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Essential Tips to Plan the Best Family Desert Safaris in Dubai for Tourists

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Family vacations are all very exciting when done right. Desert safaris in Dubai with your family members can improve bonding while offering exciting vacations for all members at the same time. Also, Dubai is one of the desert safari hotspots of the world. Desert landscapes around the city are mesmerising and exciting for all preferences. So, get yourself a nice Nissan Patrol rental Dubai to begin your desert safari adventure at any time.

However, planning your desert safari isn’t just getting the right car or SUV. A lot more planning is required when you want the most comfortable trips. Also, you need to treat the family right and make the time special for them. Depending on the size of your family, planning the desert safari accordingly is very important. So, here are some of the best tips that will make family desert safari trips in Dubai more memorable:

Customize the Safari to Your Preference

Dubai offers a wide range of safari experiences. From the tranquil mornings to the magical nights, and overnight safari trips are all provided. Tailor your choice based on preferences. Whether it’s the serenity of dawn, the vibrant hues of sunset, or the allure of an overnight camp beneath the starlit sky, get what you and the family prefer the most. Make it a personal choice to make it more memorable.

Choosing the Best Desert Safari Tour Operator

Choose your desert safari operator by doing thorough research. Prioritize a service provider who is fully licensed and experienced in the service. Selecting a trusted operator ensures not only an organized excursion but also access to knowledgeable guides and well-maintained vehicles. Additionally, they will know their way around the desert as well.

Book In Advance for Convenience

Dubai gets very business when it comes to desert safaris. The peak season gets very crowded. So, this is the time when many tourists are flying into Dubai to experience the desert. To be more specific, from October to March is the peak time. Book in advance to avoid inconveniences. This not only ensures availability but often comes with the added benefit of discounted rates.

Check What’s Included in Your Desert Safari Package

Check the details of safari packages to align them with your expectations. Evaluate inclusions such as dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, and cultural performances. A well-rounded package should include luxury car rental Dubai services as well. Also, it should provide everything you need.

Dress Appropriately for the Desert

Choose comfortable and modest clothing suitable for the desert environment. Lightweight, breathable fabrics paired with closed-toe shoes are recommended. Also, sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen contribute to your comfort and protection from the sun. Make sure to pack the right stuff for your trip.

Stay Hydrated and Protected at All Times

The harsh desert climate requires ample hydration. So, bring a sufficient supply of water to stay refreshed during the safari. While many operators provide water, having extra on hand is a prudent measure. Also, bring wet towels that you can put on your head. Staying hydrated is the best way for a safe and secure desert safari trip.

Amazing Photography of the Desert Life

Elevate your safari experience by capturing those lovely moments with a camera or smartphone. From those mesmerizing sunsets to the adrenaline-fueled dune bashing, these snapshots immortalize the magic of your desert adventure. Also, these pictures will be vital to remember your desert safari trip. Take as many as you can.

Respect the Desert Environment

When in the desert, it is very important to respect the environment. Follow designated paths, refrain from littering, and adhere to guidelines provided by your safari guide. Preserve the integrity of this unique ecosystem and share the responsibility with your family. Keeping it the way you found it is key to others finding it in a good state as well. 

Explore the Local Culture of Dubai

Choose a safari that includes local culture exploration trips. Dedicated sites that tell you more about the local Dubai culture are available across the desert and in the city. So, engage in traditional activities like henna painting, order authentic Arabic cuisine, and indulge in cultural performances, including the mesmerizing belly dances. Knowing more about the local culture will mean more fun for the family and more activities to remember.

Don’t Miss Out on the Adventure

Desert safaris promise an array of thrilling activities. These will include the heart-pounding excitement of dune bashing. So, embrace the spirit of adventure and entrust your skilled guide to navigate the dunes. Also, ensure a thrilling but safe drive across the desert. Only attempt to take the wheel yourself if you have good experience with off-road driving with capable SUVs. Driving in the desert is no joke and should be handled with care.


Planning family desert safaris in Dubai is an exciting feeling for tourists. The city offers some of the best desert landscapes for families from around the world. So, pack the right things and rent the right car to make your trip more memorable. Also, hire the best desert safari package and explore the local culture to be more involved.

Respect the desert environment and local culture as well and record every lovely moment in pictures and videos. Take an adventure-filled desert safari trip and try dune bashing or other similar activities. So, have lots of fun with your family members to make your next desert safari in Dubai one to remember.

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