businesses earn $50,000 annually. About $2 million is his predicted net worth in 2023. His Instagram posts show that his revenues fluctuate from $2,237.25 to $3,728.75 depending on likes.

For monetized YouTube channels, revenue is generated through ad displays. On average, channels can earn between $3 to $7 for every thousand video views. Using these figures, it’s calculated that David Laid brings in approximately $7.73 thousand per month, totaling around $115.95 thousand annually. These figures provide a glimpse into the financial success he’s achieved through his dedicated online presence in the fitness community.

What we can learn from David Laid

Through relentless effort and unwavering determination, David Laid managed to sculpt a physique that not only boosted his confidence but also helped him conquer his insecurities about his appearance. Drawing inspiration from his bodybuilding role models, he sought guidance on muscle building, eventually achieving a transformation akin to his fitness idols.

David encountered hurdles on his journey, obstacles that threatened to hinder his progress. However, armed with a steadfast commitment to rigorous training in the gym, he paved the way for remarkable achievements, ultimately attaining the status of a sponsored athlete and esteemed fitness model.

David Laid’s story imparts a valuable lesson: fitness has the remarkable power to catalyze positive transformation in one’s life. It instills the fortitude needed to surmount any challenges that may lie in one’s path, demonstrating the profound impact it can have on one’s journey.

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