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How Can BigCommerce App Development Enhance Your Store?

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As the eCommerce market is now more dynamic than ever, it is important for BigCommerce business owners to seek diverse ways to enhance store operations. The end-goal is to enhance the overall customer experience and expand the business outreach. 

In this pursuit, BigCommerce app development services are accountable as one of the powerful ways to achieve the said objectives. With the help of dedicated BigCommerce API integration experts or app developers, you will be able to leverage the complete potential of the platform. This way, your store operations will elevate and touch new heights! 

In this article, you will get a clear understanding of how you can hire BigCommerce developers to create dedicated apps and enhance your store functions. So, read along till the end! 

In What Ways Is BigCommerce App Development Going to Help Your Store?

The custom apps that you seek alongside your BigCommerce eCommerce development, will bring in a plethora of benefits for your store upon being integrated. You will be able to add automation for specific tasks and new features for streamlining the operations and enhancing customer interactions. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s shed light on some of the benefits that you will acquire upon seeking BigCommerce app development for your store enhancement or expansion:

1. Provide Personalized Product Recommendations

When you hire BigCommerce developers, you can instruct them on creating custom applications for boosting sales and engaging customers. One such app feature they will suggest and integrate is the capability to display personalized product recommendations.

These recommendations will be implemented based on the purchase patterns, interests and browsing history. Upon integrating such an application, you will be able to display relevant products to the customers to acquire cross-selling opportunities and encourage impulse purchases. 

2. Support for Social Media Integration

Seek dedicated BigCommerce API integration with custom apps for connecting social media channels to your online store. This way, you will be able to expand your business outreach and connect with a wider audience. 

Hire a BigCommerce developer and get them to create custom apps for facilitating the social sharing of your product offerings. This way, you will be able to encourage the customers to make social logins on your platform, apart from which you can also promote your marketing campaigns over social media channels. 

3. Attending the Abandoned Carts and Lost Sales

The BigCommerce app development experts will help create custom applications to help you reduce the cart abandonment rate and also recover any lost sales opportunity. That will be done by sending out automated yet personalized reminders to all those customers who left the site with items in their cart without completing their purchase. 

The idea behind introducing such apps is to offer incentives or discount deals to customers who have abandoned the carts or left the site on checkout pages. Apart from that, you can modify the app settings to send reminders with product benefits and how it addresses the usual pain points. 

4. Streamline Customer Service and Order Processing

When running a BigCommerce store, you will come across a lot of repetitive tasks as far as customer service and order processing is concerned. Hire BigCommerce developers and get a custom application for automating all of those monotonous tasks and scaling customer service proficiency. 

The app you design and integrate will streamline the efforts of managing the orders and customer queries/inquiries. Apart from that, such apps can help offer real-time tracking of orders, personalized customer interactions and facilitation of self-support options. 

5. Acquire Customized Product Catalogs

When you hire a BigCommerce developer to create a custom app specific to personalized customer preferences, you can invoke a feature that can allow you to tailor your product catalogues. This feature will enable you to analyze the browsing behaviour and preferences of customers to display a different set of products that will possibly entice them to purchase.

Such apps can be developed with the idea of leveraging AI and ML algorithms for making such customer-specific analyses. With the use of such apps, you will be able to prepare personalized collections, display relevant products and enhance the overall shopping experience of your customers. 

6. Create Interactive Visualizations of Your Product

In order to scale the product understanding and customer engagement, you might have to integrate custom apps by taking the help of experts offering BigCommerce eCommerce development. This way, you can add interactive 360-degree visualizations of your product and also add AR and VR experiences for better engagement rates. 

With these apps in place, you will be providing your customers with a better way to see and learn more about your products. This way, they will find themselves more confident in making the purchase decisions, and in a way, they will reduce the product returns. 

7. Support for Seamless Marketplace Integration

When running your store on the BigCommerce eCommerce platform, you can seek expansion by integrating it into popular marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and others. With the use of custom apps, it will be easier for you to expand your store to diverse sales channels. 

Not just that, but the apps you develop and integrate will also help you seamlessly synchronize your inventory, manage the product listings and process your orders across diverse sales platforms. 

8. Optimization of Shipping and Logistics

When creating a store on BigCommerce eCommerce platform, it allows you with the feasibility of adding custom integrations for optimizing your logistics and shipping processes as well. You will be able to connect your store feasibly with the tracking platforms, shipping providers, fulfilment centres and other such hubs. 

Moreover, the customized BigCommerce logistics and shipping apps can also help streamline the real-time tracking of orders or shipping rates. You will also be able to manage your order fulfilment operations proficiently. 

Parting Words

When seeking BigCommerce app development, be assured to integrate the best solutions into your store. This way, you will be able to add the utmost convenience and performance to your eCommerce operations and make it easy for your team members to manage them. 

In short, you will be able to drive more productivity to your eCommerce business, as the overall customer experience and store features will be enhanced with the custom apps. Talk to your developers and discuss the type of apps that will work wonders for your business growth.

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